Monday, March 30, 2015

FHE Egg Hunt

On Monday nights we crazy Mormons have Family Home Evening, or FHE. We usually at least make a really solid effort to sing, pray, have a lesson and an activity as a family. I need to clarify that we at least try.

For the a Kikuchi girls our FHEs usually consist of a rousing rendition of "Book of Mormon Stories" and/or "The Wise Man," a quick lesson that the girls don't really listen to and then a longer game or activity. We wrap it up with our nightly routine of scriptures and prayer. We only read 5 verses of scripture a night so I'm hoping by the time the girls go to college we have completed the Book of Mormon together.

Tonight I had what I thought was a really great lesson about why we celebrate Easter. I was excited about it and had lofty goals of teaching the girls these powerful gospel principles. Instead of listening, the girls fought over my lap by pushing each other back and forth. Then Keagan would interrupt me to ask questions that had nothing to do with what I was talking about, or Easter at all. Boy was I dreaming!

After I was finished Keagan announced she had planned the activity. She then proceeded to set up an elaborate Easter egg hunt and had very specific instructions for Riley. My favorite part was that she "found" half the eggs that she had hidden!

But at the end she handed Riley an egg and said "see Riley! The egg is like Jesus's empty tomb." My jaw about hit the floor! Are they really listening? Is a fraction of what I'm trying to do here actually working?

Needless to say, I have a new found commitment to my efforts! But next time I'll know to lead with the egg hunt! It was the best one yet as I've never gotten a bigger prize!

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Melts Me!

My whole world in one comfy, cuddly, sweet as can be place!

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter Fun

It was a low key weekend full of some Easter fun! We dyed our Easter eggs (Nana joined us!) we actually nailed an Easter Pintrest craft, decorated foam Easter eggs and created our own little movie theater from boxes!

I often worry that my time with by babies is slipping through my hands so much faster then I would like. So I try my darnedest to build memories and experiences together to make that time mean something. I don't always do a good job, but I don't want to waste these days away. I hope these two are enjoying these times a fraction of how much I am and that we will all look back at these memories and smile!

Classic Keagan, personality for days!

Classic Riley, eating the supplies!

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Riley's Meltdowns

The number one question I get about my darling Riley is "is she always so happy/smiley?" Man I REALLY wish the answer was an absolute yes! But unfortunately it's not.

I do feel very blessed that usually this sweet girl is very happy. She generally has a joy about her that seeps from every pore and is infectious. But occasionally that sweet little girl can flip a switch from lovely and beaming to wailing and screaming! If it wasn't my child, these little tantrums might be cute or funny. But the full body convulsions, crocodile tears, screams and kicks on the floor really aren't very cute or funny to this momma! And wouldn't you know, they can stop just as soon as they started. Then it's right back to that brilliant smile and precious giggles. Oh this girl!

This week two of her meltdowns were really quite good. On Sunday it was because I didn't want to put her unitard on. Now before you start thinking I was being mean, the girl didn't need anymore layers! She was already wearing a diaper, her pajamas, a leotard, a skirt, soccer shorts, and a second leotard!!

Yep! You read that all right. And she was furious I didn't want to put on her unitard. Downright beside herself. I really just didn't think I could fit it over the rest of the outfit of crazy. But after a good five minutes of tantrum, Keagan chimes in because she is A. sad for Riley and B. she really just wants the crying to stop. So I did what every genius parent does and...I gave in!

Then on Wednesday, Smiley Riley decided to get seriously attached to a certain baby that morning which led to quite a good meltdown. Once at school I asked to take the baby back in the car with me so she could go with Miss Gilmer. All the teachers there were shocked when in the parking lot Riley fell to the ground in full tantrum mode in point 5 seconds because she didn't want to give up the baby! Some were truly stunned as they had only ever seen the Smiley Riley. Luckily Miss Gilmer had my back. But I lost the second battle with the baby later that day and let Riley take it to therapy with her. Here she is loving and kissing the baby just 2 minutes before the public meltdown.

So pretty much we have all learned today that my defenses of tantrums are week. Apparently if you wail and cry, kick and scream, I've become one of those dreaded moms that give in. Next time you see me in public please don't use this tactic to get what you want from me! I am just not helping you put on your third leotard! No matter how hard you cry.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Silver Linings

No matter how bad fighting with insurance companies, making tough decisions alone, spending money on carpet cleaning and broken windshields that I SO do not have is...these precious girls and our little life that we've built together is so full of silver linings that they outshine the rest!

Silver linings are the cutest goodnight hugs you ever did see!

Silver linings are "flowers" to be picked and bestowed upon family members that we love. Please don't tell these two they are weeds!

Silver linings are that cousins make the best babysitters! Which means you get to scoot in the rain and that mommy gets to go to a baby shower!

Silver linings are finding the perfect spot under the stairs and on top of the paper towels and refusing to move!

Silver Linings are finding great hats that really make momma laugh when we are shopping!

Silver linings are getting to navigate this crazy life with these two crazy girls!

Look around and I'm sure you will find many silver linings in your own life. I know I sure don't have to look very far!

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Friday, March 20, 2015


As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. What the crap does that even mean? I seriously do not know. But I do know there has been a whole lot of proofing around here.

Keagan is still massively allergic to red dye! Massively! And the raging tantrum last night on the school playground was definitely proof. Who knew amoxicillin has red dye? I should have!

Today I had my annual meeting with the Mental Health and Mental Retardation Association of the State of Texas. Pure hell! And have I ever mentioned how much I HATE that R word?! But I hate that meeting even more! I had to prove that Riley is still intellectually disabled and that I am still poor. I would have much rathered a clown gave me a root canal with no drugs in a confined space!

And then this afternoon I literally drug myself away from my bed that so desperately wanted me to take a nap, to the best place on earth! And as a reward The Lord proved to me there is nothing like the peace that His love provides!

I hope I can prove I'm thankful!

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cupcake Connissuers

We made Saint Patricks cupcakes to thank our friends and had a great time doing it! Funfettie is the best and so are darling baking outfits my friend Christy made! Love these two little cupcake connissuers!

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Break, Day 5

It's Rodeo time y'all! There is nothing like the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo! Biggest and best rodeo in the country! And it also just happens to be the biggest and best part of our Spring Break every year! We always go with the Foster girls and this year Addie's cute friends joined us for all the fun!

I love to see the belt buckled little cowboys, the bedazzled cowgirl wear, all the fantastic people watching and of course the animals, especially the babies. But Sa and I's highlight is the food! Seriously deep fried Oreos complete me. This year we also tried one of those giant turkey legs and both girls LOVED it! I had to fight them for a bite. When Keagan was ohhing over it, Sa said "she is DEFINITELY your kid!" But nothing says I love Texas like a deep fried Oreo, Snickers and Twinkie!

The kids highlight is with out a doubt the massive carnival! Games and gazillions of rides fill the gargatuwon Astrodome parking lot. Both girls won 3 stuffed animals each and then Sa took Keags to play a really tough game. Sa kept telling Keags not to be sad when she didn't win right when Keags threw the frisbee around the big floating rubber duckies head! Everyone but her was shocked that she won the huge minion that is as big as Riley!

She also rode her very first roller coaster ever! She was super brave and even put her hands up! And she climbed to the top of the Super Slide all by herself! Next year I'm determined to get her to do the Muttin Bustin since she is so brave! Riley preferred the much more mellow rides and the people watching from her stroller. She actually cried when Keags went on the roller coaster because she was scared for her sister!

It was a fantastic day and a great way to wrap up a fun Spring Break 2015! Till next year!

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Break, Day 4

What happens when your awesome Spring Break plans get hijacked by a stomach bug AND really bad wet and cold weather? You rearrange everything and try to make the best of it of course!

But what happens when part of the rearranging gets screwed up? Like say you changed your children's theater tickets that were for tomorrow for "Thursday" with the nice girl on the phone so you can go to the rodeo tomorrow. And then you show up to the play on "Thursday" and realize it's NEXT Thursday when your kids are back in school! You rearrange everything and make the best of it of course!

That means we spent the day at the Houston Museum of Natural Science and ended up having a great time! Half of the city of Houston was there, but the girls didn't seem to notice. Better yet was that we had a coupon from Easter Seals that provided a half price yearly family membership! I wasn't planning on using it but realized today that was the same price as a one day admission! That will really come in handy!

The girls loved all the amazing dinosaurs! I was worried Riley would be scared but I put her in her stroller and I think she felt safe that way and loved it. I let Keagan be the photographer and she took a gazillion pictures and had great running commentary on the whole exhibit! There was so much to see in just the dinosaur exhibit that we spent over two hours there and didn't have time to see much more except a few of the animals. There is so much more to see so good thing we got that membership!

I'm pretty proud that we totally salvaged the day and ended up having a great time. After all that my funny girls favorite part of the whole day was when I let them have a McFlurry from McDonalds there at the museum and we sat in the lobby and people watched! I loved it!

They are not grumpy, they are pretending to be tough!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Break, Day 3

Today we were here, there and everywhere.

The morning started with a doctors appointment for Riley at the best doctors office ever! And it's her Orthopedist so not too many germs all over the awesome toys!

Then onto the mall for their standard favorite of the carousel rides, dippin dots, up and down the escalator and the pet store! What more could a girl ask for? Today we also threw in playing at the Lego store. They were in heaven!

Then Riley had therapy and Keagan went to play at our amazing friends the McArthurs! That means momma got a break! Then it was onto dinner with all our Houston cousins and Nana!

And finally a trip to Gamas and Coach's house for pure entertainment! And a sleepover with Kellie. Another fun and tiring day! Day 3 complete.

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