Sunday, June 26, 2016

Camp Buckaroo Is...

Camp Buckaroo is...

Such an amazing week that is the highlight of Keagan and Riley's summer!
Camp Buckaroo is...put on by Easter Seals for special needs kids and their siblings.

Camp Buckaroo is...full of amazing people like Miss Lindsey who Keagan calls "the boss", fun friends like Noah, Raina, Jo Jo and lots of others we wished we saw more then once a year, and the most incredible volunteer buddies ever! Keagan's buddy was the amazing Brooklyn again this year and Riley was lucky to get the awesome Megan. 

Camp Buckaroo is... Where they have themes everyday and pack in SO much fun stuff! Each day has evergizers, story time, games, a craft, visitors, lunch and snacks, stories, dancing and much more. Monday was friendship day with therapy dogs who visited. Tuesday was Music Day with two different musicians/music therapists. Wednesday was Olympics day with kick ball and minute to win it games. Thursday was Into the Wild day with "the snake guy" in the morning and "alligator encounters" in the afternoon. And Friday was carnival day with Muffy the Clown! 

Camp Buckaroo is...where my girls grow! They were both so courageous this week! Riley actually kept her eyes open and touched all the animals and she wasn't afraid of the clown! And seriously Keagan put a boa constrictor around her shoulders!! That's not to mention that every day at pick up both girls were on stage doing all the camp dances! 

Camp Buckaroo... Is where my girls are loved! Seriously everyone there is amazing and it's such an incredible, loving environment! On the last day every camper is given an award and their tShirt. Miss Riley was awarded the "Sunshine Award" and Keagan was crowned "Tag Champion." 

Camp Buckaroo is... A week we will talk about and miss until camp next summer! 

Monday, June 20, 2016


Another Fathers Day. 

It's really not my favorite. I'm a single mom who pulls double duty and a daughter who misses her dad terribly. 

My saving grace on this day is the joy in knowing I got seriously blessed in the dad department. I was SO blessed to have had the most incredible father! Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and miss him dearly! I long for his laughter, support and advice but mostly I wish my girls knew his love and what it really means to be a daddy! I'm so grateful to know that one day we will all be together with him again! I'm thankful for this everyday, but today in particular I'm so thankful families are forever! 

Today may have been a little hard for my girls as well since their dad wrapped up his visit with them yesterday.  But I'm glad they were able to spend this last week with their dad and Grandma Debbie who came from Hawaii. They did some really fun things. Unfortunately Riley got sick again (happens every 6 months when he comes) so she spent two days in the hotel room with her Grandma. But they were all still able to do a lot of other fun things. Top Golf, shopping, Herman Park train, IKEA, feeding the ducks, ice cream, Japanese food twice and a whole bunch of swimming! The girls highlight was a day at the American Girl Store. They ate lunch in the bistro, shopped, took the dolls to the spa and attended the new movie premiere "Leah to the Rescue." So fun! They absolutely LOVE having time with their dad and grandma and they were sad to see them go! 

I crammed in as much as possible including helping Taryn move, hosting a Girls Night In at my house, hanging with Nikki after her surgery, dinner with Kelly, a pedicure, an amazing experience at the Temple, a 1am Whataburger run with the Frenchs and teaching Reagan and Hudson how to toliet paper, and a whole lot of sleep! It was amazing but I missed my girls terribly!!! I had to make a visit to their hotel on Wednesday to hug and kiss them and then all three of us squealed with delight when they came home on Saturday! I have gotten TONS of hugs, kisses and cuddles since then including Riley sleeping in my arms this afternoon as she readjusts to taking all her medicine again. That was pretty much the best way I can think of to spend Fathers Day anyway! 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Recital Videos

So many sweet and supportive friends asked to see video from the girls recital today! Thank heavens Kellie totally broke the rules (she is 17) and caught some video. Unfortunately they don't capture all of Riley's darling waving at the audience and Keagan's amazing shimmies! But I LOVE it!

My Little Ballerinas

Words escape me to adequately describe today. What I can say is that miracles happen and prayers are answered! My tiny and very sick micro preemie babies grew up to be ballerinas! And they said Riley would never walk, but today she danced!!

Both my ballerinas danced, and danced well at their Koenig dance recital today! They both looked gorgeous in their costumes and so stinkin old in their (gasp) make up! And they both absolutely shined! I'm so proud of them for their hard work this year because it paid off today! And I was thankful Sa, Todd, Kellie, Addie, Coach and even their Daddy and Grandma Debbie who flew in from Hawaii last night were there to cry with me and help cheer them on! 

Keagan was just flat out awesome! She was such a natural on stage and let her cute little personality show! She beamed as she hit all the moves just right. So many people mentioned "wow Keagan can really dance!" But I'm just thankful she worked hard and had a blast up there! 

Riley could not have been more precious! She didn't do all the steps, or even most of them. But she smiled the biggest smile of the whole show, waved at the audience, did some of the steps and seriously beamed joy out of every pore of her body! She was glowing up there and had so many people in tears! What an inspiration she is! The song they danced to was perfect for Miss Riley! It sang "I believe your every dream could become reality. I see a princess. Someone with a heart of gold! The beauty of your soul comes shining through. I see a princess in you!" How could I not cry?! I am so proud of Riley for facing every obstacle with strength, determination and the Lord! She did it! 

I just couldn't be more proud of my little ballerinas today! And I am so thankful the Lord allowed me to be their mommy and that He has gotten us to this point! God is good!! So good! And so are little girl dance recitals! 

Such a cute little bunch including friends from church, last year and preschool! 

Not everyone. We are especially missing darling Charlotte in this picture who was such a sweet partner for Riley! 

Ms Taylor has got to be the best dance teacher EVER! 

Such special friends Isabelle Monson and Whitney and Kennedy Skidmore! 

Keagan's bestie from school, Katherine

On stage! 

They got trophies and had a final bow at the finale! 

Part of the fan club!

Flowers for each of them and dinner all together to celebrate! Because they are so worth celebrating!