Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Can Not Wait!

One day my angel will talk. One day she will tell me everything. One day when I tell her I love her more then anything, she will say it back. 

I can not wait!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Brill Family Picnic

What a fantastic night at our favorite school ever! Bounce houses, pizza, chick Fil A, snow cones, face painting, silent auction, popcorn, cotton candy and friends! Lots and lots of friends! The girls had an absolute blast! We are so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful Brill family! Go Broncos! 
Keags cute friend Ashley
Riley's first time ever standing up in a bounce house! She was so excited! And then she fell and got stuck in the crack of the edge. Our cute friend Katherine was so sweet to pull her out! Good thing! Saved me from climbing in! 
A picture with the worlds best principal and Riley's dirty cotton candied shirt!
Pumpkin face paint! Keagan said tonight that she wants to be a face painter when she grows up! 

Hermana Foster

She's gonna be a missionary! In Santa Rosa, California! Where she will speak Spanish! 

I'm so proud! 
PS- Keagan said "wait she's going where Santa is?!"

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Little Miss Keagan and I endured a doctors appointment today that took FOREVER! After I checked her out of school, we drove an hour to TCH and then waited an hour and forty five minutes to see the doctor! She took five minutes to quickly examine Keags and then said it will take her another day to review the 24 hour blood pressure test that Keags took! After we grabbed a quick lunch, we drove an hour home. 

I've spent much longer days with Riley at TCH, a lot of them, but none of them were as unnecessary as today. I drove home feeling frustrated because it felt like a huge waste of time that took FOREVER. But then the still way too hot even though it's fall, Texas sun blinded my eyes. I put down my visor and saw this...
Today I had one on one time with my precious girl. She chatted about her classmates, explained to me what a sentence is, sat in my lap and cuddled, gave me kisses, held my hand, laughed as I teased her and was silly and goofy with me. Yes I wish it wasn't at TCH, but I am happy to take what I can get!

I am so blessed that she is mine FOREVER! And FOREVER I will cherish my time with her. 
Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hawaii Visitors

The girls dad and Grandma Debbie were here this week from Hawaii. The four of them have had a great time and mommy got her twice yearly break. They swam a ton, golfed, ate, shopped, went to NASA, ran in the 1K Bearkat Bash this morning and Keags highlight was going to KFC! All while I packed in as many lunches or dinners with friends, a pedicure, caught up on sleep, and made a mistake in trying fois gras for the first time ever. 

Today my babies finally came home after being gone since Wednesday! I missed then so much it hurt! Keagan called me earlier today and said she was "sick home" and my heart about broke! They are now home in bed and all is right in the world again! 
Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ah Ha Moments

It's been a busy week, and I had a few genius discoveries that I'm not sure why I have never realized before! Sometimes I'm a slow learner apparently. 

We were blessed to have Kellie and Addie stay with us while Sa and Todd drove Sami to school (oh the tears!). We loved it! But quite frankly, being a mom, especially a single mom, of teenagers is for the birds! My girlies are going to stay 7 forever so they will always be right under my wing and go to bed by at least 8pm! 
I'm way better at the go to fun events, places, play dates, etc part of quality time with my girls then I am at the sitting down and playing Barbies time. I only last so long and I really need to work on that! 

Parenting would be SO much easier if my kids would just do exactly what I ask, when I ask it, and how I want it! I dont understand why that is such a hard concept for them to grasp! 

And finally, at church today I had some personal revelation that I really needed during Sunday School thanks to that great Brother Harman! I'm sure most people already realize this, and The Lord has probably been trying to get me this message for a long time. I have know this concept but haven't been able to put it in these exact words until today. 

In life, our strengths and triumphs are wonderful and The Lord celebrates them with us. But they don't leave much room for Him. It is through our weaknesses and trials that He teaches us how to grow, how to rely on Him, how to apply the Atonement and prepare to live with Him again. After my hardest trials of losing my dad and going through my divorce I realized I was closer to The Lord then ever before and now I know why. Not only was He carrying me through those tough times and bringing me out alive, but He was using my broken heart to build something greater in me. 

I'm so thankful I listened! 

Now how can I help my kids do the same? Listening would be great! 
Saturday, September 12, 2015

Princess Tea Party

Keagan asks me all the time if we can please go to Disney World. She has no idea how badly I wish I could say yes! But today we had something similar to the magic that is meeting a Disney princess. We went to a princess tea party at Montgomery High School!

It was such an enchanting afternoon put on by the high school choir. We were greeted by several of the Mouseketeers when we arrived who were just gushing over Keagan in her Elsa dress and Riley in her Anna dress. They took us to the red carpet which led right up to where all the princesses were waiting to take a picture and gush as well. Then more mouskateers showed us to our table. 

After a few songs by all the performers we were given autograph sheets for all the princesses to come around and sign. While they did that we tried to eat our darling lunch which included a tiny mouse made out of a chocolate dipped cherry, a hug candy and even almond slivers for ears. Both girls were so mesmerized they could barely eat! But they worked hard to get everyone's autograph and get lots of hugs. Riley was ecstatic to meet Cinderella and Anna and Keagan was starry eyed to hug Elsa and touch Rapunzel's frying pan!  

When the program started it included Rapunzel reading us her story, an Anna and Elsa sing along, a fashion show for all the little girls to participate in and get a little prize, a waltz with the princes and more singing and dancing from all the performers. All three of us were delighted and thoroughly entertained! What an exciting afternoon!
Friday, September 11, 2015

Under the Weather

On a scale from 1 to 10 how bad of a parent am I when I kind of like it when my kids are sick? Not like full blown sick, just a little under the weather! Like the sick that just makes them really mellow, speak softly and want to cuddle. You know, all the things that normally don't happen when they are well. 

Miss Keagan had a tummy ache all morning yesterday but was excited to go to school. At drop off she burst into tears saying she was going to throw up! No teacher should have to deal with the barfies, so she got right back in the car. 

We ended up having a quiet and nice day, with no barfies at all. She layed on the floor wherever I was cleaning up, when she had a burst of energy we built a marble run, she slept in the car while I ran a few errands and then we rested together. If I was going to have a sick kid home that's how I would have asked for the day to go. I had to cancel my haircut, but besides that it was not bad at all! Today she was bright eyed and bushy tailed again and back at school. And wouldn't you know it I missed my little buddy! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

So Sweet

It's so cliche but sometimes I get a sugar rush from how sweet this life of mine is. I mean seriously, look at this picture! Nothing sweeter then a sleeping angel!
Also sweet is the special love between my girls and Gama Linda! They cuddled up good to her after a fun visit to the cheer gym last Saturday! That was after the BIG event of both Taryn and I jumping into the foam pit! Maybe I did a toe touch into the pit and maybe I sunk so deep that it was REALLY hard to get out! But we had so much fun with Reagan, the Foster girls and friends, the Hausmans and of course Gamas.
Oh and look at all these sweet primary kids from our ward (congregation), the Gleannloch Farms Ward. This is the silly picture and they are still so sweet! So thankful for their special leaders and teachers! 
Tonight we did a fun dinner of raclette with Kellie, Addie, Nana and the Frenchs. Afterwards Keagan was so sweet to offer all on her own to help me do the dishes. I taught her how to dry dishes after I washed them and she thought it was so fun! I'm really hopin that lasts! Even sweet Riley wanted in on the team work! 
I'm so blessed with sweetness all around! Even when they put their feet on the dinner table! Ok maybe that part's a little sour.