Saturday, November 30, 2013

Not So Lazy Saturday

We are home, but we didn't have the lazy day I had planned.

Unpacked, did laundry, went to a bridal shower, caught up with Jenn who's visiting from LA (love that girl!), took the girls and Addie to see the movie "Frozen" (it was fantastic), had the regular dinner at Sa's house and made and ordered Christmas cards. It was a busy day, but a great day. Lazy Sunday anyone?!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Great Wolf Day 3

Our final day was spent like the others, all together cramming in as much fun as possible.

After a relaxing morning, which of course means all the kids running down the hotel halls screaming, we were off to jump out more wiggles.

Then onto our treasured lunch at Costa Vida and walking down Main Street in Grapevine, the Christmas capital of Texas.

We finished out the trip with a ride on the North Pole Express. It was a cute train ride with Santas elves, a walk through a Christmas tree maze where it was SNOWING, and a cute short play where we got to see Santa! The darling magic silver bells and souvenir cups helped soften the blow of the 4 hour drive that immediately followed.

It took Nana, the girls and me four hours to get home. Keagan slept all but the first and last 15 minutes but poor Riley had a hard time getting comfortable and just wanted her bed. I knew exactly how she felt! Thankfully we are all in our own beds now.

I look back on the past week and although it sure made me miss my dad even more the a normal day, I feel so blessed! Blessed to have this family. Blessed to be able to have had this great week. And blessed to have all their love and support for me and my babies. The girls got loved on so much this week, by everyone! And they loved their time with their cousins and made lots of memories.

With all those blessings I would for sure say Thanksgiving 2013 was a success!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

I truly believe that thankful people are happy people. So we are happy today!

On this Thanksgiving I am most thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ and His gospel that blesses me tremendously. And for my two angels in Keagan and Riley that are my whole world!

And I'm also very thankful to be able to spend days like today with my entire family. We started out celebrating Miss Addie's birthday! Can't believe she's 11!

At breakfast we hugged on the wolves, Violet and Sammie. Then watched the clock tower show.

Then a 4-D roller coaster ride for the kids and several hours at the water park for a serious amount of fun!

Once we were all actually showered and cleaned up, we walked around the beautiful Gaylord Texan hotel and took lots of photos just to drive the kids crazy.

While there, we had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner at the Old Hickory Steak House dinner. Tyler arranged a beautiful private room where everyone had a great time playing "guess the family member" games that Vicki had planned. And the food was incredible! Acorn squash bisque, lobster salad, and traditional turkey and fixins or the yummiest ribeye steak I've had in a long time, followed by Pecan pie with butterscotch ice cream! Yum!

And then if we hadn't already packed in a ridiculous amount into one holiday, we celebrated Nana Christmas! Since we are all together Nana passes out the traditional jammies and ornaments! I love this part! This year I helped Nana make a shirt for everyone that was a big hit!

After a rousing White Elephant game we took even more pictures and then fell into bed exhausted!

This morning I asked Keagan what she was thankful for. She said "cousins!" And then she said "I already know yours! It's me and Riley! Duh!" How right she is!! I hope she knows that will be my answer for every Thanksgiving for the rest of forever! And hopefully those turkey days will be as good as this one was!