Monday, August 29, 2011

Busy Girl

Riley has got one serious schedule! Sometimes it's hard for me to keep up! Let alone keep it all straight. Right now she currently sees 5 different therapists. And she's had 5 others. She also routinely sees her PCP, 12 specialist Doctors and an orthopedist. So our weeks are pretty packed to say the least. I'm just grateful that all these people have the same great focus which is helping Riley. We have met some incredible people in the midst of the chaos and we (most directly Riley) are better for having them in our lives!

Therapy takes up alot of her time as I try to incorporate it into everyday life and she has 6 appointments each week.

Riley is persistent and is usually a hard working patient! Right now Miss Kari,her developmentalist is working on alot with her by helping her expand her vocabulary, match similar things, and follow directions. Miss Christy, her PT is helping her in her gait trainer and with standing on her own. Miss Sara, her feeding therapist is helping her with chewing, boulous control and her swallowing. Miss Christina, her speech therapist is helping her start to use her first communication device- a Go Talk. And Miss Minnie, her OT is helping her with her fine motor skills and using her left hand more.

Eventhough it keeps us so busy I'm so thankful to have so many wonderful experts on our side!

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Say What?!

Keagan is hilarious! She always has alot to say and more often then not it is something funny. She has a sweet little voice and she can't say her L's very well yet (her momma had the same problem) and sometimes she gets things a little mixed up. But it's always so stinkin cute that I hope I never forget her cute words! Here's just a sample...

cupcapes is cupcakes, yites is lights, puuter us computer, mines is mine, Heavy Father is Heavenly Father, gusting is disgusting, peg a one is penguin, petzels is pretzels, amirre is come here, whiff is with, I yount yike it is I don't like it, eminee is Emily and funder is thunder.

I kinda don't want her to grow up and start speaking correctly. How she talks now is just so cute!

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Shhh...Baby Sleeping

Sleepless nights, yawning, and dark circles under my eyes has been the norm around here. For 2 years my little miss Riley has had quite the sleeping arrangement. Every time this princess was to sleep, she needed to be held in some loving arms in order to do so. Initially and for the majority of this two years, it was because if her serious heart condition and then it became a habit so hard to break without breaking everyone's heart.

But now that her miracles of a better functioning heart have occurred, this very tired momma and nana (who so amazingly did half this job) have less of an excuse to not get this baby sleeping in her own crib. So the heartbreak has begun! The ever so horrible "cry it out" is much hated but much needed in this house. We are on day 4 of the 5 minute check on her and soothe her graduating interval approach. And it's been nothing short of BRUTAL!!! For all involved. But I'm hoping for a big pay off! One in which my little girl is more rested and a little more independent. Not to mention having a better momma who has had some sleep!

During the tears and screams which make her already infrequently heard voice very hoarse, and completely break my heart, I keep telling myself THIS TOO SHALL PASS! It's great advice often given by both my parents. I'm just hopping it passes really soon so we can get some sleep!!

My sweet niece Kellie has even done much more then her fair share of sleeping with Riley! She is amazing!
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