Sunday, December 17, 2017

Oh What Fun!

My heart is full tonight because this December is full of magic and oh what fun! Enjoying our Light the World service opportunities, creating quality time with those we love and making great Christmas memories leaves me all sorts of smiley! Isn’t that what is extraordinary about enjoying this season? 

This weekend Sami came home from school, hallelujah! That’s means we laughed and chatted through a great family dinner all together (minus the Chicago Ginns unfortunately)! We got several chances to spread some Christmas cheer, that #lighttheworld is good stuff! We had fun doing a scavenger hunt at the Lakes house and a fashion show with a great play date at home with Avery. And we even did a little shopping together which isn’t a usual practice for us. You know, cause we LOVE that Amazon Prime! 

During the week we decorated gingerbread houses with the Activity Day girls where several of the girls were so sweet to help Riley! Keagan also went to Aunty Andi’s house another day with the Lakes to do her amazing gingerbread house while unfortunately Riley and I were home after a seizure. We went with our wonderful friends, the Flores family to the Champion Forest Baptist Church’s Christmas Spectacular which was amazing and had our very favorite music teacher Mrs Hatley in it. We had several visitors with such thoughtful Christmas goodies. And we ran in the jingle bell run at running club Friday morning with real jingle bells on our shoes! 

We may be a little tired from all this fun and this week also brought with it money stress (always in December), a seizure for Riley, a pulled muscle in my back shortly before Disneyworld, an endless to do list, not nearly enough sleep and a giant mess when I dropped a huge new pickle jar on the kitchen floor! Just keeping it real. But we really had oh what fun and now it’s a new week with all new possibilities! 

I’m thinkin it’s a good week to have a good week! Bring on more of the fun, the family, the December. Christmas we are comin for ya! 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

True Magic

The magic of the Christmas season has the Kikuchi girls just enveloped in all its goodness and warmth. So far Christmas 2017 has been a delight and I just see it getting better! 

Probably the most magical thing that has happened in a long time was Keagan and Riley’s first SNOW!!! It is crazy rare for it to snow in Houston, Texas and even though the news claimed it was a possibility I really didn’t think it would happen. But just in case it did I woke up early on Friday the 8th to check. Much to my delight there was an inch of beautiful fluffy white snow covering everything in sight! The girls were even more excited then I was and thrilled to wake up early to what they have been waiting for a long time for! We played in the snow for quite a while before the sun came up. It was quiet, beautiful and a memory all three of us will cherish forever! In our excitement we forgot to build a snowman but we had a great snowball fight and my angles made snow angles! 

We saved snowballs in the freezer and then drove to school in what Keagan proclaimed was a beautiful winter wonderland! Running club was full of a bunch of VERY excited kids so we all went out to play in the snow and then added all our toys to the Mahaffey toy drive before running. 

Once school started Mrs Petross gifted us all with a great surprise. The monthly required fire drill turned into a school wide snowball fight and I’ve never seen so much joy on campus! I was with Riley’s cute class and we had a little too much fun which may have resulted in someone ripping their jeans! Seriously SO  much fun with all our Scotties!

We have also felt so much spirit and magic as we have daily participated in the Light The World advent! Each day of small Christlike service has been the perfect way for all three of us to focus this holiday on our Savior, the reason for the season! It has been fun as we have read the scripture, watched the video and discussed ideas of service each night for the next day. Keagan has really come up with sweet things she has done and we’ve had great experiences together! Some of my favorites were Keagan making me breakfast one day and leaving me a special treat one night. We have donated toys, contributed to a clean water project in Somalia and Texas Children’s hospital. We have sent Christmas cards to people struggling with cancer and tried to be exceptionally kind to people that we don’t always see eye to eye with. One night we delivered wrapping paper and hugs to our neighbors and had a blast doing it! And on my dads birthday I took my mom to get balloons and visited his grave together. Light the World has definitely been magical for us!

Our elf of the shelf, even Elmer himself has definitely brought some fun magic! This year he has really stepped up his game and brought a swing, suction cup boots and candy cane accessories to hang from! Both girls love trying to find him every morning! 

And there is more and more magic everywhere we go! Their is an abundance at school of course, especially when Riley’s class made Santa pancakes! It was at Miss Taryn’s ward party that Keagan went to and played and danced with Izzy while Riley chose to stay home with Nana and I went to a fun and crazy work Christmas party. Then Keagan and her tennis team made a whole bunch of their own magic yesterday! Keags and her friends Phillip and Sofia won the level III tennis competition at Giamalva yesterday and were thrilled to have earned that big trophy! I’m SO proud of Keagan for fighting thru being nervous about not being perfect and trying her best while having fun!

I’ve heard it say that those who don’t believe in Magic will never find it. Well the Kikuchi girls definitely believe so we have found it everywhere! We not only believe, but we are sure loving the magic of Christmas!