Sunday, October 30, 2016

Trunk or Treat

It's not Halloween without going to a ward Trunk or Treat! We played carnival games, ate hot dogs and rocked the trunk or treat! By far my favorite booth was our RS booth of picking Frankensteins nose! And the girls favorite part was wearing the costumes that they picked out all on their own this year! They had no input from their crazy momma so they got whatever they fancied. I present the cutest Doc McStuffins and Bat Girl you've ever seen! 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Miracle Madness

Seriously y'all the miracles just keep coming!! It's been nothing short of an amazing week! 

I already posted about Riley reading and now she made other HUGE strides at school! On Thursday she climbed ALL the stairs on the playground by herself!! Twice! Her sweet teachers were there to catch her, film it and cheer her on of course! I have watched the video at least 432 times and cried several! The best part of the video is Riley's sweet face just beaming with joy from her accomplishment and her sweet teachers encouragements! Her insurance is currently not paying for physical therapy because she wasn't progressing fast enough on the stairs. Now she sure showed them! 

This hero of a girl just can't be stopped!! I'm SO proud! 

Then we had a different kind of miracle last night! 

The incredible Sarah Berry took the girls baptism pictures outside the Temple last night. After all the posing, and trying to get Riley to smile for the camera, Keagan was so anxious just to look inside the Temple doors. So I took the girls to the front doors and was going to let them look inside since they are not nearly old enough to enter and haven't been thru the process to receive a recommend to enter. They peaked inside with more wonder and amazement then ever! But then two sweet men who were standing at the recommend desk when you enter, motioned for the girls to come inside. So I took my babies, who were dressed in all white for their baptism pictures, inside the Temple! They have never been more reverent or more in awe! Everyone inside was so sweet and soft with them. We were ushered to the non-patron waiting room where the girls were congratulated on their baptism by our current Mission President and his wife. Keagan wanted to sit on the couch and read her Book of Mormon! Sweet girl. We had a little talk about making good choices and keeping the commandments so that when they are 12 they can come back and go in further! 

The only problem was I was dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt and felt unbelievably uncomfortable as I have never been in the Temple in something other than dress clothes. So we did leave after 5 minutes. But it was such a beautiful 5 minutes! Both girls were so excited that they had been inside the House of the Lord! It was a miraculous experience to be there just at the right time and one I hope the girls keep in their hearts forever! I know I sure will!! 

Sneak peak of their pictures:

Friday, October 28, 2016

Dress Up

The Kikuchi girls rocked Red Ribbon Week this year! Hopefully they got much more out of it then it's fun to dress up! 

Supergirl was tired! They matched so many other girls on Superhero Day including cute Abby!

Pink Out day means any excuse to wear a tutu! 

This is the closest thing we've got for Camo Day! Keags was SO happy to match her bestie Lauren. And Riley is obsessed with her new jacket despite it not being even slightly cold! 

On team day Miss Riley was in full tantrum mode and missed the picture taking.

Last but not least was western wear! Man these kids are cute! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

We Got Spirit!

These two little people that the Lord saw fit to bless me with continue to amaze me! Like truly amaze me! 

They both rocked their 8 year well visit today with our beloved Dr Reed. We have a few concerns to follow up on including some hormone issues for Riley (add an endocrinologist to her long list of doctors) and Keagan's renal hypertension. But nothing big. And we confirmed they are both getting bigger which still makes me happy! That part must be a leftover from our incredibly small birth weights and our NICU days when we counted tenths of ounces! Miss Keagan weighed in at 48.2 pounds and is now 47.75 inches tall, so just barely under 4 feet! Miss Riley weighed in at 36.8 pounds and is now 41.75 inches tall! They have both so miraculously come such a long way! 

And they both just continued to amaze me tonight! As a PTO fundraiser it was spirit night at Spring Creek BBQ. Of course the girls had been counting down to tonight and had a great time! Riley ate her weight and then some! It never ceases to amaze me how much that girl can eat! She must have a hollow leg! She literally sat and continually asked for more food as she smiled and waved at everybody for an hour and a half! Meanwhile her sister was pulling off her own dose of amazing. You could have thought this girl was student body president in charge of the evening. She stood and greeted everyone at the door with two different sets of teachers for quite some time. I could hear her saying "welcome!" And "enjoy your meal!" Then she convinced Mrs Sanford to let her help pass out the hot rolls with them and eventually completely took over the job! She spent almost 2 hours flittering all over the restaurant dosing out hugs and hellos! Two teachers ended up tweeting about her! And to top it off she had orchestrated completely on her own for both her and Riley to wear some aprons they have that were similar to the ones she knew the teachers would be wearing tonight. She knew the teachers were going to let all the kids sign their aprons so she even brought sharpies and ended up with a serious amount of autographs! 

These girls both have spirit that's for sure! And I dont think it will ever cease to amaze me! 

With the Kreneks and Kellys 

With the Ostermanns

With Laine

Everyone from kindergarteners to Mrs Petross signed the apron!

Finished project!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dad and Grandma Debbie

All is right in the world and there are three very happy Kikuchi girls tonight because we are all under one roof! 

Keags and Rys have been with their dad and Grandma Debbie all last week at the hotel. Of course they all had the time of their lives!! 

The girls skipped school Monday and Tuesday but were there the rest of the week. It was so sweet how happy both classes were for them to come back Wednesday morning! Mrs Yancey even said that on Tuesday someone said "it's not the same without Keagan!" 

But the girls had an amazing time with their dad and Grandma! They always do a lot of fun things! The pumpkin patch, Kemah Boardwalk, Top Golf, the "Lego Fest" at the NRG, go carts, bumper boats, lunch at school with a tour, grilling at the hotel, carving a pumpkin and swimming almost every day! They really had an amazing time and I'm so happy for all four of them. I'm especially happy that they could be here from Hawaii for the girls birthday and baptism day! 

I missed the girls terribly but was happy to see them at school! I also tried to take full advantage of the rare break. I crammed in a lot of sleeping, two RS things that I was happy to have free babysitters for, dinner with Kelly, dinner with Nikki, dinner with Taryn, Sa and Todd, a pedicure, cleaning my car with no car seats in the back, late night partying withTaryn, and more sleeping and/or laying in my bed! 

But now we are all home, unpacked and back to normal life! I'm so glad! But I'm also so glad the girls had this special time with their dad and Grandma and that they made so many great memories together!