Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day #2

School was canceled again today for another "winter storm." I'm not sure where the actual storm was that everyone was waiting for, but we enjoyed it as much as we could!

If you look hard enough, you can see SNOW!! You may just have to squint a little.

A Houston, Texas sized snowman...

Keagan was thrilled with the snow! Especially when we had a snowball fight! She just absolutely loved it!

I brought Riley out to show her for a minute but she's had a little cold for about a week and is starting to get better. So far she has had an amazingly healthy winter and I want to keep it that way!! She wasn't too interested in the snow anyway but Keagan brought her several snowballs to feel and poke at inside.

After all the snow fun the girls went to Sa's were they played, danced and painted with cute Addie and Ashlyn. And I went to the dentist!!!! I faced one of my serious fears! And it was the first time in SEVEN YEARS!! I'm pathetic, I know. But scared and poor with no dental insurance is a combination that keeps you away from a good old teeth cleaning. I am very happy to report I just have one cavity. I'm not very happy to report that means I have to go back next week! Wish me luck!
Sunday, January 26, 2014

Baby Steps

She learned how to walk and then how to get up from the ground on her own. She's conquered both of those things in a short period of time. She is a rockstar and her next goal is stairs!

Well today Miss Riley went up the stair on our front porch all on her own before I could get there to help her! She carefully placed her foot on the stair and pushed off as hard as she could. It was so cute! She was proud of herself and I was SO excited!! And sweet Keagan was also excited. Made me so happy!

I have no doubt that the sky is the limit for both these goofy girls!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Snowpacolypse 2014

For Spring, Texas 27 degrees might as well be the artic tundra. The whole city shut down today! No school, lots of businesses closed and over 100 car accidents between 6 and 9 am! Man we are a bunch of wusses!

We braved it out at home in our comfy jammies with an occasional trip outside to check on the icicles that made the girls giddy! I know it's no where near the temps of most of the country, but I've had my fill. I'm such a 68 and sunny kind of girl. Although I do love a reason to put my babies in onesie fleece jammies! Nothin cuter!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Half Empty

I am always a glass more then half full kinda girl. I always look on the bright side or for the silver lining. But every now and then a girls just gotta be grumpy! That's me tonight!

I HATE seizures!!! Even little ones are so freakin scary! I will never get used to watching Riley have one as I stand there helplessly watching and praying like I did tonight! I HATE them!

When we were getting out of the car tonight, I was holding my purse, two backpacks, two coats, a stuffed animal, a plate of food for Nana, my keys AND Riley! And wouldn't you know Keagan asked me to carry her shoes cause they were too heavy!! For the love!

On Memorial Day we left the house early with a little bit of a mess, which I try not to do. We didn't get home until after dinner. When we walked in Keagan immediately said "ahhhh mom!! Why didn't you clean up this mess?!" Oh maybe because I just took you all around town for a fun day! I'm so terribly sorry I can't be in two places at once and doing things for you in both of them!

Riley is not cooperating with me very much lately. The little angel baby's halo is tarnished! She just doesn't want to do what I really need her to do! She doesn't like to walk where I need her to, like in a store. And she really doesn't like getting in the car half the time. So she stands there with her arms folded across her chest staring strongly back at me as I attempt bribery, trickery and threats. Once I ever so gently coerce her, she lets me and anyone within 200 yards know she is not happy. Two days ago she was literally yelling at me! She was lunging at me and almost growling because I wouldn't let her wear her Sofia costume to school! It's great that being non verbal doesn't prevent her from yelling at me. I totally understand that it's an age appropriate thing so I should be happy. But most times it doesn't make me even in the tiniest bit happy!

So there ya have it folks. The rare grumpy post of all my woes this week. Let's see what tomorrow holds. I'm hopin for a silver lining cause I could sure use one!
Monday, January 20, 2014

Tour de Houston

We spent this MLK day with the Frenchs taking quite the tour of this beautiful city of Houston! We were all over the place with a hodge podge of activities that added up to be a really great day!

First stop was the food truck park. It probably isn't the most kid friendly place, but our Thai/Mexican fusion sandwhich and quesadilla were yummy. And I had some of the best hamburger I've ever had in my life from Bernie's Burger Bus!

Then it was onto the Houston Museum of Natural Science for a planetarium show and a fun ride on a T-Rex for Keags. They wouldn't let Riley ride which hurt my heart. But once thoughtful Miss Taryn bought Riley a cute Dino, she was as happy as can be and even made growling noises!

A gorgeous and free train ride through Herman park was even better then usual. It was the beautiful weather and a packed park with lots of fun things going on that made it great. It took us to the zoo where I'm happy to get good use out of our membership! We had a casual and easy walk around to see our favorite animals and then just sat on benches to talk and eat a snack. Funny how that ended up being the best part.

Then it was a walk through Herman Park with Keagan pushing Riley around like a mad woman in her chair. I wondered what people must of thought seeing these two run past them! But it's just so cute and it generates so many cute giggles from both girls!

And finally we got to meet the Fosters for a yummy pizza fest at Grimaldis in The Woodlands! A yummy meal with great company was the best way to end the day!

At the start of the day we talked to the kids about Martin Luther King Jr and what an incredible man he was. Since there was six of us, our goal was to do six acts of service in honor of him today. I am so thankful for the great service that MLK gave our country and the loving way he accomplished his great achievements! There is so many, but my favorite MLK quote is..."Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

I hope we can live up to many the ideals he fought for and have many more MLK days like today!
Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Walk

"Follow me guys!!" Too cute! And Miss Riley is kicking her feet in the stroller while wearing her Cinderella costume!

Saturday, January 18, 2014


This is what a day with absolutely no plans, appointments or chores looks like at our house. It was wonderful!


Nothing ruins a great relaxing Saturday with no plans like poop in the bathtub!!

Such a stinker! Pun intended.

Friday, January 17, 2014


I live with two five year old girls. We do a lot of giggling around here. To be frank, we do a lot of crying, questions and drama too. But that doesn't really apply to the subject at hand.

So back to little girl giggles. Aren't they the best?! This is what we've been giggling about this week...

Perfect weather for playing outside or taking walks with Nana. The swings, Keagans scooter and Riley kickin her feet in her stroller all cause giggles!

Early morning intense games of Candyland. Any guesses on who won?

Riley didn't have school today, but her sister did! She hang out with her cousins for a little bit, all alone! And I just LOVE when she sits like this!!

She is seriously sitting on a Barbie couch!! And she laughed hysterically while doing so!

I'm not quite sure how this one made it five years as my daughter and never used a q-tip! Well she did tonight! And it really made her giggle!

And those giggles were a great way to end another week!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Livin the Dream!

This morning was a brutal one! I think I would have rather had a root canal and a pap smear at the same time! That would have been easier then listening to the uncontrollable 20 minute tantrum Keagan had because I was packing her lunch instead of finding her "carmona" aka her harmonica. All while Riley refused to eat breakfast, threw it on the ground, put herself in time out three times, would not take her life saving medication, and eventually would not sit in her car seat without sliding all the way down and continuously kicking my chair! Good times people!

Yep, this is livin the dream!

So on the heels of that, and in an attempt to turn this day around, here's my top five things I'm grateful for today...

1. Everyone goes to school today! Hallelujah!!! This is so exciting! I will have a whole 3.5 hours in quiet peace! I'm going to use it to totally reorganize the play room and fight with an insurance company, but at least I will do it alone!

2. So grateful we have a warm safe house to live in! It's been brrrr freezing here! Not as cold as the Chicago Ginns, obviously in Chicago, but 26 degrees is almost hell frozen over in Houston, TX!

3. I was SO blessed to have a little staycation last week thanks to Nana, Taryn, Linda and Sa. Huge thanks to Nana! A pedicure, some sleep and two great dinners with friends was the best Christmas gift ever!

4. I'm thankful my girls love Disney as much as I do! The soundtrack to "Frozen" is on repeat in the car and it is ridiculously cute to watch Keagan belt out "Let it Go" at the top if her little lungs!

5. It's with reluctance that I say I'm thankful for all the Barbies that have taken over our house. Both girls love them. The second Keags wakes up she wants to play Barbies. I would be more thankful if it was easier for a five year old to change Barbies shoes by herself! And is it really necessary for Barbie to have thumbs? It makes it a lot more difficult to change her clothes!

Ok don't judge me but I think going home and clipping off Barbies thumbs is just what I need to turn this day around! That just might work! Hey I said don't judge me! I'm desperate! If that doesn't work at least tomorrow is a new day! Maybe one without Barbie thumbs!
Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here We Go 2014!

Nana and I kicked off the new year right with an easy day and my two favorite people in the world!

This morning we took the girls and went for a long walk in the gorgeous sunny and 65 weather! Then we got all the Christmas stuff put away in the reorganized storage unit. At least the girls had fun with Nana pushing them around on the dolly! Then to our friends new milkshake bar, The Chill for lunch. A little laundry and a quiet dinner at home wrapped up New Years Day. Here's to hoping the rest of 2014 is this calm and easy!!