Friday, July 13, 2018

Just Crazy!

It all started last night. We got home from a fun afternoon of swimming and then eating dinner at Sa’s House. I got the mail and it might as well have included a bomb! In it was a letter stating Riley’s social security disability had been ceased, she was no longer covered by her Medicaide insurance and that I owed them a big chunk of money. See? It might as well have been a bomb because it totally rocked me with thoughts of the repercussions of how that would totally change our lives! 

Instead of melting into tears I texted my family to pray and pray hard because I know our Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers! Then I went to work figuring out how to appeal their decision. I read everything possible on the internet and then gathered any documentation I could think of to prepare for today. When I was done and on my knees praying A thought popped into my head which I now know was the spirit. It said to print and bring my tax return, like the only financially remaining document I hadn’t printed. I did so and then laid awake in my bed most of the night trying to fight my fear with the best weapon I’ve got, my faith. 

This morning I dropped Keags off at Avery’s house, took my 67 pages of documents in my “mommin ain’t easy shirt” with the always so darling Riley in a full princess Belle gown to the social security office to appeal. After waiting for a very long almost 3 hours we finally got to see someone. As I was going thru showing them all my documents I got to the tax return I printed as an after thought and she said “that’s it! We did exempt your tax return so your resources were over the allowed limit.” She typed a few things, said everything was once again reinstated and then we walked out of there as tears streamed down my face. 

I know the Lord hears our prayers! I know He is waiting to constantly bless us and answer the pleas! But I still am so amazed each time He showers those blessings on me! We got in the car and prayed our gratitude! Then after texting my family their prayers were answered too I got sweet messages from some of them who had special experiences praying for us that made me incredibly happy! And I have said about 10 gratitude prayers since then! 

Once we were home Miss Riley took a little nap and I caught her smiling during it! This angel princess was smiling away because she knows better then all of us that the Lotd is in control and that He always helps us figure it out! 

After dinner at Sa’s House, amidst a good ole Texas rain storm, we were the first to notice a tree that had been struck by lightening and was clearly on fire! I called 911 and watched as the police came and then the fire truck came and the fireman put out the fire. It was all very impressive and interesting and it really just added to an already crazy 24 hours! 

Before this recent madness we have done lots of swimming including time at Alessandro and Francesca’s, at the Hall-Browns with the Reeves girls, and at the Inverness pool. We got haircuts, including Keagan who finally agreed to a trim. Keagan and Mrs Taryn had a watermellon challenge rematch. And the girls played pretty nicely together most of the time including making their box houses and Riley’s box vending machine! 

I will definitely sleep soundly tonight and will be ready to go to the temple tomorrow morning! I am going in order to really thank my Heavenly Father for today and also to do temple work for several sisters in my family tree which hopefully in turn will help watch over my babies while they are in Hawaii in the coming weeks! Now that today’s HUGE stress is behind us, up next is packing for Chicago and then stressing about our trip to Hawaii after that. There is always something to stress and worry about, isn’t there! Good thing we’ve got prayer!! It sure worked again today! 

Friday, July 6, 2018

What’s More American?

So I’m really not quite sure if our July 4th or our July 5th can be considered more American! On July 4th we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and did fireworks with family and friends, but on July 5th we went to a baseball game. It’s really quite a toss up! 

During the day of the 4th it torrential down poured all day long. The girls kept themselves busy playing pretend and building a fort! Luckily it cleared up at night in time for all the fun! We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and had the classic flag cake at the French’s with the Fosters. Then the girls and I walked over to their neighborhood party where we saw lots of friends, played some games, listened to the live band and Keagan dressed up like a fireman! We came back to the French’s just in time to watch the neighborhood firework show and then we finished off our late night doing a little bit of our own fireworks. We really had a fantastic Independence Day! 

On the 5th we had an absolutely fantastic time at an Astros game! But first during the day Riley had a doctors appointment down at Texas Childrens. And since Keagan got to go play at Avery’s house and Riley was missing the fun, I let Riley wear whatever she wanted! So I escorted a very happy Belle all around the hospital and she sure got lots of smiles and compliments! 

When we got home from the hospital I had a headache and was SO exhausted. Mrs Taryn was such an incredible best friend and came over to take the girls while I took a nap before the Astros game! I was so thankful for her serious generosity!! She took the girls to buy their Astros shirts and went home and made them each an Astros bow! Absolutely amazing and Keags and Rys sure love her a lot! 

We also invited Campbell to the game and the 5 of us had an amazing night full of fun, delicious stadium food and lots of cheering! We were in the super cheap seats up top, but we were able to move down to a handicap accessible row which was an absolute perfect view, was much easier to get in and out of, and allowed the girls to stand up and dance, walk around, etc. It was seriously perfect! The enlistment ceremony on the field before the game was awesome, and the people watching of course was great. Riley was a little scared of the unknown and all the noise so she sat on my lap or Mrs Taryn’s lap and Keagan and Campbell were engaged in the game and cheered their guts out! They screamed and screamed so much that I’m surprised they have voices today! In the last inning the Astros came from behind and won! It was a perfect ending to a perfect night! Even the drive home in the rain and getting home at midnight didn’t dampen our spirits one bit. Go Astros! 

So what do you think? Was our 4th or 5th more American? Well, either way I’m so thankful for two great days full of fun with people we love! And even more thankful to be blessed to live in this free country and for all of those who work very hard to keep it that way! 
Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Earned It

Besides having a whole bunch of fun and making memories, my summer goals were to sort thru several rooms and purge! I LOVE throwing stuff away and donating stuff! I don’t necessarily love the cleaning and organizing work that goes with it , but the end result is the most satisfying feeling ever! So in order to get the jobs done with no whining (which is always the goal) I let the girls pick a reward to work towards. After 5 garbage bags to throw away and 5 garbage bags to donate, they had definitely earned their reward! And yesterday they got to cash that in. They had Avery, Audrey and Lauren over to play on the waterslide. Hours of fun, lots of yelling and endless giggles were totally worth the work, I’m sure! Now I wonder what other work I can get out of them next!