Sunday, November 29, 2015

All Good Things Come to an End

Goodbyes are hard. Especially after so much fun! You know what else is hard? Giving your kid the heimlich and then forcing them to barf on the side of the freeway in the freezing rain, three seperate times! But now we are home, exhausted and full of wonderful memories and joy!

Group hugs!

We drowned our sorrows in In-n-Out!!

Things I cartwheel contest, sure wish I had pics of that! This nonsense...

Cousin pranks

My awesome white elephant gift! 

The fact that Keagan and Tess love being together so much that they slept in a twin bed together! 

A lot like my sleeping buddy

Seriously, four days of so much fun! 

Until next year! 
Saturday, November 28, 2015

And Another

Another great day with all my family in Marble Falls, Texas. The highlights...

Keagan and Riley have played, and played hard from the second they wake up til way past their bed time with their cousins! Today they put together a little Christmas show to perform for everyone, in the bathroom of all places. They even made invitations and signs and posted them all over the house. Too cute!
All the big kids and most their parents were supposed to go zip lining today. Right when they were about to get on, it was canceled as a rain storm and cold front moved in. The consolation prize was In-and-Out and the mall on Black Friday. That was after a morning of sitting around the breakfast table while everyone was on some sort of device cashing in Black Friday deals in our jammies.
Sa, Sami, Nana and I worked hard all afternoon making Christmas ornaments while keeping the little girls entertained. It's a set of 25 Christmas ornaments that each correspond with a scripture for "25 Days of Christ." We painted, glued, cut and tied our little hearts out! The little girls also painted some of the pieces. I'm SO excited to have this and start this tradition this year! 

A great dinner, a silly string fight, Catch Phrase and then hours of hangin out. Just what this family needed! 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Family, food and fun is what good Thanksgivings like today are made of! Thanksgiving 2015 was an absolute success! 

Being all together with my family has made for so much fun! The wiffle ball tournament we had this afternoon should have been filmed for AFV! We have also played a lot of Banana Grams, Monkey Coconuts, and the ever classic family game of spoons! Since we are here at the ACME ranch, we also get to play pool, giant chess, on the putting green, the tee box and ping pong. We also all played football and the little girls did sidewalk chalk and swam in the hot tub! Sa even helped a bunch of the girls make boondoggles! 

Keagan and Riley are in absolute heaven with all their cousins, but especially with Campbell and Tess! The four little girls turned the laundry room into a club house and have played hard today! Nana, Riley and I are sleeping in a seperate little bunk house so this is a whole new experience to have Keagan just be gone from me and  barely check in all day and night! Cousins are a wonderful thing and both my babies are making memories to last a lifetime! 

Our actual Thanksgiving meal was absolutely delicious! It was a joint effort from the two Ginn families. A 20 pound turkey, a beef tenderloin, baked potato casserole, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, stuffing, homemade rolls, gravy and after a break, pumpkin pie, apple pie and pecan pie! Amazing!  

Tonight was our traditional "Nana Christmas!" Our long standing tradition of matching pajamas is one of my favorites and this year all the individual ornaments Nana gave out were so fun and cute! We then did a white elephant exchange and now everyone is exhausted! 

One of my favorite life mottos is perfect for this day. It's not that happy people are grateful. It's that grateful people are happy! I sure have a lot to be grateful and thankful for this year! Happy Thanksgiving!