Sunday, March 31, 2013

He Is Risen!

It's the best day of the year, Easter Sunday. Today we celebrate the hope of the empty tomb. I'm so thankful to proclaim that I know that my Redeemer lives! Although we try to focus on the real meaning of this glorious day, we also indulge in all the Easter Bunny fun!

They really loved the Minnie Mouse umbrellas!

The googles actually make her look more Asian! When she realized the Easter Bunny only brought her goggles and not Riley (Riley would never wear them) she started giving Riley a bunch of her candy because she felt bad. Sweet girl!

Riley was hysterically laughing because she was eating body parts of a chocolate bunny!

The Bunny brought supplies for a silly string war!

And things to paint! Riley sat in her high chair and painted for 2 hours after breakfast! She was working so hard and did not want to stop!

Keagan helped make dinner and did the deviled eggs almost all by herself!

They looked gorgeous in the Easter dresses and we had wonderful Easter meetings at church!

After a yummy Easter dinner with Nana and the Fosters, Keagan told us about the real reason for the day!

YouTube Video

Happy Easter 2013!

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Weekend with our Cousins

Our Colorado Ginn cousins have been here this week, so we had lots of busy Easter break fun! Thursday was go carts for everybody else while Keagan was at school for her big Easter party.

Friday was jumping our little hearts out at Sky High. Oh and we all learned a good lesson there. I had a little run in with an ignorant employee. He said since Riley can't walk or stand on her own that she couldn't be there at all. I feel like I handled it well by educating him, talking to his manager and making sure Riley had a great time. But then last night I dreamt that I beat the crap out of him with a baseball bat!! So the lesson is, don't mess with my babies!

Then last night we dyed Easter eggs. It was a ginormous mess but a fun tradition never to be missed. We only did a mere 7 dozen eggs, half the old school way and half the Pinterest way. Not surprisingly the messiest one was Riley!

We ended the cousin festivities this morning with a giant sized cousin Easter egg hunt! Apparently the Easter Bunny dropped off 180 eggs last night for the search, and he was feelin generous!

The good news is our Colorado Ginn cousins are soon dropping that first part and becoming our Houston Ginn cousins! That means 6 out of our 10 cousins will be here! More good times ahead.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Silly Sleepers

I am laying in bed, reading my scriptures. I have one little girl laying next to me talking in her sleep like a crazy woman! And the other little girl's nose is whistling so loud while she sleeps, that I can hear it through the monitor! These two crack me up!

Here's Riley the other night in her crib. She gets so excited every night to sleep with her piggy. I tell her "piggy is tired. You have to make sure piggy sleeps good!" and she wants him laid specifically on her Easter patterned pillow. Later each night the monitor shows she has rolled over on her tummy with her legs, her arms and her piggy all tucked up underneath her. Too cute!

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bunny Bash 2013

I have been in a total rut this week. Mourning the passing of beautiful 4 year old Sarah and worrying about her sweet parents and siblings has just penetrated all my thoughts. Plus my patience has been thin which means my guilt at the end of the day is multiplied. But there is nothing that can break you out of a rut like a fantastic party! And the Quin's Bunny Bash 2013 did just that!

Bounce house, crafts, food, a photo booth, treats, a parade, a huge egg hunt, confetti eggs and THE Easter Bunny! This was one fabulous soirée! When we got home Keagan ran to Nana and said "that party was so awesome!" And she was right!

First we made cute Easter cupcakes to contribute to the festivities.

And then it was party time!

Unfortunately I think we can confirm Riley is still terrified of characters.

Is this the cutest picture of Keagan and her sweet friend Kyle? They got each other good with confetti eggs!

Thank you Quin family!
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