Wednesday, September 26, 2012

All Is Well

To compensate for the girls not matching on Monday, yesterday I over compensated by matching even their socks and panties! And last night I matched their jammies which I normally don't do.

That sentence is me admitting I am totally insane! But it's true. If my girls are matching, my kitchen is clean and a sufficient number of items are checked off my weekly to do list then all is well. Its pretty ridiculous what makes me one happy girl! Yep! We are talking nut house crazy here!

You know what else makes me happy? Keagans amazing one liners!

Yesterday when I picked her up from school her class was outside on the playground. My sweet girl was running wild with the boys of course and she has a head just like her Pakka. Big and supper sweaty! When I got her in the car with air conditioning and a bottle of water she said "Mom I'm so sweaty that even my tongue is sweating!"

Last night I was working late and let Keagan stay up; too long I might add. She wanted to pretend she was at the movies with popcorn and Tinkerbell on TV. She said to me "Man I'm so good! I got the best seat in the house!"

All is well!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Let The Record Show

Everyone should get out their journals, or their pad locked diaries if you will. I have something that should be recorded.

Today the girls did not wear matching clothes all day! I know, I know. Its quite unbelievable. Take a minute to catch your breath.

And the shocking truth doesn't just stop there! I actually let Keagan completely dress herself with whatever she wanted to wear. I just couldn't muster up the will to argue with her this morning. The result was purple and green flip flips, purple pants, a pink and brown shirt and a hot pink head band and hot pink bow! Oh and I almost forgot her pink furry and sparkly puppy purse which was her side kick today. The girl looked amazing! I'm very disappointed in myself that I didn't capture a photo for memories sake.

Also something that is just as note worthy is I quit Coke today! This is a big step for me in the right direction. My little, or not so little addiction to Coke led me down a vicious cycle of a path. I love Coke. Coke makes me fat. I hate being fat. But I LOVE Coke! My massive headache today was just another reminder how addicted my body is to the massive amounts of Coke I consume everyday. I'm going cold turkey so hopefully it goes well.

For a girl who doesn't relish in change, there was so much out of the norm today. I just might consider going to bed with dishes in the sink. Wait, I take that one back. Who am I kidding? I've had enough boat rockin for one day!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Primary Program

Today was the big day! It was the girls first Primary Program and it was quite a treat. There were 86 kids on the stand singing and speaking. My girls shinned along with all of those cute faces!

Keagans part was "I can follow Jesus's example by being kind to other people." When she got up to the microphone she just stood for a minute despite her teachers and the Primary Presidents attempts to help her. She had a little smile on her face and I think she was just relishing in her 15 seconds of fame! But she did eventually say her part in her sweet voice.

Riley stood on the lap of her teacher most of the program and hardly ever stopped waving at everyone in the audience! She also had a part. Her teacher asked her a question about Jesus and Riley was supposed to shake her head yes. She instead tried to grab the microphone and just beamed her big smile to everyone.

Keagan sang some of the songs even though I'm sure she knows most of them- at least the tunes with whatever words seem to fit at the time. But I did clearly see and or hear her sing "I'm trying to be like Jesus. I'm following in His way." And "choose the right! When a choice is placed before you!" And then both girls were thrilled to do the hand motions of "The wise man built his house upon the rock."

Then at the end of our 3 hour block I went to pick the girls up from Primary. Keagan was hunched over coloring her paper and insisting to me that she was not ready to go yet. She was apparently working on a masterpiece. Once done she ran over to me to show me what she called her "pink Jesus!" I've never seen the Savior of the world this color but she was abundantly proud, it's the best coloring job she's ever done and He looks good in any color!

Church was greater then normal today! I hate to admit it but since I am trying to document our real lives here, I may just have enjoyed sitting quietly by myself just as much as I loved seeing the girls up there participating. Not counting our little battles over sleeping (nap and nigh night time) this was a really great Sabbath Day! One in which reminds me my babies are getting old, the simple testimony of a child is extraordinary and it's nice to sit alone every now and then.

I'll probably have to wait a full year for all those lessons again. But they are worth the wait!

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Big Week.

Important things happened around here this week! It was big time people!

On Thursday Keagan was the line leader at school! And yes that is a very big deal! She was obviously the head of the line all day, got to pick a friend to sit with her at the special table for lunch (Matheson) and presented her "All About Me" poster to her class.

When we were working on her poster the day before she was cracking me up! It asked her full name and I realized that she doesn't know her middle name- Hi'ilani. When I said her full name she looked at me crazy and gave me a loud "whhhhat?!"

She listed her favorite things as purses, chicken and her cousins. She wants to be a fireman when she grows up. And she had to give her 3 wishes. #1 was I wish to go back to Disneyworld. #2 was I wish to be 4. And #3 was I wish my sister could walk and talk!

Riley also had a really big week. It was Community Service week for her class. On Tuesday she got to sit in the front seat of a police car and turn on the sirens! On Wednesday Keagan and I joined Riley's darling little class to meet the firemen and explore the fire truck. Both girls were a little frightened but liked it.
Riley's cute class!

Ringing the big bell with Principal Hernandez

Keagans turn

And then I guess the momentous couple of days was just too much for the Keags cause she got the barfies Thursday night. We HATE the barfies! So all weekend we have been in quarintien. Not my favorite!

But we are hopin and prayin that all things continue to go well today and tomorrow for both girls because tomorrow is another big day! It's the annual Primary Program at church. Now that event claims the momentous title! Hopefully we make it!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Cup

Last week my cup was almost empty. Dealing with Keagans recent infrequent but difficult behavior issues, the tiring everyday stuff that adds up, and having a heavy heart because so many people we love are fighting difficult battles right now was just depleting me. And then last weekend I went to Time Out For Women. An incredible 2 day event for Mormon women to hear presenters and musicians testify of Christ and teach and inspire us!

I learned so much, got several answers to prayers and completely filled my cup right up! My favorite parts...

Our sinking boats analogy. We all have holes in our boats but that's what brings us to Christ.

Hillary Weeks and giving power to positive thoughts.

We are the Masters work and His glory. He didn't MAKE us, He is MAKING us. On hard days remember He is still working on us.

We can get advice for any relationship from the scriptures. We must confess our mistakes and seek for the good in all those we love and meet.

The inspiration of Kari Belcher and Mariama's stories.

The answers that Keagan just needs more of me and that I need to cut back on my distractions.

The great time and laughs with Taryn, Lisa and Natalie.

I'm so thankful for experiences like this that help me grow so much! I have no doubt that since filling my cup I have been a much better mommy. I just have more to give. Last weekend did many things for me and it reminds me that I need to fill my cup more often!

This is just a little example of why I need to fill my cup! Love these crazy girls!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Miss Underestimated

I absolutely hate when I underestimate my girls. Unfortunately I have found myself doing it to Riley more often then her sister. A good momma of any kid should try not to do this. But a special needs momma has to be their kids advocate. I know the sky is the limit for my baby but occasionally I miscalculate just what her limitations may allow. She's one smart cookie and has so much persistence inside her little frame. She reminds me of that constantly.

I sit in on all her therapy appointments, 6 a week. Normally when she's presented with a new challenge I see a flash in her eye like "I got this!" as her famous smile spreads across her face. Every now and then I think to myself "oooo. I'm not sure about this one." And then I'm usually soon proven wrong by my little hard working princess. I absolutely love when she shows me that I have no idea what I'm talking about!

I recently did this with matching her colors with buttons on her therapists iPad. I was eating my words of "she doesn't know all her colors yet" by Miss smarty pants who got a 100% of the questions right!

And then there is times when other people are doing the under estimating and I'm doing the pushing. For some time there has been a battle of the OTs for Riley. School has been working on a tripod grasp for holding a pencil like she should. Private OT has been asserting that her pronated fist was sufficient for her capabilities. This momma wanted to push for what any 3 year old should be doing, so I was on team tripod. I finally got her goal changed for private therapy to try this, but it was with alot of hesitation and doubt on their part. But leave it to Riley girl to change that. When she was given a modified pencil she gripped it right away and drew a perfect circle! Both her therapist and I cheered! She laughed at us like "oh ye of little faith!" You tell us Riley!

Riley could make a career out of proving people wrong. She has done it so much in her short little life and I foresee it happening more and more in the future as she conquers her own mountains. Hopefully I won't be the one doing the underestimating in the future though. But if, or when I do, she can prove me wrong any day! That's what miracles do!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

How We Roll

Miss Samantha had a Limo last night for her big 1-6 birthday! We had to take advantage of this since we probably won't have the chance in the any near future. So while her and her friends were eating dinner, I took my girls, Kellie, Addie, Miss Taryn, Hudson and Reagan to go for a 30 minute trip in the stretch Lincoln Naviagator. It was quite the ride!

Mister Robert drove us around The Woodlands for a crazy half hour. The kids all had a complete blast exploring every possibility the limo had. They had dance parties, yelled at innocent drivers in their measly little cars, ate their favorite candy, switched seats a million times, fell over and actually flipped and dived all over that 16 passenger car. It was CrAzZzZy!

When the madness ended Mister Robert said in his 22 years of being a limo driver that was the 2nd craziest trip he has ever taken! The top honors was Mr Carraba who took 16 young kids from Houston to Dallas! seriously that is what our 30 minutes came close to!!

Quotes of the night:
•"Welcome to the crazy train!"
•"It's like heaven but black!"
•"I think I see the paparazzi!"

It was a loud 30 minutes that I don't think I want to redo. But it was some great memories! Thanks for the ride Sami!

And my personal favorite...

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Odds and Ends

So much has been going on that I haven't had the chance to record. I guess time flys wether we are having fun or not. We definitely have our fair share of fun but it borders on crazy! This momma will happily trade a little fun for a little more quite. Thank heavens for preschool!

We spent Labor Day having a barbeque with our family in Houston. We are so glad that includes the Sundwalls again since they moved back from Holland!

The other morning Keagan was ridding her bike in the backyard while I was making breakfast. She burst in the door and said "mom! Somefings out here! Hims staring at me!" That actually scared me for a second. She said "hims a woof!" I went outside to see a small cat sitting on our swing set. A very scary wolf indeed! He came back to visit again this morning and she casually said "the woofs back" and went out to check on him at least 87 times.

Her and I took "chick-a-lay" (how Keags insists its called) to Addie for lunch last week. These two have a complicated little relationship because they act like sisters and push each others buttons. But they also love each other dearly!

Riley has been much more vocal since starting school again! I love it. She half yells, half growls at me often. I growl back. She also answers my questions in the car after I pick her up at school! I will say "how was your day? Did you sing today? Did you play with your friends?" and she answers with an "agooo" or an "oowaaaa" as she casually looks around like it's no big deal. Love it!!

She has also figured out how to clap and she is supper excited about it! She has always cheered for herself and everyone by knocking her two fists together, which is the same way she signs "more". But now she slaps her right hand palm on top of her left hand. That means she makes noise when she claps and is thrilled about it! I am too!

On Wednesday it was Keagans last day of summer so I wanted to make it special. We played her two favorite games- hide and seek and grocery store. Then we had lunch together and she was so proud of herself for using chop sticks! She IS Asian!

But the last two days I have had 3 hours all to myself! That means 9 hours a week of quiet and gettin crap done! It's amazing what I have gotten done the last two days! I hate to admit, but I miss them while they are at school. Not enough to not send them, but enough that I'm excited to pick them up each day. Oh the complicated life of being a mom!

Now it's the weekend, so bring on the crazy!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Keagans 1st Day

For several days now Keagan has told me she doesn't want to go to school. She loved school last year and I happen to know she just likes a little drama. But she does have to adjust to a new classroom and new teachers too. And that can be rough.

This morning was brutal! She was endlessly whining she didn't want to go and this is one stubborn and persistent little girl! I reached the point of needing help with this so I said a quick prayer to help me get this child to school. Almost immediately a thought popped into my head and... it worked! Yes! Jesus loves me!

So I say to Keagan..."Baby I think Kyle might be really scared today. He needs your help at school! Can you be brave and help Kyle?" And tada! Immediately she was on board!

When we saw Kyle and Miss Sarah at school I told Miss Sarah how Keagan was there to help Kyle who just happened to be extremely happy to be at school. Once I gave Miss Sarah "the look" (you know the one) she told Keagan she was afraid Kyle was going to cry. Without even looking at Miss Sarah, Keagan says "Don't worry! I got him!"

Once I picked her up it was obvious she is older since last year because I got a whole run down of her great day! I loved it! The big news is the class pet. A chubby little guinea pig appropriately named Gus! Apparently he talked to them all day and "hims has a cage. Hims has food. And hims has a tv!" Miss Leah and Miss Casey are nice and of course she loved her time with Miss Musik (the music teachers for reals name!) And is finally big enough to play on the big girl playground! What a day!

Of course upon entering the car she immediately stripped off her shirt, socks and shoes and said "man! That's better!" Tonight after quite the difficult convincing to get her in bed, she insisted that she had to do her homework and say her prayers! I'm really hopin she prayed the rest of this year will be a really great one!

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Monday, September 3, 2012

I Take It Back!

I must retract my entire post yesterday about my ongoing battle with Keagan. She has been asleep for a while and just walked in my room. In her sweet little voice she said "mommy I love you! I really want you to huggle with me!" I scooped those big brown eyes right up and got a huge helping of kisses of all kind- regular, Eskimo and butterfly.

You must know that I cover Riley in kisses multiple times a day. But Keagan is usually very stingy with her smooches. Moments ago I just got a whole months worth and I am loving every second of it! Now, it is possible that this just may be a new tactic she is using. But I am more then happy to oblige! A good huggle and a face covered in smackaroos can be magical enough for a frustrated momma to forget alot of bad behavior! If she's smart (and man is she smart) she will just have to make this a regular thing.

I think I really like that idea!

Her photos of herself...

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Battle

A certain little almost 4 year old, who shall remain nameless, is in a battle with her tired and weary yet determined mother! Her big personality is one that likes control and is prone to unbelievable stubbornness and persistence! Besides the usual 4 year old battle of wills for what to wear, do and eat, she is now pushing to unusual lengths. As an example, this fighter has been potty trained for over a year and a half and is now back to begging to wear a diaper!

This little girl is incredibly smart and can smell a mothers weakness from miles away. Playing on the worry that she's trying to be like her sister (who mom already feels guilty that she gets a little more attention) just may be a tool in her arsenal. And she is a pro at the dramatic tantrums, appeals to Nana, Kellie and Sa, and repeating her requests at least 37,000 times.

Yesterday the battle I speak of hit an all time tipping point. To make a long, rough afternoon short, the brawler SLAPPED her mother across the face! The aftermath was really not pretty and maybe momma had to step outside after a minute so that no one really got hurt. The unnamed must have an aunt who loves her because Sa came to pick her up for the day after the incident. That move may have saved her life!

Once home we had a serious come to Jesus talk that seemed very effective. However the battle today over what to wear to church proved otherwise. I think this exhausted momma is going to have to start picking her battles better and then tuck her head and put her shoulder down to brace for impact!

This battle is to be continued. I have a pit in my stomach that says the rounds have just begun. Man it's a good thing I love her to pieces and she's so darn cute!

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