Monday, September 29, 2014

Miserable Monday

It was not a pretty Monday around here folks! Im SO glad it's almost over! One of the trillion things that went wrong today...Miss Riley has figured out how to unbuckle her own seatbelt! Although it's a big step for her, I sure wish she wouldn't do it repeatedly while I was driving!

And that was just the tip of the iceberg!

Memories of last night is what pulled me through the day. Last night was a very special one. Keagan was just over the top sweet and kind to her sister. And Riley was receptive and kind right back. They were playing school so well together, by themselves, that I couldn't bring myself to interrupt them for bedtime till much later then usual. And once they had to go to bed, Keags laid with Riley in her bed and they giggled together and then Keagan hugged and kissed Riley goodnight! Seriously the best thing ever!!

Once I was getting Keagan to sleep, she told me her "heart was happy!" I was amazed that she could recognize and identify this and we had a great talk about serving others, loving one another and how blessed we are to have our little family of three!

Nights like that could get any momma through many a miserable day! I'm just really hoping I don't have to use that again tomorrow!

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Whole Lot of Girls!

Yesterday I took five girls to the zoo and then out to dinner. That's a whole lot of girls, people! And I was the only girl who could even legally drive! So that's a whole lot of little girls, people!

Just as you would imagine, with that many girls, we had a lot of fun.... and some drama too. When you're 15 or 11, it sure is hard to be patient with an assertive five year old! Hence the drama. The drama about does me in, but we all survived. And we for reals still managed to have a great time too! Silly giggling, pranks at dinner, too much time crammed in the car and all!

Oh and we touched a turtle shell and brushed a pregnant goats hair! No big deal.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Monkey Mayhem!

Nothin gets a Kikuchi girl goin quite like a little Fro-yo after school! A reward for the best morning since school started! Good listening and no arguing, whining or stalling. We could all get used to this!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Successful Morning!

Today, on the first day of fall, we had a successful morning! The weather is cooling off and was absolutely gorgeous, Riley finally wore her new AFO braces to school, Keags told me she was the queen of the world, and I got some of the cutest pictures of my darling babies! The rest of the day really wasn't to my liking, but the morning rocked!

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Here We Go Again!

Not even 24 hours after I post about my family being super weird, my kid does this...

Apparently she was super thirsty after church! Good golly!

But I did forget to post a cute pic of her being totally normal. She had her very first homework last week and she was SUPER excited about it! I'm sure it makes her feel like a full blown big kid! She sure looked like one!

Her drawing of "the setting" of the book we read "Curious George Goes to the Farm".

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

So Weird

It's so great to be weird!

If there is such a thing as normal, it sounds totally boring. So we must be pretty great because our family is a whole lot of weird! Especially this week.

This is what happens when I let my weird kids dress themselves!

This baby wants to take her pillow everywhere with her in the mornings! Even in the car to school! Yep that doesn't frustrate me at all.

And she's been wearing two T-shirts to bed because she can't pick between the two. Weirdo.

And this baby had an ear infection this week and took it like a champ!

But she is now unable to take a normal picture! Total weirdo!

It was weird dress up days at school all week. Slipper day, animal print day, school spirit day, Disney day and of course I forgot to take a pic on Hawaii day of all days.

Oh and this happened today. No explanation needed.

And for the saddest of all the weirds this week, Nana fell while visiting Grandma Edwards in Utah and broke her ankle and collarbone! After surgery and a whole lot of finagling, she is settled at a rehab facility in Salt Lake. That's the kind of weird we hate around here!

Oh and don't worry I am well aware that I am the weirdest of all around here! For heavens sake I had a dream the other night that I married Willy Wonka and I had a full conversation with my sister today about how my eyebrows grow completely crooked on my face. Yep. Such a weirdo.

Maybe next week we can try to be somewhat normal. Hmmmm. It's probably a pointless effort, but it's worth a shot!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Super Secret

Keagan showed me where her "super secret bestest hiding place" is tonight, because she loves me! But I had to pinky promise I won't tell anyone!

I'm so blessed!

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Baytown Special Rodeo

We had a fantastic day today at a fantastic event! We went to the Baytown Special Rodeo which is a fun and completely free carnival put on entirely by volunteers for special needs children and their siblings! Such a great organization with an incredible amount of volunteers that were so sweet and so helpful!

It was so fun to have Gamas with us and also to be around so many other families that have a wide range of mixed abilities and special needs like ours does!

The girls were able to ride horses, "drive" a fire truck, do several art projects, play a whole bunch of games to get a whole bunch of prizes, ride the barrel choo-choo train (their favorite thing until Riley slipped down off the seat), jump in the bounce houses, dance to the dj, eat lunch and pet some animals!

We left exhausted and happy cause my two girls had a blast! I also left feeling extremely grateful for wonderful people in this world and for the "cold front" that gave us perfect weather for a perfect day!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

About That Time

Well it's the 3rd week of school. That means it's about that time. Yep. You guessed it. The Kikuchi girls have been sick! Like super sick! Sunday I really thought I might die so thankfully Nana took over for me! For reals, I might not have survived without her.

Today both girls were home from school fighting, coughing and bored. Thankfully I'm pretty sure everyone is on the mend! Knock on wood and cross every part of your body possible. Or pray! That usually works much better.

We stifled the coughing enough to celebrate the beautiful Sami last night. We all three really love that girl! I am still in shock that this little niece of mine is 18! I'm so proud of her and all her different gifts and talents. I can't wait to see what her very bright future holds.

This is for reals just a sampling of Sa's treats at her house today. Why on earth is she so size XS and I'm so size XL? Well actually I'm sure we could figure that out, but seriously people! The amount of sugar in one house!

And finally, tonight was Open House at Brill, the girls school. Nana watched the girls (thank you! thank you!) so I could go. I got a ton of info which was great, but my very favorite part was seeing Keagans latest project. She was supposed to write one of her favorite things in general. And she chooses to write "I love my mommy!" I may have gotten a little teary. I am truly so blessed!!

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