Friday, March 16, 2018

San Antonio Day 2

It was another fantastic day in San Antonio! To kick this vacay up a notch we got to spend the whole day having a blast with our Ginn cousins! Total coincidence that we were all here from Houston the same weekend, but it worked out so perfectly! And then so many FREE tickets because of that Make a Wish World Passport took the day over the top! 

Since we seriously celebrated free stuff today, let’s give a shout out to our awesome hotel breakfast! After pushing thru that free buffet we were off to Six Flags Fiesta Texas! What a cool park that I had never even been to! Uncle Kirk was super sweet to take the girls on a couple little kid rides while I did big coasters with the rest of the crew. But after  a little snafu on Superman, I hung with my babies the rest of the day. We did some kiddie rides, rode the train around the park, did some amazing people watching and had snacks. Both those crazy girls, Keags and Rys, loved winning serious prizes playing games like always. I always think the games are a waste of money but they love that part! We only did three different games but walked away with awesome pink Superman capes, two small Superman plushes and then one other prize that I’m not too thrilled with. I gave into Keagan’s asking because we got a buy one get one free bucket of rings for the ring toss and I KNEW there was NO WAY we would win at that game because no one ever wins! Well I was wrong! And my consequence for that was a ginormous Superman plush with the biggest head you’ve ever seen! The head alone is bigger then Riley and Keagan put together! Big props to Keagan for lugging that thing around all day as it bumped into people and people chuckled as she walked by! Oh and we can’t forget that we met the one and only Tweety Bird and enjoyed a funnel cake. And the highlights of the day, although hard to narrow down, for Keagan it’s probably her absolute favorite, a turkey leg! And for Riley it was her absolute favorite, getting her face painted! And for me? I love me some happy, memory making girls!  

Mid afternoon we split up because Uncle Kirk, Evan and Kennedy all went to the San Antonio temple with their ward to do baptism. So great! So we took Kari and Campbell back downtown to do two pretty hilarious adventures. We enjoyed the chaos and the total crazy that was the Ripleys Believe it or Not Oddoties museum. And then, even more so, we enjoyed the Tussaud’s Wax Works museum! We had lots of laughs, lots of weird questions and lots of pictures. They were one time visit kind of places but especially because we got free tickets we were glad we went and had all the laughs together! 

Ripleys Oddoties...

Definitely their favorite part of Ripleys...

And all the fun at the wax museum...

We met back up with the rest of the Ginns and they treated us to a really nice and REALLY delicious dinner at Texas de Brazil, a chuhascaria like the one I worked at thru college. It was fantastic food, great company, good conversation, a beautiful restaurant, and did I mention fantastic food! Oh and with our dinner we also got a show because the party next to us had a young couple in it that got engaged right in front of us! It was wonderful! 

Keagan and Campbell literally cheersing to “the tastiest meat ever!” So funny! Oh and Keagan announced to the whole table it was the first time she had a drink out of a real crystal cup! I would have laughed but Riley and I were buried in goat cheese and picana! 

The Ginns headed home to Houston and we headed back to our hotel when I found a lady bug right on my hand! That’s good luck right? We had to switch hotel rooms tonight to one king bed so we are all piled in comfy close but I can’t say I mind. Being with my girls is what this vacation is all about, right?! But check back with me on that at 2am when little 9 year old legs are in my back! Maybe a good nights sleep was the luck that lady bug is going to bring us! I sure hope so because we’ve got one more day of fun tomorrow to get ready for! We can’t come to San Antonio and not... Remember the Alamo! But that’s only if we can get that huge Superman back in the car! 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

San Antonio Day 1

We were blessed today, even more then usual. We traveled to San Antonio safely. We get to have an awesome vacation with just the three of us thanks to huge discounts and free tickets from the World Passport that Wish Kids have for a year after their Make a Wish Trip. And we got to go to a really special park with some really special people! 

After a departure before the sun came up, a 3 hour drive that the girls did great on because we were all crying while watching the movie Wonder, and a stop at Buccees of course, our vacay was finally in full swing. This all came together because we wanted to go to Morgans Wonderland with some great friends. Morgan’s Wonderland is a small amusement park/park that is geared towards special needs children in San Antonio. We were able to go with 3 other families of Riley’s best friends! Keags and Rys plus Alessandro and Franchesca, Noah and Phoebe and Tristan are one darling bunch of kids! And they all have total warrior parents that are fighting the good fight everyday and killing this special needs parenting thing! It’s a blessing to call them all friends!

We played on the awesome accessible playgrounds, drove the cars, rode the carousel and the train twice, played in the musical garden and sand pits, met Joy the parks mascot and watched a great flying canine show! All three of us had a blast but I’m pretty sure Riley’s heart just about burst to be there with so many of the people she loves! There was a special spirit about that place and we will definitely be back, hopefully when the water park section is open as well!

After we parted ways with all our great friends, we went to lunch at the Alamo Cafe where we watched our tortillas made fresh right in front of us! Pretty cool! Then it was on to check into our amazing hotel, Drury Inn and Suites right on the Riverwalk! It is a super old building that was renovated to hold a great hotel with a great room, and breakfast and dinner for free! Hard to beat that! Plus who doesn’t love a lobby photo booth?

After checking in we headed straight to the Riverwalk and just couldn’t avoid the classic boat tour. It was as fun as I remembered from back in high school, which was the last time I was here, so forever ago. We loved the tour, the sights, the history, the people watching and the music! 

After exploring and a jam packed day, we were tired so we took our free hotel dinner to our room for a picnic! We spent the rest of the night playing office with the desk and phone, people watching down at the Riverwalk out our window, and making lots of silly jumping on the bed videos! There was lots and lots of giggles coming from room our tonight! 

I don’t believe in luck, I believe in blessings. And I’m very grateful for the ones we recieved today that have all lead to beautiful memories made! Now it’s time for bed because tomorrow has a whole new set waiting for us! Six Flags we are coming for ya!