Saturday, July 28, 2012


Today the girls both had a blast painting. It was just simple watercolors for kids, but they loved it! I need to brake away from our standard crayons or markers more often.

While they were painting away my mind started to drift. I was thinking about my previous hobby of scrap booking and how when a rough pregnancy with the girls began, I unintentionally eliminated that creative activity and any other hobby right out of my life. There just hasn't been room for a hobby with all that's on my plate. For a brief moment I started to feel sorry for myself. Thank heavens it was brief! Because before I could start even thinking about a pity party, I looked into the faces of the two most beautiful little girls, and I realized

They are my masterpiece!

I could never have created anything more beautiful, more inspiring, more captivating. Keagan and Riley are my priceless treasures who were brought to this earth as a result of alot of work and struggle. And they still require that same effort each day. But the incredible result is worth it! True masterpieces that I'm so blessed to have!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Homework Time

Miss Keagan has been lucky enough to have attended Science Camp at her Preschool this summer. She was there two weeks ago, this week and will be next week. It's Monday thru Thursday from 9 to 1. She has her beloved Miss Connie and Miss Natalie who she loves, and several of her friends in her class. They do really fun things like make instruments, experiment with food, have mock Olympics, and today they had a water day in their swim suits!

When Keagan got home from school the other day their was a package from Grandma Debbie waiting. It was some cute workbooks and markers. So immediately both girls got very busy and were very serious about doing their "homework"! It was too cute!

Kelly recently taught Keagan how to write a "K"! Exciting! And I love these little hands!

Meanwhile Riley really does always have homework. Therapy homework. When walking in her walker on Monday I think she was trying to escape. I really can't blame her!

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Naughty Patient

Long gone are the days where Riley was such a sweet, quite and calm little girl at doctors appointments. Today at Genetics the girl was SO naughty! She was all over the place, loud, grabbing everything in sight and when Doctor Brown (who has the amazing first name of Chester!) was examining her she pulled his mustache! Hard! When I would tell her no she would just laugh. But it's just so hard to get mad at this little face.

I think she has just been to TCH way too many times and is a little too comfortable. Today they took a ton of blood for a huge, expensive and extensive test! They are mapping her DNA! This is what I have been fighting for for over a year! It could really provide us with alot of answers! Too bad it takes at least 4 months!

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Whole Lotta P's

I'm tired! So I haven't blogged the past couple days. But not because we haven't been busy. Just because I am trying to get sleep whenever physically possible at all. But during the last few days...

I love serving in the Young Women's program in our ward! What a blessing to get to know some really incredible girls! On Wednesday I had a "P Party" at our house. The purpose was to get the girls focused on their Personal Progress goals that they are working on. But the fun was in the P's too! We all dressed up with as many things starting with P as possible. The girls were so creative and hilarious and had tons of points! The winner was at 67 things starting with P! We also had all P snacks. Pretzels, potato chips, popcorn, peanut m&m, peanut butter cups and pickles! Such a fun night and Keagan and Riley just loved hanging out with all the big girls and the laughter and energy that filled the house!

The following morning, Keagan was still really into the whole P thing since there were a ton of them still hanging all over the house! So pink pancakes for breakfast was the only option.

It's back to normal summer days. So of course that means Kellie lives here half the time, if not more. We have been very busy finding fun things to do while not drowning in the rain and flooding all week.

I think we've managed!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Best Laugh EVER!

Riley has the most incredible infectious laugh! It's actually a gift! Love it!

YouTube Video

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Before I Forget

I have the memory of a 75 year old man. I really forget so much! I do remember the good stuff and the stuff that has really left marks and scars. And I remember funny random things as well. But there is so much of the everyday in between there that I've forgotten. That's the whole purpose of this blog. It's a way for me to record the good, the bad and the amazing so I won't ever forget. And so that my girls will also have it one day. There really are things that happen everyday that I don't want to forget! And sometimes other things that I wish I could.

On Friday we were in the car and Keagan had one of her toy cell phones. She said to me "mom, I need a new phone!" When I asked her what was wrong with that one, she said "this one doesn't even get my email!"

Yesterday we went to Jackson's birthday party at the Children's Museum. Both girls fell asleep on the way there, so I knew what I was in for...

This picture sums it up! Riley had a blast, and Keagan- not so much. Of course as soon as we got in the car she was finally happy.

Riley has finally hit her full blown "I do it myself" stage. It's a little difficult to accommodate for a sweet but stubborn little girl with CP. She really still could use the help, but she is so determined to do it! Gotta love it! She ends up looking like this...

Yes we had Saimen for breakfast this morning. Hey they are Asian! Don't judge me.

Yesterday Riley had figured out her way of how to get into Nana's room and wake her up. There are some days that she sits and knocks on Nana's door. Nana was holding Riley and I went to reach for her while saying "come on baby, let's go get dressed." She buried her head into Nana's shoulder after she said a clear and distinct "ahh-a" as in no. Nana and I both heard it. It's amazing how exciting little things like that can be with a non-verbal child!

I told Keagan today that I think she has "singingitis". She is always singing these days about everything and anything. While I was helping her in the bathroom last night, this was her new song: "Two little poopies, sitting in the water. One fell off and flushed on down. Momma called the doctor and the doctor said. No more poopies stinky head." Slightly inappropriate for the blog but she's got some skills for a 3 year old!

Now these are the things I just can't ever forget. Songs about poopies! These are great memories people, that need to be recorded! Who could forget that?

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Different Days

Both my girls had quite the day. But for very different reasons.

Miss Riley had a stinky doctors appointment at TCH. It was Physical Medicine and Rehab, Dr Weschler. She addresses Riley's CP and is over her therapies, orthotics and is so compressive that she covers all of her health issues. We love her, but it's still a doctors appointment. We did have a little excitement when mid exam a small desk fire forced us to evacuate the building into the hot and humid lovely Houston weather!

While we were off at TCH, Miss Keagan got to go to Maddox's birthday party at the fire station with Gamas and Coach! She was so excited and I think it even surpassed her expectations! She kept telling me there was a "pea-la-la" otherwise known as a piƱata. And I think by far her highlight was spraying the water hose from the fire truck! Seriously I would think that was pretty cool too! Now she thinks Mister Jaron is even cooler then before.

Then while Riley took a late nap after an exhausting afternoon, Keagan and I met up with some of her friends from school at Bouncin Bears. She had a blast with Sonam, Teirnan and Caroline while I actually got the chance to chat with the other moms.

I'm going to bed tonight happy that Keagan got to have such a fun filled day! But also sad that Riley didn't. I'm so thankful that Riley really doesn't know what she missed out on. But I know, and that's difficult. Tomorrow we have Tigers birthday party at the Children's Museum so hopefully they both have a lot of fun there. Together!

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cookie Girl

Keagan has been asking for weeks to make and decorate sugar cookies. The girl's wish was finally granted today. I helped her make the dough and bake them. Nana helped her decorate with Riley and I watching while Riley ate dinner.

Keagan was so excited! We made balloons, butterflies and stars. All from new cookie cutters that Nana bought for her today! She was very focused on the decorating of each cookie differently. On a couple of them she made smiley faces, which is her new thing. On one she added eye brows and another was a sad face with tears. She looked ridiculously cute concentrating intently in her cute little apron. She really loved the project and they were pretty yummy too!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

God Bless America!

We celebrated the 4th of July in a classic American way. Lounged around all morning, hamburgers with friends for lunch, a little Target shopping, a nap, Mexican food for dinner with Nana (Pappasitos) and 2 hours of popping our fun fireworks while watching the professional ones in the sky! A really great holiday!

I learned today that Riley REALLY loves fireworks and that Keagan was so meant to be a Texan! She insists on wearing her pink cowboy boots and when she liked a certain firework she said "Mom that's PURTY cool!"

I'm reminded that I love my simple life, I'm so thankful for those I love, and that I am so blessed to be an American and enjoy so many freedoms and opportunities!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Spider Woman

Keagan broke out her innovation skills today! She used her creative imagination to transform into Spiderman! I can really see her thought process behind it and I have to say I'm impressed enough to say she's a true visionary! Im convinced shes a trail blazer because no other child has ever been genius enough to use purple Tinkerbell panties in this way!

Thank heavens I am ridiculous and do their laundry several times a week. That means these panties were at least clean!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

American Beauties!

It's impossible to get a good picture of these two! As soon as I pull out my phone to take a pic, Riley will do anything to not look at me. She knows exactly what she wants to do and it's not what I happen to want. And it takes way too much coaxing, bossing, and frustration to get Miss Keagan to smile and sit still. Sometimes it's work trying to get a good picture. And in the process I have to act like a crazy person to get their attention and encourage a smile. So sometimes this is the best I can get. But man they are darling!

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