Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

We had a great night saying goodbye to 2013!

We went with the Frenchs to eat at Tucanos. I worked at the original Tucanos all through college and now they've opened one in Houston. It was fun to walk down memory lane, the kids loved the party favors and of course the food was so delicious!

Then we had a quick dance party and did fireworks to really end the year with a bang! We partied all the way up til 10:30 when I finally got the babies in bed! That's is unheard of but totally worth the fun!

She's yelling from excitement! Riley absolutely loves fireworks. Keagan is a little more cautious. Riley loved holding the sparklers and Roman candles. Keags, not so much. But Keags was everyone's cheerleader tonight. I'm not sure what was louder, the fireworks or her cheers and Riley's yells of excitement!

I am thankful for the lessons that 2013 taught me. And I'm very thankful for the miracles in our lives that we received in 2014. But I'm also aware of my shortcomings this year and the losses we suffered. I'm ready for 2014 and all the possibilities it holds! It's exciting. So bring it on 2014! Let's make it a great one!

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Tonight Nana and I got home from a quick 48 hour trip to Charlotte, North Carolina. We went to attend Uncle Randy's Memorial Service and to show our deep love and support for the Rummages. I am so incredibly thankful I was able to go! The service was harder then I had even expected but considering the circumstances we all ended up having a great time catching up. I'm so thankful to have such awesome people as my family and to know that families are forever!

The girls stayed home with Casey Brown here watching them. I was so nervous and stressed about leaving them with a non family member for the first time, but they had a fantastic time going to the movies, the park, McDonalds, to see Christmas lights and hangin out with Casey's family. I was a little worried so I have to admit I was happy that they were so happy to see me. I got some serious cuddles and love before bed tonight! That's what it's all about. And I know my Uncle Randy would agree.
Friday, December 27, 2013

Day After

Tree is down and all the presents are put away. Except the Barbie Dream house is still center stage in the Family Room. Mostly because it so huge and I have no idea where we are gonna put it!

So after some work and some errands yesterday, we tried to kick the post Christmas drain by having some fun. These two seriously crack me up!

After the park we went to Sa's house to use the potty. They weren't home. When we went to leave Riley was mad and sat at the door and only came to the car kicking and screaming, literally. Silly girl!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day!

What a wonderful day! It was a day to be so grateful for the birth of our Savior! A day to be with family (though I wish more of our family was here). And a day of presents, laughter and fun!

After a late night the girls slept in til 7:45! That alone is a Christmas gift! Then they were so thrilled with the two barbies each and the Barbie Dream House that they just played for quite a while before opening the rest of their gifts. We went to Sa's for our traditional Pakka breakfast and played a hilarious and goofy game called Curses that spurred a serious amount of laughter. Let's just say Sa did a cheer, Todd barked like a dog and I was a psychic ventriloquist! Yes, you read that right! And then we were back to open the rest of the presents.

From lots of different people, Keagan ended up with 6 Barbies and couldn't be more thrilled about them and their house! She was meticulous about setting up all the little pieces! Seriously Barbie has a makeup compact and cell phone! She did like lots of her other gifts but the Barbie mania definitely was her highlight! She is so happy and played with it almost all day.

Riley loves pushing the doorbell on the Dream House and pushing the wheelchair Barbie around by the wheelchairs handle! But she really loves her Sofia the First dress up dress from Grandma Debbie, her Sofia doll from Addie, her child laptop from her daddy and her dance machine game was a big hit! She loves stomping on all the numbers to make music and did it over and over. She had a great time today and is even happy just because I let her play with the scissors or knife used to open boxes. With adult supervision of course!

Both girls loved all the cute little things in the stalkings and from their dad and other loving family members! I adored my gifts from each of them, made at school! A Santa ornament made from Riley's handprint and a handmade Christmas picture frame with Keagans picture inside! Love it!

I made a very traditional dinner for everyone and we had a great time tonight. Today was full of hugs, warmth and joy, all things I'm sure my Savior would want for His birthday celebration! Tonight I am so thankful for Him and for this day!

Merry Christmas 2013!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve in pictures...

Baking with little helpers is always interesting! Especially ones that are hyper because Santa is coming!

But I did manage to convince my little minions to get some stuff done today! Mwaaa ha ha.

We had such a fun night at the Sundwalls house!

After a yummy dinner we did white elephant gifts. Riley was very pleased with her necklace, Keags traded and negotiated for her pens and I can't wait to watch the Avengers!

We also did traditional Christmas popers with cute little surprises inside.

We got home at 9:00 so we quickly got in our Christmas jammies and put cookies out for Santa and said prayers. Then I quickly got the girls in bed so I could get the presents out of the storage unit!

(Please ignore our stripped tree! Dumb lights!)

SANTA CAME!! Every year I am so thankful for that! And I am INCREDIBLY thankful for the amazing elves who put together the Barbie Dream House a couple days ago!!Those elves just happen to have Foster as a last name. What a great gift to this momma! Apparently it took over 2 hours and the daddy elf had to follow a YouTube tutorial! I seriously had no idea it was so ginormous! What has Santa gotten us into?

The girls were so excited when they went to bed! And I'm so excited for tomorrow too! I go to bed tonight feeling so grateful! I'm thinking the two 5 year olds in the house are going to sleep way better then their momma tonight! But I better at least try...