Thursday, July 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home

It was a LONG night last night. Between Riley already being unhappy, uncomfortable and not sleeping well, and the nurses, PCAs and respiratory therapists coming in and was a little brutal! But at 5am the princess sat up in bed next to me and was back to her happy, finally eating and wanting to watch "The Fresh Beat Band" self!

She did so great the rest of the morning that Dr Duncan let us go home this afternoon! I am surprised and thrilled! I know without question that the reason I am home with both my girls tonight is because of all the prayers said in our behalf! I am SO thankful!

I am also SO thankful for all the help I had. Nana was wonderful at the hospital yesterday and Lisa and the rest of the Fosters had a big job in keeping Keagan for two days and two nights! But they did such a great job that she came home still in one piece. Feeling very blessed tonight!
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A Warm and Cold Room

I am sitting in a cold patient room on the Cardiac floor of Texas Childrens Hospital. But I feel such warmth! It's already been a rough day. Riley had surgery this morning to insert PE tubes, remove her adenoids and cut out extra skin and cartilage in her trachea- her laryngalmalacia. The surgery went well but the recovery hasn't gone as well as planned. Our day has been full of alot of morphine, crying and vomit. My baby is either sleeping or very upset- there's no in between. For quite some time she would only let Nana touch her. Thank heavens for Nana! Let alone my sister Lisa who has kept a sleep deprived, schedule turned inside out, Keagan.

It's a cold sterile room and I am tired and looking at the beginning of a very long night ahead where nurses wake us up every 2 hours and my baby struggles to sleep. But I feel so much gratitude for times like these! I'm so thankful I can be here to hold my sweet Riley, that she has already received some health miracles and this stay isn't worse or more frequent!

Also tonight I feel the prayers of so many who are praying for us! And I feel the Lord and His angels with Riley! I know He goes before our face and is on our right hand and our left! He doesn't make our burden lighter, just our ability to bear it stronger. That knowledge and the gratitude that comes with it is what makes this room warm!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Waiting for an Angel

This is Riley waiting to go back to the OR for surgery. She's in there now and I'm sitting with Nana in the waiting room.

Handing her over to the Doctors and nurses is one of the hardest things a mom has to do! But I know I'm putting her not only in their well trained and experienced hands, but in the Lords hands also. He will take care of always. But I'm ready for her to be back in MY hands!!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sleep Laughing!

Riley is even happy in her sleep! This girl is amazing!

YouTube Video

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Encouraging a Princess

I don't ever have to worry about spoiling my girls...cause my family does it for me!

Between Nana and the Fosters, my girls are showered with love and attention! They could almost drown in it! It's not fun being the bad guy and the only one that ever says no- but someone's got to!

Keagan is smart and has figured out that if momma says no then one of the Foster girls will give in. And "Sa" (Aunt Lisa) is the worst! She is the biggest sucker for a sweet little Keagan "pease!!!" and a ear to ear grin from Riley. So I really have to stay on top of everyone when I really mean no.

I am so thankful to have this problem! How blessed we are to live so close and be so close! All the love is so appreciated- even when were drowning in it!
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Boot Scoot

My little Riley girl is so smart! Her little body just doesn't cooperate when it comes to walking or crawling. So until recently she has been a stationary 2 year old~ which isn't much fun. But now she can get around pretty good by scooting/hopping around on her bum! It's just the cutest thing ever!

But this is a big adjustment for me! Now that she's mobile I have to be much more vigilant about things- I went through this 2 years ago when Keagan started crawling.

And not only can she get places now, but she can get into things now! That means we have a new phenomenon... Riley being naughty!

It's impossible to get mad at her for being naughty because I'm thrilled with this big step in her life! She's mobile and she's doing something age appropriate! This is huge! Plus can you really get mad at that smile?

It's not everyday you hear a mom celebrating their child getting into the kitchen drawers and making some noise or making a huge mess at her aunts house! But that's exactly what I do with this baby...celebrate!
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Frightening Flash

I got a flash forward into the future by 14 years tonight and it definitely scared me!

But I guess the idea of Keagan driving her around was pretty exciting to Riley!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Remote Control of Life

Lately I have caught brief glances of the girls and they look so old to me. Not a cane and eat at a cafeteria old but ready to go to school and not be with mommy every second of everyday old!

When Keagan started pretending she was going to school today it made me run to the calendar and count how many more weeks until I send her off into the lone and dreary world all by herself- otherwise known as Preschool. It's only 9 weeks! And Riley's big send off is only 6 weeks after that!

They are just growing up WAY too fast! The time seems to be just on fast forward somehow and I wish I had control of the remote! There is definitely some things like tantrums and doctors appointments that I would fast forward right through! But there is also many times I would use the slow motion and pause button! It's just amazing that once they start school there is no turning back! I know they are ready and will love it, but I don't think I am ready! I better find that remote control in the next 9 weeks!
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Friday, July 1, 2011


Yesterday I rode in an ambulance with Keagan... completely stunned. Unlike most Mommas who would be stunned that they were in an ambulance with their child, I was stunned that I was with THAT child! I always thought my first ambulance ride with one of them would for sure be with Miss Riley as she has been very close several times. So I wasn't prepared to put Keagan in one.

She has had a cold for several days and I put her down for her nap and then left to go to the Temple. While I was gone, in a short 2 hours her breathing became very labored. I'm an educated mommy from all that Riley has been through, so I knew to take her to the doctor right away. At the doctors office she was unable to maintain even a decent pulse oximetry level without being on oxygen so the doctor called the ambulance.

She was such a good girl on the ride. She really liked mister Greig and never put up a fuss for all the stuff that they were doing. They ran all the tests and gave her oxygen, a breathing treatment and a great memory because she loves ambulances.

Once at the hospital she started to improve dramatically because all they had done. An X-ray confirmed it was pneumonia. After some observation, a serious shot of antibiotics and dinner from the hospital cafeteria courtesy of Nana and Kellie, we were sent home from my quickest ER visit ever.

My poor baby is doing much better today after a very stressful and long night! Hopefuly in a couple if days she will be back to her dancing, screaming self. And hopefully so will her currently wheezing sister. We've had enough excitement!

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