Saturday, January 28, 2017

She Crazy!

Something hilarious happened today that was worthy of posting on my blog for the second time in one day. 

Keagan has been begging to go play tennis at the courts in Sa's neighborhood to practice for her tennis clinic. After having a lazy morning we did chores after lunch and then were off with our rackets. Well Miss Riley was hilarious! She thought it was so funny, and it was, to retrieve the ball and only give it to her sister and not momma. The girl can really run now and she giggled the whole time! The best part is she did so while wearing one of a kind Riley fashion. Help me count the layers! She had on Lularoe leggings, a Christmas shirt, a princess Anna dress, a poodle skirt, an American Doll apron, a sweatshirt and a bib! Yep! And I took her out in public like that. You should have seen the other kids faces and their parents glances at the park after tennis! 

Oh this girl! Man I love her but she's crazy! 



She Made That!

My Keagan is always creating something! And it's usually amazing! 

The girl is a Lego master of course. There is lots of proof of that on this blog. If we are at a restaurant, or even Sa's house, she is dying to play with her food after she is full. She is constantly wanting to create what she calls "science experiments" or cook something. Her favorite day at school is when they get to go to art. And seriously the girl is AMAZING at Minecraft! Obsessively amazing! 

I recently got a detailed tour of her new Minecraft world and I'm not surprised that it's incredible! She has a very detailed home, stores, a McDonald's, a dog park, a vetrenary hospital, a lake with docks and boats, a clock tower, and so much more! People, her dog park has a DJ booth and the vet hospital has a hot tub! She is amazing! And she gets lots of ideas from the videos on YouTube that she watches about Minecraft. She loves those! Although I don't love her playing on her iPad too much I love that this is what she chooses to play! And she's so good at it! 

Today she used her creative skills to make us all different concoctions of Hawaiian shaved ice. When I suggested this Christmas gift to Grandma Debbie I knew Keagan would love it because for years she pretended to make smoothies in the bathtub. I was right. She loves it! 

She has made some great things at school lately too! She did a whole rock project in science and then had to disquise the rock. She made a cute little elephant! 

She also made the cutest penny time line! 

And she is lucky enough to have the most incredible art teacher in Mrs Thompson, all the Scotties are! Both girls have made some awesome stuff in art and this was my favorite project she made so it's hanging on the cork board in the kitchen! 

And this darling daughter of mine can create SO much more! She actually makes an adorable baby holder of sweet LaBelle, and is seriously a master at making friends! 

All of this is creating one great kid! Yesterday was career day at school and a friend of ours presented as an engineer. He said Keagan had tons of questions for him and just kept firing them at him! Maybe that's because I have told her many times she would make a great engineer and maybe she is listening! 

And finally, this amazing girl creates selfie genius all the time!! Man I love and adore her! 


Thursday, January 26, 2017


My sweet Keagan had one heck of an afternoon! 

First, she was lucky enough to be picked to participate in an awesome program at school! Clutch is the mascot for the Houston, Rockets and he came to Mahaffey today to do his "Good Nights Sleep" presentation. Miss Keagan got to meet Clutch and participate in his presentation by holding a big sign! She was beaming ear to ear and was thrilled to come home with a whole bunch of Clutch gear! Then, she continued the smiles at swim and passed her level test and earned her bronze level ribbon! She is now promoted to silver and is loving swim! 

I'm so proud of this sweet girl and hope she carries this good blessings streak into tomorrow when she takes two tests! 
Sunday, January 22, 2017

The A Team

I am continually thankful for the incredible people the Lord places in our lives! The Kikuchi girls are all surrounded by wonderful people at home, at school/work, and at church! I feel like when it comes to our family, our friends and our friends that are family, we have seriously been blessed to be on the A Team! 

I've been thankful to have a little bit of mommy time off lately and of course I chose to spend it with wonderful women who are no doubt on the A Team! When Riley was recovering from being so sick but not ready to go back to school just yet, we both spent an entire day on Miss Taryn's couch cuddling while Miss Taryn entertained and fed us! And I was privlidged to celebrate Allie Monson's birthday with a super fun GNO several weekends ago. And to rap up some unusual time off mommy duty, last weekend we had a great farewell dinner for my dear friend Nikki with fancy food and fine chocolate! All members of the A Team!

There is also no question that we are surrounded by the best of the best, the A Team if you will, at school and work! We all feel so much joy and support at Mahaffey! I am really thankful for the friendships I have developed with so many strong, funny, smart and faithful women there! And it's even better that a lot of our kids are friends! 

We are lucky to have Lauren Krenek as one of Keagan's little besties and since I work with her mom it sure makes it easy! She has been over for play dates lately and Keagan was so excited when she also signed up to do an after school tennis clinic with her on Tuesdays for the next month. They have so much fun together! 

They both also started a new tumbling class at Spring Creek Athletics together with a whole crew of A Team girls! Izzy Monson and some other friends from church fill a whole cute class! 

We had a blast yesterday at a trampoline park for Memphis and Abby's birthday with more friends from school and moms standing around that should have held a staff meeting!

Look at my ninja warrior!

Running club is another great spot of A Team members! My girls have a blast, get exercise and are surrounded by positive and encouraging coaches, parents and friends so it's totally worth getting up at 5:45 am! 

Look at Rileys face! Who wouldn't be happy to "run" holding hands with their besties?!

At school my girls both definitely get the A Team as teachers!! I couldn't say that enough!! And they get to learn and play with lots of A Team kids, many of which are also staff kids or my friends kids! Seriously blessed! 

It has been said that you are who you keep company with and that you become your friends! Well looking around us on the daily I feel pretty encouraged that all three of us have a pretty good shot at this thing called life based on who is all around us! Most of them are members of the A Team! 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

This is HUGE!!!

Big things are happening at our house y'all!! HUGE things!! 

Thanks to Riley's incredible teachers who ignored my overwhelmed momma hesitations, Miss Riley is going tinkle AND poopies in the potty!!! She caught on to the potty training in four whole days! She got to pick out her own new panties and potty seat and is so proud of herself!! And she should be! I am certainly VERY proud of her too! 


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

That's Better!

After lots of prayers from family and friends and an awesome priesthood blessing from Coach and Brother Allred, my Riley girl got better very quickly! What an enormous blessing! 

By Monday afternoon she was perking up and getting back to herself since she was finally fever and barfies free! Her sister had some energy she really needed to burn so we headed to Mahaffey on our day off for MLK day. Both my sweet girls got out a bunch of wiggled on our "track." Keagan ended up running a mile and a half, doing some little obstacle courses I called out to her, and showing me she is quite a pro at push-ups and planks! She is also one awesome big sister too who was totally encouraging Riley and letting Riley beat her in a short race! So sweet and that girl rocks! 

Keags was so happy to go back to school today but I kept Riley home one more day with me. We had lofty goals but we ended up having the most lazy day ever just snuggling up and watching tv on Miss Taryn's coach and eating her food! It was actually just what the doctor ordered!
Sunday, January 15, 2017

I HATE the Barfies!

I HATE the barfies! 

From 5am til 4pm this sweet girl threw up 17 times today! That's including the time she threw up while Coach and Brother Allred were giving her a blessing! That seemed like quite a bit, she hadn't tinkled all day and she couldn't keep her seizure and heart meds down so unfortunately that meant a trip to the ER. 

While Keagan thankfully had the time of her life at the French's playing video games with Hudson and on the piano with Reagan, Riley and I were in the ER at St Luke's in The Woodlands for 7.5 hours! When the doctor asked me if she had ever had an IV before I laughed so hard! Then we chatted and the doc realized this definitely wasn't our first rodeo. My baby was so sick but she did so good! Blood results showed she has a virus and was dehydrated, no surprise there. We rehydrated her with IV fluids, got the vomiting under control with zofran and brought her fever down a little. Nana brought me a little dinner and Riley a little love. Most important part is that we got to go home! We are both SO thankful to be in our own beds tonight and we are praying things get much better from here! 
Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cute Lil Stinker

My nieces have been teasing Riley lately that she is SO high matinance now! And I'm sad to say they are right! Riley has always required a lot of attention and a lot of work, but she has really amped up her game and just happens to be going through a faze that is a little more exhausting for this momma! 

This Riley girl of mine is still a happy, smiley girl a lot of the time but her little stinker side is also getting louder and more frequent. At certain times each day, Riley yells at me, kicks me, hits her sister, takes her sisters things, is messy and destructive, can be demanding, can be very whiney and man that girl can throw a tantrum!! Add in that she is starting the process of trying to go tinkle in the potty at school and we have quite a challenge on her hands that at times can be overwhelming. But this precious angel of mine is one beautiful disaster! My love just continues to grow and grow for her and her sister! 

Gone are the days of a quite, passive little Riley! She comes from a long line of strong and stubborn women so I honestly am not surprised! But thank heavens she still oozes joy, has the best laugh in the world, gives the best cuddles, has the most amazing smile and is one smart little girl!! 

All of these pictures are just since the new year!

Exhibit A

Exhibit B: Her outfit of choice on Saturday that she refused to take off...pajamas, a cape and the unicorn! 

She even wore it in the car and to Sa's house!

Exhibit C: her stubborn face because she insisted upon sitting on top of me to watch her Netflix while only wearing her swimsuit when it was 30 degrees outside! 

Exhibit D: wearing her goggles to school!

Exhibit E: ALWAYS refusing to look at the camera!

I sure love this little stinker! I guess tantrums and all.