Saturday, April 30, 2016

General Conference April 2016

When Keagan and Riley read this blog that I print out in a book for them every year, I want to make sure they read this!

Girls please understand that I completely know that all these things are true! I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I know that the following messages are true and that they come from a modern day prophet and apostles of Jesus Christ and his other servants. And I know if you pray about them, the Holy Ghost will tell you they are true as well. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016


After a long week we had a beautiful night together! Summer is coming and I love the view! 
Thursday, April 21, 2016

Never A Dull Moment!

Oh my goodness! Why can there not be a pause button on life? Just so we can catch our breath every now and then. And I wouldn't mind a rewind and fast forward button too! Who is with me? But instead life just keeps rolling on! And lately there is definitely never a dull moment! 

Houston was hit with a 500 year flood this week! It has been awful! I have never been in a storm like that and never seen flooding like this!! Our area was hit badly and we have a lot of people in our community with flooded homes, cars and worse. We are SO blessed to not have been effected. Kellie's turd of a car was flooded out but besides that we have all been so blessed. 

We have been out of school all week long! We have explored some and looked for opportunities to serve as well. We were able to donate our large stock pile of diapers and help sort at a donation drop off center. We also helped the Black family who rafted in pizzas and groceries to flooded out families. It has been incredible what has happened in our community with all the examples of bravery, giving, selfless service and Christ like love! It makes me love living here even more!! 

Our beloved Houston LDS Temple sits right next to the Cypress Creek which was massively out of its bank and flooding everything in sight! Amazingly the Temple stood majestically above the flood waters and remained dry. Another reminder that it's always a refuge from the storm. And a reminder to listen to the prophet as President Hinckley had trucks and trucks of sand brought in during construction to have the sight built up higher. 

The girls have enjoyed the time off and time together. I think Keagan's whole week was made when I finally bought her KFC drum sticks for lunch! That silly girl was in heaven! They both LOVED their play date with Layla at Gamas house while I went to the doctor for a sinus infection. Apparently they played doctor and Keags said Riley "just keeps having seizures" and understood her last name was hard to spell so she kept spelling it for the nurse! Today we are having a fun play date with Sophia. And we've also had fun with the Frenchs and at Sa's house of course. I've mostly been thrilled with not having to totally get dressed for a week but was a little freaked out by the empty store shelves because trucks couldn't get in.

This comes right on the heels of a dramatic weekend. On Saturday morning Riley threw up blood and had a long seizure. Nothing scares me anymore but that scared me. We ended up in the ER but every thing checked out ok. Well Sunday at church she had another seizure right in the middle of the sacrament. She had the bread in her mouth and I couldn't get it out so we had to leave the chapel in a dramatic fashion with Gamas and others who saw it all happen. On the floor in the lobby we finally got the bread out and Bishop Hair gave her a great Priesthood blessing. So thankful for that! After coming home and then consulting with her neurologists it seems she has outgrown her dosage of Trileptal, her anti seizure med. We upped it a milliliter. It has been a blessing in disguise to be home from school this week so I could watch her and she could slowly adjust. She has responded well and thankfully hasn't had any more seizures! 

And all of that comes on the heels of our fun Brill Family Picnic. It was the best! I was part of my first ever flash mob with the other teachers and staff, Keags ran and played hard for over 4 hours and Miss Riley and I had all our dreams come true from a spam sandwich from the Mahalo Munchies food truck! 

And of course lots of other fun things have kept us busy since I last blogged almost two weeks ago! 

The darling Mrs Evans hosted a very serious surgery where the class cut up words to make contractions! 

And the darling Mrs Rothermel started a garden in science class that Keagan gave to Todd to plant for her and it's actually growing!

That was all after a fun day at school when Brill had no power for a morning! 

While Riley was at therapy I did a little shopping with one of the cutest little girls I've ever seen! 

And goodness gracious her sister is just as cute! Unfortunately she lost her 8th tooth this past week and she SWALLOWED it!! About gave her momma a heart attack! 

My little ballerina has also taken to hiding from me because she doesn't want to take her medicine! Can't say I blame her! 

And her sister has taken to bathing herself finally. 

And she is getting ready to grow up to be a fantastic missionary like our Sami! 

Just typing this all out to record for my girls helps me relish is the beautiful and crazy roller coaster of a life we have! So thankful for all of it! Even without a pause button because if I'm being honest I love that we never have a dull moment!