Friday, July 31, 2015

Medical Momma

This week we had three doctors appointments. One kidney ultrasound for Keagan and a pediatrician and neurology appointment for Riley. That's a lot of driving to Texas Children's which is about an hour each way, a lot of calming anxious girls and a lot of info to manage. 

I'm a whole different mom when I have to put my medical momma hat on. I have had to become her out of necessity. This medical momma persona was formed after a lot of prayer in the girls early years after months in the NICU and then many repeat hospital stays for Miss Riley. 

I am on my game when we are in the hospital. I require less sleep, I don't let my fears or emotions get the best of me, and I'm the best advocate for my babies. I know the level of care that they deserve and how to nicely demand it. I know how to ask questions when I don't understand and speak up because my opinion matters as the mom. I know my babies and their specific little bodies better then anyone and can explain their history to any inquiring doctor or nurse. 

Then there is a flip side. After stressful hospital stays or even just stressful appointments, I am usually exhausted. It's after all the business is attended to, after my babies are well and at home and the adrenaline has stopped that I crash. I guess I just need a little recovery time and I've learned to allow myself that. 

Keagans kidney ultrasound went well. The techs aren't allowed to discuss the results with us but I charmed out some info. They didn't see anything to be concerned about but the radiologist needs to review it. Cardiology will then put in the referral to the Renal clinic and that doc will review all the testing we've had done. I will be happy to meet with them but I'm not going to worry about anything until then. 
Going into Riley's neurology appointment I felt like we didn't have much to talk about. She had only had a few small seizures since her last appointment. During the appointment when the wonderful Dr Clark was looking right at Riley, she had a staring spell. He is concerned that those may be small seizures. I am frustrated with this fickle monster called epilepsy and that it may be effecting Riley when I don't even know it. I will observe these staring spells now that I am more aware for the next 6 months and then we will see Dr Clark again. The good news is if she is having more seizures I don't know about then my rock star Riley sure is handeling them and compensating well! 
Last night we all crashed and today we are having a stay in our jammies and play kind of day. It's much needed and well deserved!

After a week like this one, I'm so thankful for the wonderful medical care my girls receive, the constant and stabilizing support I know The Lord provides all three of us, and that He helps me be the medical momma that I need to sometimes be! 

And today I'm extra thankful I don't have to be her today! 
Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fancy Nancy!

We had a fantastic day with the Skidmore  girls! Well, minus the super bad traffic, the killer car sickness I got and then tossing my lunch in the bushes! Yeah besides that, it was great.

We had a yummy lunch at Ruggles Green with Miss Nicole, Whitney and Kennedy. And then it was onto the main event...Fancy Nancy the Musical! 

What a stupendous show! Stupendous is a fancy way of saying good, by the way. It was really quite cute and well done. The girls loved meeting the characters after the show and getting them all to sign our Fancy Nancy book! Then of course they even found some tiaras to fancy themselves up a little! 

What a great froufrou, delux, garnished, spiffy, ostentatious, gaudy, all fancy ways of saying fancy, kind of day! 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

That's Better!

Everybody has a bad day once and a while. I'm hopin yesterday was mine and that it's a LONG while! 

I woke up today remembering I'm seriously so blessed! After yesterday, I'm so thankful for the opportunity to start fresh and try again! 

Today was a fun trip to IKEA with my sister, her girls and their friends. Did you know that crazy teenagers play hide and seek in IKEA? And tonight was my favorite night of the week because the girls had dance! Keagan's got some serious moves in hip hop this summer and Riley is pretty much the happiest tapper you've ever seen! The cutest! 

Just to keep it real, I totally lost the argument and Riley is sleeping in those tap shoes as we speak and the sprinkler was the substitute for the girls baths tonight! Hey you win some you lose some! 

But today was pretty much a win. 
Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Needing a Do Over

Im sure glad today is over! Keagan went to a fun swim birthday party and Riley went to the doctor. Sounds a little too familiar. I'm so glad sweet Keags had so much fun but sad for Miss Riley. That just adds to my feeling like the worst mom ever because I've been frustrated with Riley at times this week and it turns out she has an ear infection! Mom for the win.

Throw in an end of the day exhausted red dye tantrum, more car repairs and medical bills I can't afford, and kids who just will not fall asleep and stay asleep anymore and I'm yelling  "uncle!!"  Can I get a Wednesday do over?! Thank heavens for sweet friends who invite us to parties, antibiotics and a new day tomorrow!
Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pintrest Day

When we made our Summer List we included several Pintresty activities. Today the stars aligned! We actually had a full free day without a doctors appointment, therapy visit or lessons and an empty bank account (my car was BACK in the shop)!! So we got creative! 

Addie, Ashlyn and Kellie ended up joining us but they didn't have nearly as much fun as the Kikuchi girls! We did spinning markers, microwave soap sculptures, an exploding watermelon, a shaving cream fight, soap snakes and giant bubbles. My girls were thrilled with each activity but even with all of that their favorite part was definitely playing with the hose! The big girls lasted about half way through but I literally had to pull Riley away kicking and screaming! 
Best diaper ever! 
Best Pintrest Day ever! 
Saturday, July 18, 2015

Camp Buckaroo!

This week has been the highlight of the summer for Keags and Rys! They were lucky enough to spend the last 5 days having non-stop fun at Camp Buckaroo put on by Easter Seals. It was such an incredible camp, run by incredible people for special needs kids and their siblings. 

Everyday from 10-3 the girls were doted on and entertained with exciting stuff at the gorgeous and ginormous Woodlands United Methodist Church. Everyday they had story time, song and dance time, games, lunch, a craft and special guests. They also played on the awesome playground, did a scavenger hunt and built a giant fort. The special guests were a music therapist with tons of instruments, a dancer, the snake man with 8 snakes, Crocodile encounter with small alligators and crocodiles, Nature Discovery Center with turtles, lizards and exotic plants, fireman with their truck, a policeman with his car, and a clown! 

They each had a college age buddy to help them throughout the week. Riley's was Brooklyn and Keagan's was Hallie. They were both so sweet and so helpful! There were also about 12 other cute kids there and a bunch of awesome volunteers, interns and Easter Seals employees. And I mean it when I say they were awesome! On day 1 I didn't pack an extra set of clothes for Riley and her diaper leaked. Well they are so amazing that they ran to Target to buy her shorts because they didn't want to bother me!!

After the first day we got in the car and Keagan said "mommy I didn't like it. I LOVED it!" She also told me all about her friend Noah and this silly momma asked her "is Noah special needs or a sibling?" Well shame on me for asking and thank heavens I have a smart daughter that set me straight! Keagan responded "mommy I don't know! And I don't care!" Out of the mouths of babes! 

On the last day of camp there was an awards ceremony. Keagan was presented with the "Most Couragous Dancing Queen" award for doing the Whip in front of the whole camp! And Riley received the "Star Performer" award for dancing, smiling and being happy all week. They also received their T-shirts and cute scrapbooks that they made with all their pictures. Some of which I had to take a picture of here to include on the blog. 

Camp Buckaroo will definitely be our yearly summer tradition now! All three of us will count down til next year! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sew Good

Keagan has been begging and bugging Nana to teach her how to sew for quite some time. Today was finally her lucky day!

I had bought a cute felt and yarn kit at Hobby Lobby to simplify matters. Riley had one too but she was not interested in doing anything but playing with the glue and cuddling with the finished project. Keags was interested in the sewing for the first 10 minutes and then Nana finished her sewing, I glued on all the extra pieces and Sa and Kellie made the little ones.

So it turned into a family project which sounds about right.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Jam Packed!

It was a jam packed day! Like crazy. Just one thing after another. The great news is they were all fun things for the girls. The played hard today!

We ended the day with some of our very favorite people while we celebrated Reagan's birthday! You gotta love an 11 year old that wants Taco Bell and Tutti Frutti for her birthday! Us, the Fosters and the Blackhursts were lucky enough to join her!

Keags and Lucy Blackhurst are the cutest little friends!

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I Can't Even!

They are pictures of pictures but she is SO stinkin cute I can't even stand it!!

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