Sunday, March 19, 2017

Just Keep Pedaling!

I may have taught Keagan how to ride her bike today, but she was the better teacher! 

This is something I have put off for far too long. For some reason I had it in my head that her dad needed to teach her this, which is extremely unlike me to think! But we couldn't put it off any longer. The other night we took off the training wheels and tried a couple of times on the grass in the front yard, but that wasn't a good move. Plus her old helmet didn't fit and she was begging for knee pads. We were going to try riding last night but got home too late. So today after church and lunch was it! 

I ran beside her up and down the driveway at first. When she was a little more comfortable we moved to the  street, all the while with Riley cheering her on. Keagan is super coordinated and capable so if it weren't for her anxious personality she would have had it in the first five minutes. But she was scared, and I get it. So every time I let go, she stopped pedaling and took a hard left turn to jump off her bike. We must have done that for 30 minutes. I was literally praying to stay patient and encouraging! But I was SO proud of her because every time she got right back up and right back on the bike. I must have said a million times "just keep pedaling!!" 

After a water break she got back on and she rode a little ways! But then she fell hard, and out came the tears. At first it was tears that the fall hurt. But then she said "this is HARD mommy!" I said of course it was hard but that we can do hard things! I reminded her that we do hard things every day and that Heavenly Father helps us do it! And then she said "I can either be scared, or I can ride my bike!" I agreed and marveled at her wise insight and then she got back on! Wouldn't you know it, 3 tries later she was riding like a pro and I was cheering my head off and making a fool of myself in the middle of the street! 

I am so proud of Keagan today and inspired by her example! She got back on the bike every time she fell. She did something hard instead of giving up. And She recognized her fear and fought it in order to achieve something better! She just kept pedaling! 

All geared up! She took the elbow pads off right away and Miss Riley scooped them right up! If you were wondering, yes Riley is currently sleeping in them!! 

Now that Spring Break is over, when we go back to school/work tomorrow and face life and all it's challenges, I hope I can follow the example of my sweet Keagan girl. As I'm sure my Heavenly Father cheers me on  in the background I have to just keep pedaling! 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring Break, Day 5

Such a fantastic day for all three Kikuchi girls! The awesome Aunt Kari and Uncle Kirk took the girls to the Childrens Museum of Houston with Campbell, Kennedy and Bubba! They did so much awesome stuff!   According to Keagan, both her and Riley loved all the job center stuff- being a news caster, a chef, a vet, etc. And Keagan loved doing the human hamster ball and flying a drone! They did a bunch more and had a ridiculous amount of fun with their cousins! Then they got to explore the museum area a little, play at Campbells house, take their puppies on a little trail hike and go out to dinner! They seriously had an incredible time with the Ginns and we are all so thankful! 

Keagan's inside there!

Kari said she giggled the whole time walking the dogs! I love this picture! 

So clearly the girls had a total blast today, but momma may have given them a run for their money! I took the fact that I had a day off momma duty very seriously and packed it all in! I strolled around our brand new Target all by myself and then I picked up Taryn. We went to get pedicures where I finally redeemed a gift card from my birthday last May! It seriously was a fabulous pedicure and much needed! We grabbed a quick lunch at the cutest little coffee shop that I wouldn't go to with our kids and then it was off to the new "Beauty and the Beast" movie! The movie was absolutely phenomenal (of course, its Disney) and it topped off such a fantastic day that was made so much better knowing my babies were having fun with family too! 

I have absolutely loved spending the week with my babies and creating new memories! But our day apart was pretty fantastic for all of us too! So this is my official declaration that Spring Break 2017 was a HUGE success! I'm sad to see it go. 
Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spring Break, Day 4

It was in the plans to go to the Rodeo today. It is our Spring Break tradition with the Fosters and today was supposed to be the day.  But like every year, rain has threatened our plans all week. When we woke up this morning all our weather apps said it was most likely going to rain. So we did the responsible thing and reluctantly canceled our plans. And gosh darn it, wouldn't you know it didn't rain!! So frustrating for this momma! I don't like to disrupt traditions and who doesn't LOVE the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo?! After fumbling to make plans with other friends and/or the Fosters, nothing would come together. So we just decided to do our own thing and amazingly we ended up having the most fabulous day! I was surprised and thrilled! 

We headed to our favorite mall, the Memorial City Mall. I am not a shopper and usually avoid the mall for Amazon,  but this mall has tons of fun for the kids! We ooohed and ahhhhed at the American Girl store for quite some time. Then it was on to the train ride and the cheesy little car rides that both girls loved. 

Make yourself comfortable Keags!

Then the main event, Build a Bear! 
I am still surprised at how much fun putting together your own stuffed animal was! Keagan chose a cute brown puppy that she named Kellie and Riley was very insistent on choosing the Paw Patrol Dalmatian dog named Marshall. Both girls were totally enthralled and loved the whole process of making a sound box to go inside, stuffing the dogs, preparing and adding the heart, washing the dogs, dressing the dogs and naming the dogs. I have honestly never seen Riley so excited about a toy before. She could not stop hugging him and smiling ear to ear! 
We then took the dogs on the best double decker carousel ride where Keags spun them around in her little teacup as fast as she could! And then we took them outside to play on the grass and watch us play a giant version of connect four- super fun! We closed out our spontaneous adventure with dinner on the patio at Cheescake factory! The weather was perfect, we played an endless game of eye spy and shared a dessert. It seriously was the absolute best! 

Today was a much more expensive day then I usually fancy! But the smiles, the giggles, the thank yous, the memories were worth it! When we got home Riley was still hugging Marshal! In fact she just laid on top of him in order to hug him tighter and couldn't wait to introduce him to Nana! She went to bed hugging him as tight as possible and giggling with happiness. Keagan went to bed saying "thank you SO much mommy for everything!" And offering lots of hugs and kisses! I am now going to go to bed thankful for memory making, spur of the moment, make the best of it days like today! And SO thankful to be these two incredible little girls mom! Three happy Kikuchi girls tonight! 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Break, Day 3

Day 3 of Spring Break could be titled "Indulge." So obviously we indulged a little today. 

We had a super lazy morning. We indulged in Netflix and cuddling. I even let Keagan indulge in all the iPad time that she wanted. I literally swaddled Riley into the cutest Riley burrito ever and she laid there happy as a clam watching Barney while Keagan did Minecraft and Roblox to her little hearts content. It was the quiet, chill day that we needed! 

Once we finally got dressed in the late afternoon, we just indulged more. I took the girls to get their second ever mani/pedi. Riley in particular was SO excited! They both beamed during their pampering time and loved every minute. Keagan is super happy with her bright blue finger nails and neon pink toes! Riley wanted a sparkly dark pink. They both got flowers on their toes, were super excited to show everyone and were SO cute! 

After dinner at Sa's we continued to indulge. We went on a little adventure with Miss Taryn and indulged in Brewster's ice cream to end the day! 

Another successful Spring Break day and one where I even got all the laundry done! So far we are 3 for 3 and I love it! 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring Break, Day 2

Unfortunately we were up and out bright and early this morning! Both girls had appointments at Texas Children's for their yearly kidney check. They were both so patient and cooperative! Riley needs another kidney ultrasound and Keagan needs to go back on blood pressure medication again but otherwise both girls look great! 

As promised, we made the rest of the day fun! We went to the number 1 rated restaurant for kids in Houston for lunch. Little Mikes had a wall of iPads, an arcade, a candy shop and really yummy food! We sat outside in the beautiful weather and Keagan juggled rocks. Then we played in the arcade and both my girls won themselves stuffed animals by playing the claw! Yep Riley won all by herself! 

And then it was on to Discovery Green which is a gorgeous park in downtown Houston! We did a lot there. Besides the typical park fun, they had great stuff for Spring Break! They had STEM project tables set up by Girlstart and we made cars out of wooden spools! It was also a "touch a truck" event, something I have been wanting to go to. The girls got to touch and/or sit in a police car, a SWAT truck, a garbage truck, a police helicopter, a tractor, an army transporter, lots of construction vehicles and art cars! They loved it! And then Keagan begged to try roller skating for the first time at the outdoor rink there. I was so proud of her courage and determination! She went out there on her own, with Riley and I cheering her on from the sidelines of course, battled the crowd and conquered something new! She stayed against the side the whole time but she did it! I was so proud of her! 

They were petting this car! 

We have played hard for the last two days and loved it! I'm thinking tomorrow though we are going to take it easy hard, relax hard and chill hard! Tonight I may just have to pray hard that we can sleep in hard tomorrow! Now that's my kind of Spring Break!  But I would still consider today another huge success!