Monday, June 30, 2014

Random Monday

It was a random day in the Kikuchi family. But several things were picture worthy which means they earn a spot on the blog for future reference for us Kikuchi girls in 15 years!

A little cup stacking contest is always a good time!

And my girls can even make an Orthotics appointment fun! When they are in good moods and getting along, we can have a good time anywhere!

Especially when they have such an awesome waiting room that they want to stay and play AFTER the long appointment! Warmed my heart that Keagan was SO sweet and helpful with Riley! When she wasn't practicing her boxing skills of course.

I just adore my two tough girls!

Riley got new braces today. They have the Disney princesses on them of course and are going to be great! The right side prevents her from hyper extending her right knee like she has been doing. And we were able to get by with a lift that goes inside of her shoe instead of one built on the outside! That made me SO happy because that means she can wear more then one pair of shoes!

But the new braces gave her a huge blister. Poor girl! So at dinner Sa just handed over the entire box of Oreos and Miss Riley took the challenge seriously! It was impressive!

Happy random Monday!
Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Selfies

The sickness of Sunday selfies is spreading!! Make it stop!

Except they are pretty dang entertaining!

And then these selfie girls are just as darling as can be and I find the 15 year old (Kellie) and 11 year old niece (Addie) teaching my girls all about how God made everything in the world and that we should be so thankful.

Man I am so thankful for family and moments like this! Selfies and all!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Reagan!

What a fun and crazy party Reagan! Just like you!

We've never been swimming in the rain or had to hide from lightning at a party before! But it was fun hangin with all the big girls! We love you!


Yesterday afternoon I had five bored girls at my house. That's disaster waiting to happen! After they had done a sufficient amount of gymnastics, dancing and ear piercing screaming, we settled on confetti eggs left over from Easter and the mentos and soda experiment. Good times!

Friday, June 27, 2014


Today ended one of our favorite weeks of the summer, VBS (vacation bible school) at Faithbridge Methodist church!

The girls had such a blast dancing, singing, playing games, doing crafts, snacking and learning all about how Jesus loves us! Keagan was with a cute group of friends from John Wesley as a "Teal Fern" and Riley had the sweetest leaders to help her and made a cute new friend as a "purple Milton." I not only got some alone time, but every year at VBS I get to see tons of old friends!

The theme this year was "Weird Animals." 5 different weird animal friends taught the 700 kids about a different bible story each day and that Jesus loves you even feel left out, are different, don't understand, make bad choices and are scared! We also participated in a service project where they gathered over 5,700 pairs of socks and underwear for local kids! So great!

There really is something special about hearing 700 kids and their leaders sing at the top of the lungs about how Jesus loves us! We had so much fun and can't wait for VBS next year! Thank you Faithbridge!

Crazy sock day...

A sample of all the fun! Keagans group was on the edge so I could get her but Riley was dancin away in the middle somewhere.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Do Over Please

I am really good at having family prayer and family scripture study every night. We only read 4 verses, so it's nothing great. But we do it.

However, I don't always have the right spirit, AT ALL during what should be a beautiful family time. So does it still count? Does our little family still get the blessings when I am snapping (ok borderline yelling) at the girls to listen, to "stop hitting your sister", "no gymnastics during scriptures" and "take that out of your nose right now?" Cause that's what tonight looked like! It was ugly! Some nights I'm just so exhausted and all my patience is gone by then. Ok most nights.

And then these little people of mine fall asleep and they are so gorgeous and so precious that I just feel so bad and want a do over. Funny thing is, I get a do over tomorrow. And 5 times out of 10 I'll still make the same mistakes.

Maybe during those family prayers I need to be praying a whole lot harder for a whole lot more patience! Can we all pray that works?
Monday, June 23, 2014

Runnin for Riley

Several months ago we joined this amazing organization called I Run for Michael. They match a special needs child with an adult runner. The child inspires the runner, the runner dedicates their miles to the child and the whole group offers support to all of the above! It's seriously cool!

We were lucky enough to be matched with the darling Maddi MacKean, a nursing student who lives in Cali and is a sweet running rockstar! She runs, swims and bikes all kinds of miles for my Riley all the time! And Riley loves to hear about it!

She recently ran the Nisene Marks half marathon! And on Sunday we got a package in the mail with a finishers medal plus a shirt for Riley and even one for Keagan! It was the sweetest thing that made our day! Riley was so excited to wear the shirt and medal all day and threw a total fit when I wouldn't let her wear them to bed! It was pretty cute!

We are so thankful for another awesome member of Team Riley! Maddi you are amazing and thank you for running for Riley!

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Difference

We are home from our little vacation now. But, I'm still stuck on the fact that last summer at the beach Riley was scooting through the sand on her bum and couldn't get very far without being carried. This year she was Miss Independent walking all over that beach and even flew her own kite!

The difference a year makes! The difference a ton of dedication and hard work makes! The difference a whole lot of prayers from her momma makes! The difference good therapy at school and a private clinic makes! The difference the partnership of her and The Lord makes!

All of that, makes all the difference!