Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kindergarten Roundup!

Is this really happening?! I'm in total denial! My babies couldn't possibly be old enough to have registered for Kindergarten tonight!!

They will both be Frank Flyers at Frank Elementary School in the great Klein ISD come this August! Tonight they got to play Legos with a whole bunch of other excited future flyers while Momma stood in line forever! They had a blast! I got a little shell shocked on the other hand.

It's been a long day so hopefully I'll get it together this summer!

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Hundredth Miracle!

This morning started out rough! Riley and I were waiting at the lab at TCH at 7:45 sharp to draw way too much blood. We killed two hours of time by riding the metro and playing outside and then she had her big Renal Appointment. Yesterday the nurse called to warn me that she may need a blood transfusion and may need to stay overnight! So besides having to leave the house at 6:30, I didn't sleep at all last night. I was expecting mediocre news and bracing for the worst!

But wouldn't you know it The Lord granted that sweet Riley girl her hundredth miracle!!

Doctor Riley (ironic name huh?) was pleasantly surprised that her blood work looked better from last week! In September her kidney function was at 78% and today it was at 99%!! Also there was no need for a blood transfusion and there was no talk of a feeding tube for her hydration either! She is still iron deficient so she will start iron pills tomorrow. And she needs further kidney testing which will require her to be admitted sometime over the summer. But overall it was a big win and huge relief!

It's almost like miracles are becoming the norm for this little girl! We are so incredibly blessed!!

Oh and Miss Keagan felt pretty blessed too! Because of our super early appointment she got to sleep at Sa's house. The report was that she went to bed at 9:30, had a Hershey's candy bar and fruit snacks for breakfast and did whatever she wanted all day!

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Monday, April 28, 2014

A New Home

Our gorgeous new home on Blackberry Terrace is coming along so nicely! It so exciting to see the progress!

And in case you were wondering, yes I am not only a 34 year old woman who lives with my mom. But I'm a 34 year old woman who is taking her two children and moving with her mom into her new house! Isn't that awesome? But it is what it is and just how all of our situations have worked out. We are so thankful for that Nana!! And thankful that this house is awesome and will be such a wonderful home for my babies!

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gama's Gym

What a fun night at "Gama's gym," otherwise known as Texas Cheer. It's little kid heaven! Plus Gamas was there, so the girls were thrilled with our evening! We had such a blast jumping on the trampolines, playing in the foam pits, swinging on the bars, eating pizza and Keagan set up a huge obstacle course! What a treat! Such a fun night!

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Thursday, April 24, 2014


The renal nurse called me today about Riley's tests yesterday. It was not the news I was hoping for!

Her ultrasound looked ok, so the kidney structure is fine even though they are smaller then they should be. But her blood work did not look great, which means her kidney function isn't great. Her potassium and creatine are high and her hemoglobin and MCV (or red blood cells) are low. They are all just concerning numbers, not threatening. So it's not an emergency. We see her renal specialist on Tuesday so they want her to redo all the blood work early Tuesday morning and then we will go from there.

Meanwhile Riley has no clue about the bad news, just as it should be. Instead she was playing in Nana's bathroom and got her self situated nicely in Nana's cabinets. And she was awfully proud of herself! She made it look so fun, her sister had to join her! What goofs!

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Super Riley

Once again my little Riley is one incredible little Super girl! She is such a rockstar! I wish I could be more like her because she just amazes me!

Riley and I had a long day at Texas Children's yesterday. She had X-rays, a ton of blood work and a kidney ultrasound. I was REALLY nervous for her kidney ultrasound! Last time we did that it was horrific! I spent 45 mins pinning her down as she kicked and screamed. But this time I was smarter about it and asked several people to pray for us and I prepped Riley for days before on what was going to happen.

So is anyone surprised that with the combination of Super Riley and prayer that everything went great?! I should have known! She was even braver then me for blood work!

I am just so blessed to be this little angels mom! Now hopefully I can be brave for all the results we will get next week!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sugar Bugs

Keags went to the dentist today to get all the sugar bugs cleaned off her teeth. I was so proud of her because she was super brave and she didn't have any cavities. The dentist did say she has crowding on both her top and bottom teeth which means braces will be in her future. That made my tummy turn just thinking how in the world we will manage that! But for now her teeth look great and she got a pink balloon! That means both of us are happy!

And on the opposite end of the perspective, the Easter aftermath has begun. That means a few chocolate bunnies have been sacrificed. At least they were able to fill the measure of their creation!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Mornings

I have never been a morning person. Funny thing is that since I've been a mom, I'm not much of a night person either. That's because one little Miss Riley Kikuchi is definitely a morning person!

Every morning when she wakes up I get her out of her crib and bring her into my bed. Where, unfortunately Keagan already is. But I seriously cherish that time so much! There can not be a better way to start my day then by cuddling my two girls! Riley likes to snuggle right into me tight. And my not much of a cuddler Keagan just likes to hold my hand. It's a priceless time that is just precious to me!

This morning, somebody was enjoying it so much she wasn't happy about it ending and cried when I got up. I hear ya Riley! Too bad the day was waiting for us!

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

"He is not here: for He is risen"

So thankful to know that my Redeemer lives! And that because of Him there are second chances, I can change, repent and always be heeled. Because of him I am never alone, death is not the end, and I can be reunited with my dad and all my family and gain eternal life! Because of Him, I am so happy to celebrate Easter today!

The Easter Bunny came last night!
The girls were thrilled! And funny thing about both the Easter Bunny and Santa at our house is they slowly collect things for the girls and then when it comes time they realize every time they've over done it a little!

And then we had a beautiful morning at church! Unfortunately during Sacrament meeting Miss Riley had a little seizure. That always just breaks my heart!! I had a big lesson to teach all the Young Women about Christ so thankfully she actually did pretty well the rest of the time at church. Especially because Gamas is with her in primary! Thank goodness!

After Riley had a long nap to shake off the seizure and Keagan played and "helped" me cook and get everything ready, we had the family over for Easter dinner!

Then after dinner the older cousins hid a fun Easter egg hunt I had prepared. Half the eggs had candy and half had questions in them. If they could answer the question to Nana then she gave them a dollar. The questions were "how many days was He in the tomb?", "give another name we call Christ." And my favorite "bear your testimony of Jesus Christ!" It was really great!

I'm so thankful for a beautiful Easter Day where I was able to rejoice that I know my Savior lives, eat candy and be with those I love! Doesn't get much better then that!
Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Eve

The highlights of Easter Eve....

Dying eggs of course! Supper fun but a little too stressful for me. Keagan and Addie can be a little intense and Miss Riley was crazy! She gobbeled up a whole spoonful of green dye and wanted to go back for more! The finished project is great though!

Then we did an Easter Story Scavenger Hunt! We went through the Easter story of our Savior and the girls had to go find things that represented each part of the story. Something to represent the palm leaves, the garden, the cross, crown of thorns, empty tomb, etc. They had even more fun then I expected!

And the fun didn't stop there! Apparently it was time to paint! Ai yi yi!! Bring on another mess! But I loved Keagans masterpiece of herself!

And then we finally got out of our jammies to go to Hudson's birthday party! We couldn't miss celebrating with him and we had a great night playing outside until way past our bedtime!

Finally before bed, Keags insisted on putting out carrots for the Easter Bunny. And then she wanted to add one of her hard earned dollars because all that candy he was going to bring her was "probly espensif!" Too cute!

What a fun and busy day!

I sure love all the fun things of Easter but I really hope my efforts are sinking in with the girls on the true meaning of this beautiful time! So thankful to know that true meaning and that He lives!

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