Thursday, May 31, 2012

Riley's Last Day

It's so silly now to remember how worried I was about starting Riley in school. The progress that she has made since October in the PPCD (Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities) at Krahn is outstounding! Not to mention how much she truly loved it!

She had no idea that today was her last day, but her teachers and I were all sad. Next year she has been rezoned to a different Elementary School so we will miss all the amazing people at Krahn. Several teachers and staff have told me Riley is the princess of the school and many have told me how much she is loved there. We have loved the wonderful team that has worked so hard with her this year! Miss Amber, Miss Lydia, Mrs Collins and Miss Kellogg.

Mrs Kellogg wrote Riley the sweetest little note! She said "I truly believe that God puts people in our lives for a reason. And I know God put you into my life to remind me to smile!" Now that's a wonderful teacher! One who will be missed!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Swim, Pet, Eat

Swim, Pet, Eat...that was our day with JiJi and Auntie Nene. All of us are exhausted from all the fun. Back to reality tomorrow.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Boat ride, shopping, carousel, rides, and Cheescake Factory. A great day with Ji Ji and Auntie NeNe.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Question #1: Is there anything sweeter and more peaceful then a sleeping child?

Question #2: What can I possibly say when Keagan tells me she wants to "catch the moon and put it in a cup in my room" because she misses and loves him?

Question #3: Is there a better way to respond then ignoring her when Keagan has a FORTY FIVE minute screaming tantrum this morning? That was fun! I think someone's a little sleep deprived!

Question #4: Why is it so dang hot already?! Just getting the girls in the car results in me needing to take another shower! It just might be a long summer! And one spent indoors.

Question #5: Who would have thought we could have SO much fun at an empty cheer leading gym with Gamas, Coach, Addie, Meagan, Tiger and Eva! The kids had a blast last night jumping on the trampoline, playing with balls and balloons, climbing through the tunnel, sliding down the mats, and running with each other. Throw in some pizza and great conversation and it was such a fun night!

These two had so much fun together! Riley loved Eva like I've never seen her before. What is there not to love? I think Riley was just excited there was someone smaller then her!

Giving each other kisses..

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Friday, May 25, 2012


So much of being a single mom is just hard work, any way you look at it. Very hard work. Some moments and even some full days are exhausting, trying, frustrating and difficult. And then there are those little moments that make all the others completely worth it.

The girls and I were in the car with Nana this afternoon. I was reminding them that Nana and I were going to a "meeting" (otherwise know as Sams choir concert) and that Gama Linda was coming over to play with them. In her absolute sweetest voice, with all sincerity, Keagan said "But mom I will miss you!" I actually felt my heart melt in my chest. There is not enough money in the world that could buy the incredible feeling that comes from the love of your child! Little moments like that are priceless!

I had a similar one yesterday. Again it was in the car with both girls. The girls had been playing nicely, with no fighting for awhile and it continued in the car. Keagan was being so sweet to Riley and playing peek-a-boo. Then Keags says to me "mom I love Riley so much! I love my sister!" After thanking her for being so sweet and talking to her about that, I asked Riley if she loved Keagan. Riley immediately looked at her sister and gave her one of her biggest smiles. In Riley's world that means a big yes.

I feel so blessed to be these girls mother! Even on my hard days (otherwise known as most days), it's such an honor. And these are the moments that make it all worth it.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Miss Personality

Miss Keagan is SO full of personality! Like I recently mentioned, the stories just keep on coming from her. And I have a feeling they won't ever really stop.

This morning she grabbed a fork out of the drawer and SCRATCHED!
With it! When I obviously questioned her while being half horrified and half laughing, she said her Uncle Tyler in "cago" (Chicago) does it, so "it's cool!" I must say i have never witnessed my brother commit this act.

Yesterday on the potty she leaned down and said "poopies! It's time to come out now!"

Her outfit for a while today... Half Rapunzell, half Minnie Mouse.

When my sister bought chicken the other day she said "Hims sleeping. And then I'm gonna eat hims."

For quite some time she has had a favorite star. She calls it her "shinning star" and always tells me she wants to hug him and cuddle him.

Normally I do the good night story reading. But tonight she insisted it was her turn...

YouTube Video

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Last Day for Keags

Yesterday was Keagans last day of preschool for the year. It was so sad! For both of us! She has had such an incredible year at John Wesley. She has learned and grown so much all while we both made some great friends! We will miss them, her amazing teachers Miss Connie and Miss Natalie and the great time all summer!

Yesterday they gave each child a scrapbook of their year. It is precious! Its fun to look at how much she has grown and the fun things they did through out the year. They also gave a sheet with her height and weight at the beginning and end of the year. Both weights were 30 lbs, but her height went from 35.5 inches to 38!

We will be happy to go back next year! Plus both of us are looking forward to the 3 separate weeks of summer school!

The greatest teachers...

We love the director, Miss Barb!

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Shmeekend

The weekend really does fly by way too quickly! Good thing summer is on its way!

Keagan has been a little jealous of all the time I spend taking Riley to therapy. So, Friday night we had a special date for just the two of us. We both had a fantastic time at her Panda Class end of the year party. She loved jumping on the bounce castle and swinging with her friends. I loved watching her have so much fun and talking with the other parents. Meanwhile Riley was in heaven at Gamas house!

Saturday we had a great time hangin with Addie.

Today was Stake Confrence which means my kids and the Foster girls are supposed to sit together and be reverent for 2 hours! Yes those sitting around us probably thought that statement was funny too. When all was said and done, it wasn't too bad. Kellie took Keagan to the bathroom and Keags told her that we were at Jesus's house. When Kellie asked her what Jesus likes to do here, Keagan came back with a brilliant answer! "Jesus likes to party!" Amazing!

After church miss Keagan and Kellie went for a Sunday walk. Keagan came back with the sweetest gifts for momma...

The girl loves sticks. So I'm guessin this means she loves me.

And finally who doesn't top of a Sunday evening by letting the kids pop old fashioned popcorn... on the floor...with the lid off so the popcorn flys everywhere??

Weekend shmeekend!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Socks and Sayings

My kids are ridiculously hilarious! And crazy too! Hmmm. I wonder where they get it from.

Lately Miss Riley has been following in her sisters footsteps and becoming quite the fashionista! She is totally obsessed with crazy socks! She loves bright colored, stylish socks now and gets so upset when someone takes them off. Stripes seem to be her favorite. She has also been trying to put Keagans panties on lately; even though she'll be in a diaper for a long time to come. Last night Nana had bought Keagan some new ones and Riley got ahold of a pair. She was using both hands (yeah) and lifting her foot to try and get them on. She was trying SO hard that we just had to put them on her! When I changed her diaper this morning she was so upset until I got them back on. She's hilarious!

She also insisted on wearing these glasses at the doctor today! Would not take them off!

And then there's Miss Keagan. My sister had her yesterday while I spoke at the TCH event. Her first words to me were "you really need to write down all that she says!" I totally agree. But the problem is that she is ALWAYS saying funny things and she is ALWAYS talking! So I would have alot to write down! Some of her latest...

When I asked for a kiss last night: "I already gave you one today. Maybe tomorrow. IF your a good mommy."

To my sister: "Sa do you like snails? Do you like dirt?"

When asking me to get her a snack today: "I can't get it. My legs are broken like Riley's."

While carrying a purse on each shoulder: "I will never have too many purses!"

In the bathtub: "mom, I'm a beautiful mermaid!"

Randomly and unprovoked: "Riley you are driving me crazy!"

That last one sounds a little familiar. Again, I wonder where she got it!

PS- seizures stink!! I'm so over these stupid things!!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Who could say no to Riley?

This is a picture of the badges that Kroger store cashiers will be wearing for two weeks in June. My Riley girl will be helping raise money for Texas Children's Hospital through the Children's Miracle Network campaign. Seriously, who could look at that sweet face and not want to buy one of those paper balloons for a dollar?!

I spoke at the campaign kick of meeting for the Kroger managers this morning. It is always therapeutic in a way to tell Riley's story and briefly touch on all that we have been through. When I condense it all down for a speech like that, I am amazed myself at what this incredible 3 year old has been through in her short life!

Then unfortunately after I picked her up from school today, she had a seizure. They are so hard on both of us! We were driving in the car so I pulled over to the side of the road and stood there with cars passing by and just held my baby while she was disoriented and out of it. She quickly fell asleep and then was very happy and full of energy after a 30 minute nap in the car. Keagan happened to sleep through the whole thing herself. I am repeatedly amazed at Riley's resiliency and strength! Today I am again reminded that I am so blessed to be her mom!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


For my birthday my mom and my sister gave me the greatest gift ever...A DAY OFF!! Riley actually slept in til 7 this morning! That was her gift to me. Then Sa was here by 8:30. She took Keagan to school, Riley to therapy and then Riley to school. I stayed in my jammies and caught up on all the shows that were piling up on my DVR. After I ate a big piece of chocolate cake a friend brought over for lunch, I had the most amazing massage and facial! Nana picked the girls up from school and I was only on mom duty for a little while but I got alot of extra hugs and kisses! I finished the day with dinner with my oldest friend Kelly at Pappasitios.

A perfectly simple, quiet and relaxing day with the people I love! A great birthday!

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday Girls

Last Sunday the girls each had an assignment in primary. Keagan said the prayer. She loves to pray all by herself at home but definitely wanted help to pray in front of everyone. When we started praying, the mic wasn't on at first and she stopped mid sentence to say to me with worry "I can't hear myself!!" Once the mic was on she finished her prayer in her cute angelic voice she can have. Then it was Riley's turn to give a scripture. I read it for her of course but she beamed to be at the podium and grabbed the mic in a darling Riley way.

This Sunday as we were putting our shoes on and getting out the door I was explaining to the girls that mommy needed to pay her monthly tithing. I asked Keagan to take the envelope to the Bishop with me. She had a million questions of course. I explained that Heavenly Father has given us all that we have and He only asks us to give 10 percent of our money. She then wanted to list what Heavenly Father has given us. Her list started with the car and our house and quickly progressed to clouds, fingernails and strawberries. The listing went on in the car and continued while we were sitting down waiting for sacrament meeting to start. She could have gone all day! It was too cute and she's right!

And what a treat it was for me for the girls to sing in sacrament meeting this week. It was the classic mothers day primary song medley with 60 kids huddled on stage. I cant believe they are that old!

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Mothers Day

I had a good mothers day. I'm so thankful for the two precious little girls who made me be able to celebrate this day! Even on the days that they make me absolutely crazy (most days) I feel so blessed that the Lord is letting me borrow them for a little while.

I am also thankful for their teachers who helped them make my mothers day gifts! They will be cherished for years to come!

Keagan gave me a flower in a hand painted pot made from a coffe can!

Riley's sweet handprints (which are really not easy to get), her scribbles and a poem.

Riley's card!

Flowers that Keagan picked all by herself in the back yard!

Single moms spend this day a little differently then moms who have a husband to coordinate gifts and supervise breakfast in bed. I still did all my usual chores and care taking today but had the chance to feel a little extra loved by a mother who gave me a gift from my girls and a brother in law who included me in on a great mothers day dinner. I was also able to take the time to really appreciate the unique blessings that come from being a mother. It's the most exhausting and hardest job I've ever had! But also the most rewarding, fulfilling and important!

My greatest blessings definitely call me mom!

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Monday, May 7, 2012


We got a little up close and personal with the Elephants at the zoo today. The girls dad is in town and they are having a great time with him.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Therapy Friends

I love this picture! Riley is at Cole Pediatric Therapy so often that of course we are going to make friends there. Besides our SIX incredible therapists, our favorite friend is Mister Zach. These two have PT together on Thursdays and love to play together! Riley was having a really hard time this week walking in her walker. But once Zack was along side her, she was more then happy to take a little stroll with him!

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Thursday, May 3, 2012


So thankful for all our cousins!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This is a picture of the ginormous needle that my doctor jammed INTO MY NECK today!
I have several nodules/tumors on my thyroid and one is so big that they needed to do a biopsy on it. I was incredibly nervous. So like all 32 year old mothers of 2 do, I took my mom with me. And thank heavens I did because it hurt!!

The 2 smaller needles full of lydicane we're first. They basically felt like someone was burning the top layer of my flesh right off. So that was amazing, but it numbed my skin. That way when she used the bigger needle, it didn't hurt AS bad. But (I know this is nasty) she had to really jab the needle in, and I could feel it popping into the thyroid. Nasty! She did that 8 times and was guided by an ultrasound into the nodules to collect the samples. The results will be back next Wednesday. I have a feeling I may wonder about it just a time or two before then. If I forget then I have 8 little holes and a nice bruise on my neck to remind me!
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