Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pearly Whites n Movie Lights

I took this brave girl to the dentist today and her "no cavities" streak is almost 7 years strong now! I'm so proud of her!

And then there's this one.

It's actually very common for kids who take daily meds to have frequent cavities. Miss Riley has already had five unfortunately. Maybe it's not just the meds and the difficulty in brushing her teeth, but has something to do with her uncanny talent of eating. Like how she can eat a s'more Monday night and not only get it all over her mouth but also in her hair and on her forehead!

They also both loved the popcorn when we went to go see the movie "Inside Out" today. It was SO good (the popcorn and the movie)!

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Monday, June 29, 2015


It had to be documented! This baby Riley of mine slept in her own big girl bed until 8:45 this morning!!!!

Granted she was up from 1:30-2:15am, but that's pretty normal. And on a normal day, she is also up and ready to party by 6:30-7. I woke up at 8:15 in a total panic looking at the monitor to see if she was still breathing! She was sound asleep and it was heaven!

It was a summer miracle!

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Rolls On!

The Kikuchi girls's summer 2015 continues to roll on with a healthy amount of good old fashioned fun!

Swimming with the Frenchs, snow cones, reading books, tea parties, painting pottery with Fosters, lots of cousin time including breakfast for Henderson and Kennedy's birthday at Cracker Barrel, the library, Teen Beach 2 movie premiere party at home, and staying up way too late oh my!

This is the life!

Out of all the books in the library this is the one Riley picks! She's so smart and being different is awesome!!

We love cheesy Disney Chanel movies!!

Oh and by the way, amidst all this fun and more, I was diagnosed with strep throat on Thursday. And summer rolls on!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mall Adventure

I'm actually not a big
shopper and I usually avoid the mall whenever possible. Amazon and I are on a first name basis. But today after Riley had a Pulmonology appointment down at the med center, we went on a little mall adventure.

We went to Memorial City mall because they have all kinds of extras for kids, and we ended up playing there for hours! We rode the choo-choo train, the double decker carousel, and played in the most impressive and cleanest mall play land I've ever seen. Don't worry we still used massive amounts of hand sanitizer. But the crowning jewel was exploring the American Girl store for the first time.

A while ago we decided that the on the girls 7th birthday they will get American Girl dolls and after today they are both beyond excited! Keagan has definitely caught the American Girl fever and has told me 7 times tonight that she really wishes today was her birthday! When her actual birthday comes I think she's going to be a little disappointed we can't buy half the store!

Keagan was dancing during the train ride and they both were feelin super cool in front of all the shoppers!

Both girls dancin again in front of the carousel!

She said she's being cooked in the potion!

Thankfully Riley has a sweet sister to help her through the castle!

Always posing.

She could have stayed all day!

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

How We Summer

Just a couple ways of how the Kikuchi Girls summer in 2015. We haven't had a single lazy day yet. I'm looking forward to one of those!

We celebrate Kellie's 16th birthday like the real Texans that we are!

We clean, organize and run errands.

We take Riley to two doctors appointments and therapy of course. On this day she had to get blood drawn and it was horrible for all three of us!

We somehow create this crazy sleeping arrangement that everybody falls asleep together on a Riley's floor and then mommy moves everyone to their beds around 9. Then around 12-2 everyone wants to sleep with mommy or Nana. It's brutal!

We don't notice when Riley gets into mommy's makeup and makes a gigantic mess! All in 3 minutes while I was 3 feet away!

We have insanely expensive car repairs and medical bills that cause us to buckle at the knees.

We have play dates with friends from church, help the Frenchs start getting ready to move and crash a big girl swim party to rock the Frozen karaoke!

We have sleepovers with our cousins.

And we get to play with the coolest invention of all time which is water balloons that fill up all at once and self tie!

Good, good times!

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

My Tiny Dancer

Tonight was finally the big recital night for Koenig Dance Company at Cy Creek High School, and it lived up to the hype!

My tiny dancer rocked her tap to "Mr. Postman" and her ballet to "Every Girl Can Be a Princess!" She said she had a blast, loved performing "on a real high school stage" and hanging out with "HER CREW" backstage and wanted to do it again! Her cheering section of me, Riley, Nana, Sa, Todd, Kellie, Addie and Miss Taryn we a little loud, but she deserved it!

Miss Riley was thrilled to wear a new zebra costume from Miss Nicole and was super happy to cheer for her sister! Afterwards Keags was beaming and thrilled to receive her very first bouquets, her trophy and lots of love! So proud of her!

Video from dress rehearsal...

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dress Rehearsal

After a long day, dress rehearsal was long tonight but so much fun to see Keagan dance on stage! She was darling, did great and said she loved performing on stage and hanging out back stage. We had a few hiccups. Maybe mommy forgot the dance shoes and had to turn around to go get them! That was fun. And maybe she stopped during one of her dances to wave at me, but it was darling! Afterwards she was beaming and had to hug all her friends in her class. Saturday should be fun!

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