Sunday, November 27, 2016

All Together

Yesterday was our last day on our Ginn family Thanksgiving trip. We still took advantage of the time we had all together minus Sami and Pakka of course.

Another early wake up time was followed by our traditional Pakka breakfast of biscuits, eggs, pancakes, bacon and grits made by the men with some help from the big kids! It was delicious! Then we really just hung out and chatted which was all my favorite part of the trip! A super fun game of football on the beach was a blast! Riley scored a touch down with Kennedy, Keags was a nice little running back and uncle Kirk got totally taken out by Campbell! Seriously good times. Everyone worked together and cleaned and packed it all up. Before we left our great little house all the kids were swinging and singing together! It was the cutest thing! After we took family pics in all of our end of vacation and stinky from playing on the beach selves we took the ferry over to Galveston island. The long wait was worth it for the fun ferry ride and seeing lots of jumping dolphins! Our last harrah together was a late lunch at Fuddruckers on the cute strand of Galveston. With lots of hugs it was as sad as always to say goodbye to the Chicago Ginn's and end our trip. But we left with very full hearts and so much gratitude for an awesome 4 days all together! 

After a quick drive home our souvenirs from this amazing trip are lots of laundry, two little girls with colds and nasty coughs, my stupid auto immune rash on my leg which I had to go to the urgent care last night to get a steroid shot for and our gorgeous sea shells that we collected. But we also have fantastic memories and stronger family bonds so it was MORE then worth it!! Thank you Nana for the best Christmas gift ever!! 


Friday, November 25, 2016

And Another!

Another fantastic day! Donuts for breakfast were eaten outside with the waves crashing right in front of the house and followed up with lots of Black Friday shopping online. There was lots of swinging on the swings and in the hammocks and then Sa had put together a really great treasure hunt/scavenger hunt for all the kids and everyone finished the puzzle. We really enjoyed an adults only seafood lunch while the big kids watched the littles. I got car sick on the way home from lunch and had to make Todd pull over. Not my finest moment! Vicki sent me straight to bed to take an hour nap and I thought there was no way I would sleep longer then 45 mins so I didn't set an alarm and woke up 2.5 hours later! Yikes! I definitely felt guilty. But I obviously needed that! Meanwhile my babies were having the time of their lives on the beach with everyone! They had races, a long jump competition which Riley won and played 4 and 6 square! Riley jumped the waves and then fell asleep in Todd's lap. My Keags who doesn't normally like to swim in the ocean was a total fish and boogie boarded with her cousins! After showers we had a bonfire on the beach for dinner! We roasted hot dogs and made s'mores in a very picturesque setting! We ended the day with more Mexican Train then walking down memory lane, laughing and chatting much too late. 

This trip has been priceless and I will forever be grateful for it!