Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blow Them Away!

Last night I didn't wash the girls hair for church so we took care of that usual Saturday night task this morning. That meant I had to blow dry their hair. You would have thought I took them to Disney world! Who knew a blow dryer could be so much fun? And how darling can little girls in white tights and shirts waiting for their princess dresses be?

I also wanted to sneak in the precious shots I managed to somewhat capture last week of Keagan pushing Riley into church. This big sister (one whole minute) is very protective of her little sister at church.

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Gingerbread Girls

Yesterday I must not have been thinkin too straight. First of all I took Kellie, Addie, Keagan and Riley ALL with me to Walmart! That was fun. And then I bought them the big gingerbread house making kit to do with them. You know the one that makes a gigantic mess! Yep Sa was thrilled when I showed up at her house with that!

But tonight Sa was the one that got it out and got everyone building and decorating away! All 5 girls had so much fun. So how can I complain about the mess? But if it was up to me I definitely wouldn't have let Riley have an entire bottle of blue sugar sprinkles with the lid off! That girl shook all the sprinkles out and was thrilled to make such a mess. Again how can I complain? It was fun and then I left and went home to put my babies to bed leaving Sa to clean it all up! Poor girl! Now SHE can complain!

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gobble til you Wobble!

Today we unpacked, washed, got organized and caught up on chores as we recovered from the BEST! THANKSGIVING! EVER!

We had such a fabulous time with Nana, the Chicago Ginns and the Fosters in Dallas at the Great Wolf Lodge! There are more pictures and details to come. But for now I am relishing in how easy and how fun this trip was. Keagan and Tess are just the best of friends, which is a dream come true. And all the cousins were so nice and helpful with Riley! We played at the huge water park in the hotel, the arcade, did crafts, played games, had an incredible Thanksgiving feast at The Silver Fox Steak house, walked around historic downtown Grapevine enjoying the Christmas lights and music, had our Nana Christmas night, had the amazing Costa Vida, jumped on trampolines at Jump Start, rocked our matching jammies and laughed and talked a lot!

The priceless memories we made and the important relationships that we strengthened can not be bought with any amount of money! This trip was three days of perfect!

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Friday, November 16, 2012


It seems like every time I write a post about my darling Keagan being sassy, she then finds a way to totally redeem herself! Today when I picked her up from school there was a class list of what each child is most thankful for this thanksgiving. The kids had all kind of 4 year old answers. Kyle said airplanes. Matheson said cookies. Socks and crackers even made the list! Guess what my baby's answer was.....mommy! My heart melted for a second. What a special little moment. I gave her a big hug to say thanks and she reassured me that she couldn't really decide between me and cookies! But I'll still take it as a win! The rest of the afternoon was a bit of a struggle with lots and lots of tears. So I am going to have to really hold on to this great moment and cherish this one! I hope she realizes that the feeling is mutual. I sure am thankful for her!

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4 going on 14

Miss Keagan is a smart little cookie with a big personality. Sometimes I have to remind myself that she is only 4. I should be reminding her!

The other day Riley was trying to play with a toy that was already in Keagans hand. It had been a struggle for a minute and finally when I walked out of the room Keagan hit her sister on the back. After I scooped up a crying Riley I asked Keagan why she would do that! Her response was "mom Riley told me her back was itchy, so I just scratched it for her!" Riiight! Then last night my little Keags corrected me on something and then said "daaaaah mom!" Wow! I hope we both survive her teen years!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

My heart is FOUR you!

Reality is setting in that my babies are actually four! On monday they had their 4 year check up. Thankfully I brought Sa as back up because the shot portion at the end of the visit was torture for all of us. But the rest of the appointment with Dr Reid just had me counting my blessings. Both of my miracles are pretty healthy and strong right now and doing great. Riley weighed 27.2 pounds and was 34.5 inches tall! Thats pretty incredible considering she started out as 1 pound 14 ounces and 13.75 inches long! I still remember celebrating when she reached 6 pounds (3.5 months old) and 20 pounds (2.5 years). Miss Keagan tipped the scales at 32.8 pounds and 39.25 inches. She has also come a long way from her 3 pounds 5 ounces and 16.5 inches! I am so proud of my little miracles and could not possibly be more thankful for them both!

A friend of ours took their pictures last week and I adore all of them! I am so not above bribery so they definitely had incentive to cooperate! But they did a great job! Miss Sara told Keagan to "be sassy" and she definitely has that down! I think the images we captured represent my angels so well!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TCH Party

On Saturday we were privileged to be invited to an incredible event! The American Heart Association hosted a great party for the children who are often seen by the Cardiologists at Texas Children's Hospital. It was at the Lanier's property here in Spring which is an unbelievable location! On their huge property they had amusement rides, a large park, blow ups, rock climbing, crafts, Chick-fil-A, snow cones, the most amazing train, and more! They also have turkeys, swans, monkeys, kangaroos, talking parrots, roosters, pigs, goats, sheep, ducks and a llama! The weather was perfect, I got a chance to talk to other heart moms and we all had such a blast! One more reason to love TCH!

YouTube Video

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day Light, Not Saving!

Since daylight savings on Sunday, my gorgeous little Riley has been killin me! Every morning she has been up for the day by at least 5am! And several days she has woken up in the 4s!! I have begged and pleaded for her to go back to bed but she just smiles at me trying to charm me into playing with her. Or she cries hysterically if I don't give in. No fair! And no fun! We had a serious come to Jesus talk tonight that I'm hoping sunk in. I never thought I would be praying (literally) to be able to wake up at 6 am!

I had her parent teacher conference on Tuesday. Miss Benanti sat and told me how much everyone absolutely adores Riley while Miss Krammer sat and covered Riley with hugs and kisses and let her play on the computer and put the head phones on. They said that Riley is doing really well and can actually do some things like identify her colors and sort shapes that some of the verbal kids can't do. And she's teaching all of her little friends about social skills as she's the most advanced in that area!

My sweet smart girl is just amazing! Now if I could just get her to sleep in then she just might be perfect!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Day

Yesterday was the most important Presidential Election in my lifetime. It did not turn out how I had really hoped it would. Even though I will always be proud to be an American I am devastated! I am worried for the future of the country that I love. But being an eternal optimist I choose to focus on all the incredible blessings I do have in this country. And thankfully my real King is Jesus Christ and He shows me how to live and what to do in good times and bad.

Despite the disappointing evening, we did have a great day yesterday. Both girls were off school so after therapy we spent the day at Itz with Addie, the park, playing outside and then out to dinner with the whole family.

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Princess Kinda Day

We played dress up early this morning. Apparently Riley is so comfortable being dressed as a princess that she will fight hard to remain that way! Well she is a princess so that completely makes sense. So she stayed in the royal wear as long as she could and even took a nap in it!

Keagans princess wear didn't last as long; probably because she had a birthday party to attend.

After the birthday party with Keags and the nap with Riley it was a struggle to dress Riley in her non princess clothes. Not including any medical situation (needles, exams, etc) I've never seen Riley cry so hard over something! Poor princess! But she rallied back at the end of the night by showing us all how truly incredible she is! Love my princesses!

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