Saturday, April 25, 2015

Shoulda Known

She's been just slightly out of sorts for two days. But they have been such busy days that she didn't have time to wallow. Her massive meltdown yesterday is what got me wondering and then the blazing fever at 4:45 this morning confirmed it. I should have known! I feel bad that I didn't!

After some Tylenol, Riley and I were off to the instacare at 5am on a Saturday! Strep throat and double ear infection!! My poor baby!

Of course she still smilied and I loved all the cuddles! I just feel really bad for her that I didn't catch it sooner and for her teachers and everyone who helped her yesterday! I'm praying no one else gets it!

She did pretty great all day and doesn't act as sick as she is. Good thing is I got that antibiotic in her early and with strep you aren't contagious anymore and usually feel better within 24 hours. I'm sure hopin that's the case!

Meanwhile back at home, there's these crazy girls...(Addie and Kellie had slept over)...

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Field Day!

Today was finally the day! Our very first field day!

Keagan woke up bright and early, at 5:50 from the serious excitement that field day brings! And of course she had to share that excitement with her sister. That enthusiasm lasted these two all day because their very first field day totally lived up to the hype!

The awesome Brill PE teachers set up such fantastic events! They did 10 stations in the morning including rock climbing, really fun scooter games, hilarious relays, ball games, a pool noodle game and soft dodgeball. After lunch they did 10 other stations including obstacle courses, soccer, a sack race, huge beach balls and water games. The day ended with the entire school cheering on a relay race between representatives from the year long school wide teams of Believe and Achieve.

My babies had so much fun and I was glad I was able to see a little in the morning and a little in the afternoon. Im so thankful Gama Linda stopped by on her lunch break, for everyone who made today possible and especially for all those who helped Riley have so much fun because of their help! The PE coaches, Miss Davis, Miss Benita, Miss Gilmer and Miss Granny are probably all exhausted because they did an incredible job!!

We were exhausted after our early rising and sweaty and sticky too! The second we got home I wanted to put the girls straight in the bath and their clothes straight in the washer. That's when Miss Riley had a MASSIVE meltdown because she wanted to wear her field day shirt that I had already put in the washer. She was irate for over 30 minutes! Nana finally got the shirt out mid cycle, rinsed it in the sink and barely dried it. All the tears stopped when Riley put on her soaking wet shirt! Crazy baby!

I guess she really didn't want field day to be over. Can't say I blame her!

See the puffy eyes and the soaking wet shirt? The field day shirt is that fantastic! And so was field day!!

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Camp Reach A Lot

What a fun day to be a Brill Bronco! After three days of the older kids doing state STAR testing, today was seriously fun!

Camp Reach A Lot is like reverse field trips. Fun presenters come to the school and classes rotate through to get a lot of awesome experiences in one day!

The girls got to see a milking cow, a renaissance fair performance, and an alligator encounter with snakes, turtles, reptiles and alligators of course! They got to go inside the Discover Dome which is a big blow up dome that you crawl in and a science movie plays on the ceiling. They both loved the amazing magician and got to pet the real life bunny he made appear! And Miss Frizzle from "The Magic School Bus" was a big highlight with her science experiments! Funny thing is Miss Frizzle sure looked a whole lot like my friend Christy from church!

She was AMAZING!

Keagan climbing in the Discovery Dome!

Riley did not like all the animals today! Good thing the wonderful Miss Gilmer protected her from that milk cow!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Favorite Video!

I just adore them both and admire ones determination and ones compassion! Their shirts say "Believe in yourself" and "be you" Perfect outfits for a little sisterly work and support after therapy yesterday!

YouTube Video

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Oh My Hail!

Most of the day was beautiful, sunny and 80 degrees. It was gorgeous right before church!

But when we were driving to Sa's house before dinner I thought the clouds sure looked strange. Strange enough to take pictures of clouds for the first time ever.

Within 20 minutes there was a massive hail storm! All of us stood outside in awe. So much hail was bouncing off the garage, the street and in the grass. It was super loud and some of them were the size of golf balls! I had never seen anything like it!

It continued for about 30 minutes and then the sun came out and a beautiful rainbow with it! When we left Sa's there was quite a bit still in the grass so a Keagan tried to make a snow angel, or I guess a hail angel!

That weather is about as silly as she is! Just another day in Texas. This crazy weather will be a memorable one!

Oh my hail!

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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Both my girls have the best laughs! Riley's is easy to ignite, super contagious and amazing! Keagan's belly laugh is much more rare but just as fantastic! Fortunately lots of things have been making them laugh lately.

When Riley wears headphones she laughs! I think the vibrations tickle her ears.

She also giggled through her haircut today which she has been SO excited about all week!

And then at dinner she giggled when I gave in and actually let her dip her cookie in her ketchup and eat it!! Crazy baby!

Miss Keags giggled when I came to lunch with her on Friday at school after being the mystery reader in her class! I was lucky to get several belly laughs out of her!

The two laughed in harmony when they went crazy using the super hand dryers at the movies last weekend! They could have done this all day, crazy girls!

And it was giggles galore when they got to use Sami as their couch!

These two laughing has got to be my most favorite sound ever! I can't imagine much better!

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Star

Miss Keags is the Star of the Week in her kindergarten class!

She worked very hard on her poster and announced to the Fosters, Riley and I that all of us needed to color a small portion of it. Then she was very particular with the pictures and what she wanted to write!

She wrote her favorite subjects were Math, Music and PE. She wants to be a dancer, singer and actor when she grows up (really not sure where she got that, but ohhh triple threat!) in the space for "I love" she wrote all of her cousins names. She posted a picture of herself fishing for "I'm really good at." Her favorite sport is gymnastics. She posted a silly pic of herself that makes her laugh and a pic of her with Riley and the Foster girls to say she looks forward to spending time with her cousins.

I just adore this sweet girl who will forever be the star of the week to me!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Best!

The best advice...

Her shirt says "believe in yourself." I couldn't have given her and her sister any better advice! Keagan says it is her favorite shirt in the whole wide world and she wants to wear it every day for the rest of forever! She's not dramatic at all. But she sure is cute!

The best surprise..

Keagan left me the sweetest note under my sun visor! Made my whole day!

The best bunch...

Miss Taryn is out of town for work so we have Hudson and Reagan at our house for a couple of days. We don't do sleepovers with friends but these two are family. The last couple nights have been a nice treat!

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter Best

Since General Conference, ie watching the prophet on TV for church, fell on Easter Sunday this year, we finally wore our Easter dresses to church today!

Seriously my heart could burst!!

Oh and just so yo don't think we are any where near picture perfect, here's a good one for ya! In primary (the children's ministry) the kids sing a song that goes "follow the prophet, follow the prophet, don't go astray." Well Keagan was trying to get Riley to do something today and she was loudly singing "follow the Keagan, follow the Keagan, don't go astray!"

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Packin It In

Now that the marathon Saturday is over, I can't believe we packed in all the fun things we did today into one day! I didn't plan for that, it all just kind of happened. I'm glad it did because we had a fantastic day. But now this momma is wiped!

This morning we played board games, painted and then did sidewalk chalk on the driveway. The painting was an even bigger mess then usual and after Riley "added" to a few of Keags chalk drawings, Keagan resorted to drawing lines to section off the driveway to show us where we were allowed to color! Hilarious and fun.

Then it was on to finally see the movie "Cinderella!" It was even better then I thought it would be! Have courage and be kind may be my new motto!

Then we picked up the Frenchs and headed to Grimaldis Pizzeria for dinner. After dinner we went to play outside on the beautiful waterway in the Woodlands. I'm not even sure how it all unraveled but the kids all had a massive party in the sidewalk fountains! Riley was the first and most determined to get wet and was totally hilarious sticking her face right in the water on purpose and running around with her eyes closed! All the kids had a blast and were beyond soaked! There were serious amounts of screaming, laughing and pure joy! Music to my ears and totally worth the soaking wet clothes and car.

On the way home, even soaking wet these kids somehow convinced us to stop and play at a great playground!

So do you blame us that now we are all exhausted! And now that I've typed that all out I seriously can't believe it. So I'm REALY hopin this means tomorrow I can just lay on the couch until we go to church in the afternoon! Surely the girls will sit silently and read books all morning, right? It's the least they could do!

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