Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Big Girl!

Seriously could she be any cuter with her huge backpack on?! Such a big girl!

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Primary Girl

This pretty girl gave the scripture in primary today and did great!

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

I hope and pray this scripture is written on her heart!

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Hello Spring!

Well hello Spring! We've been expecting you.

Can you believe the girls aren't matching?! This was yesterday on the first day of Spring and also on a Thursday. Keags gets to dress herself on Thursdays. And I grin and bear it usually. But we really enjoyed the afternoon!

Which was a good thing because today was downright horrible and awful! Riley and I went to TCH for Neurology. We love Dr Clark but he is a little concerned Riley's Polymicrogyria may be caused by CMV which is a common virus that may cause birth defects. When they can't find a genetic cause for PMG, like in Riley's case, it is often attributed to CMV. The only way to confirm that is by letting the Center for Disease Control test the blood stain that was taken at birth. So now I have to track down Riley's blood stain from a hospital that I hate in Hawaii from over 5 years ago. The other bad news is that often times CMV kids lose their hearing. That hit me hard today!

Then I took my darling girl to our yearly appointment with MHMRA, or the Mental Health and Mental Retardation Association of our county. I had to meet with someone to prove and confirm that... a. Riley is still intellectually disabled and that b. I am still poor.

Ugggggg! I'm ready for bed! Hey, at least it's Spring!
Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cool Chick

The cool chick in this picture had a great day at gymnastics! She accomplished her back walk over for the first time today! And came home and did it more! She has some God given abilities but I'm more proud of her hard work and persistence!

This picture is just proof that at 5 she is already way cooler then I am!
Sunday, March 16, 2014

Odds and Ends

I am more excited then I should be about Spring Break officially ending tonight. It's not just that the girls will be back in school tomorrow and I will have three whole quiet hours to get things done all by myself. But I like our regular schedule and routine, especially since I'm a creature of habit. So I'm really looking forward to it!

That being said, we had a fantastic Spring Break, most of which I already wrote about. But I left out a few odds and ends.

Monday night Sami came over because she missed the girls! It was the sweetest thing! She played with the girls, read scriptures and said prayers with us. Then she tucked Riley in bed and the laid on my bed singing Frozen songs with Keagan while I took a shower. That created a sweet special memory for all of us!

Poor Riley got a nasty blister on her heal from the rodeo. And this fantastic momma didn't realize it until AFTER she walked around the Children's Museum all day Tuesday! What a trooper that girl is! But man I wish she could just tell me when something is wrong!!

This week I rocked Riley to sleep (she was overly tired and couldn't settle down) in the exact same rocking chair my parents rocked me. And I read the book "Corduroy" to Keagan that my parents read to me. I love that!

On Friday for lunch we had a "grilled cheese off." Which of course means it was a competition between what makes a better sandwich, yummy real cheddar or yummy fake cheese that is Craft American singles. The real stuff won.

On Thursday when we went to the Aquarium we were actually planning on going to an exhibit at Discovery Green. After we got there we discovered it wasn't open until Saturday. So the kids played on the playground until it was swarmed by day care kids.

And finally, we had lots of tea parties this week!

Now bring on Monday! Wow, I never thought I would say that!
Friday, March 14, 2014

Empty Tank!

After having so much fun for days, all three of us were absolutely exhausted on day 5 of Spring Break 2014! Our tanks were empty and we didn't even want to get out of our jammies! Unfortunately that means the house looked like this.....

I'm not the kind of mom who is good at letting the girls make big messes. I wish I was, but this just about killed me today! But I made it all the way til 1:00! I was pretty proud of myself! And then we cleaned!

And I sent the girls outside so I could really clean. See still in our jammies!

And then they just made a big mess again. But the great news is I had a babysitter tonight to go out to dinner with Kelly, so I didn't have to deal with it!

I'm just happy we all survived Spring Break 2014. Monday and it's getting back to a regular schedule can't come soon enough!

Day 4

Day number four of Spring Break 2014 was another fantastic one! We spent the entire day at the Downtown Aquarium. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, we were with some of our very favorite people (Sa, Todd, Kellie, Addie and Ashlyn) and the entertainment was great!

We loved all the fish exhibits. The humunganous (that's totally a real word) white tiger was amazing! The choo-choo train and carousel were a huge hit. Riley was not a fan of the ferris wheel and another ride called the frog jumper. Both girls won cute purple monkeys from a fishing game. I sunk a basket for more prizes after Kellie told me there was absolutely no way that I could. We had the awesome chance to pet a whole bunch of sting rays which Keagan refused, but Riley rocked. And we had an absolutely delicious lunch around the ginormous tank! All of that makes for one fabulous day!

And sometimes when you've had a full day of fun, you just have to stick your monkey inside your shirt and kick back! Never a dull moment!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day Three

Day number three of Spring Break 2014 was way more mellow then the others so far. At least most of it was, for most of us.

This morning Keags was registered for a mini camp at Bannons, her gymnastics gym. Even though it was already paid for, our plans suddenly changed.

I was saying my morning prayers when I got a horrible feeling about her going to the camp. And then the thought popped into my head that it's teenagers who are running the camps, no parents are there watching like a usual class and anyone could take her to the bathroom. And I know that wasn't my own thought. It was a message from the Holy Ghost.

So needless to say she did not go. I unfortunately often second guess what The Holy Ghost is trying to tell me so I'm thankful The Lord is so patient with me! But I'm more thankful that The Lord loves and guides me as the best partner I can have as a parent!!

So we ended up having a quiet morning at home. Riley played, Keagan made foam necklaces for all the Foster girls and I caught up on cleaning and laundry. It ended up being just what the doctor ordered!

This afternoon Keagan went to Sa's house while I took Riley to her much dreaded dentist appointment at TCH. I'm thankful we see a special needs dentist because they are used to tough cases like ours. Riley looks little but she is big in spirit and puts up a serious fight! It took three of us to pin her down for the dental exam. She was kickin and screamin like crazy! Without fail everyone is always so surprised that she is stronger then she looks! And I always tell them it is very true and that's why she has come so far! It just breaks my heart to put her through that but I remind myself it has to be done for her own good. That doesn't make it any easier though!!

The exam showed she has two cavities. That means the first week of May she will have to go under general anesthesia for them to be able to fill those. Past experiences tell me she does not respond well to anesthesia. But I'm really hoping she's grown out of that some! We will soon find out.

Tomorrow it's back to some more Spring Break fun. After a down day, we are ready for it!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jam Packed!

Our second day of Spring Break 2014 was jam packed! We left the house bright and early for Riley's Pulmonology appointment with Doctor Robertson in the med center downtown. Riley's two little lungs have had such a fantastic winter that we can now pull back on her asthma medication. That makes both of us feel so happy and so blessed!!

From there we went to Star Pizza which we all loved for lunch. Riley loved the variety of pizzas she could try from the buffet, I loved sitting on the patio in the gorgeous weather and Keagan loved chasing the unusually plush and pretentious kitty cat. And slurping her noodles of course!

Then it was on to the Houston Children's Museum for almost four hours of fun! Both girls loved all the interesting things to explore! It made it hard that half of the city was there for Spring break, but we still had a really great time. I loved seeing each of their excitement and concentration on all the different activities!

Working together pulley game


We built the arch!

Keags would build and Rys would make the earthquakes. Sounds about right.

Digging for fossils

Doing a puppet show!

Waterway fun

Shopping in the grocery store and then working as cashiers! Love that last pic!

She worked hard for that money and then got to deposit it at the bank!

Making sea turtle hats!

So fun! But four hours later...

We were all beat! After dinner at Sa's house, Riley was exhausted and Keagan finally got to do some crafts she's been begging for days for while I did chores!

Now we are truly wiped! That was one jam packed, but very fun day!