Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Quiz Master

There is a fun quiz being circulated around Facebook that I gave into today. The following are the questions with Keagan's answers. All her answers are all her own with no prompting. Some answers are SO sweet and some are SO funny! 

1. What is something I always say to you? I love you so much

2. What makes me happy? Me

3. What makes me sad? No kisses

4. What do I do to make you laugh? Your funny dance move

5. What was I like when I was little? I have no idea! I was still in heaven!

6. How old am I? 62

7. How tall am I? 80

8. What is my favorite thing to do? Sleep

9. What do I do when you aren't around? Clean the kitchen

10. What am I really good at? Being a mom 

11. What am I not really good at? Clipping my finger nails

12. What do I do for a job? Work at Brill

13. What is my favorite food? Pistachio ice cream and sushi

14. What do you enjoy doing with me? Playing games

I just adore this girl!! Especially with her interesting outfit choices that she has been wearing to school lately! Never a dull moment! 
Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Back to School

Miss Riley had her first day back to school today since last Wednesday! I have to be there early so she was the first in her class to arrive. I have cafeteria duty in the morning and that is where her class meets. I was blessed to witness her joyful excitement as each of her classmates arrived. She would kick her feet in her special chair, giggle and put out her arms for a hug! They were all SO sweet to her and several of them told her how much they missed her.

It's such a wonderful feeling to see your child happy and feel loved! That made the rest of a long day just that much easier!
Monday, January 25, 2016

Miss Riley's MRI

Super long day! I'm exhausted. 

So all I can muster up is bullet points. No details. 

Riley has had some early morning vommiting off and on for the last three weeks that Dr Reed and Dr Clark wanted to check on. She had a MRI with and without contrast this morning at TCH. She obviously had to be sedated, hated the IV, did well in the procedure but it took longer then usual and made mommy nervous, and then she didn't want to wake up at all. There was some major drama on the unit and a dad got arrested right in front of me while Riley slept. Glad it's over and hopefully we will get the results in a few days. 

Wearing her outfit of choice!
Before they put the IV in.
After they put the IV in!
Ready to go! She was so brave but I was really holding her hands the whole way and got to hold her while they put her to sleep. 
Afterwards on the way home! She was so knocked out that she couldn't even hold her own head up! 
This Riley of mine is a rockstar!! She is one strong little girl who has the power of prayer behind her! Now we wait for the results and gear up for an EEG next week. 
Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tired Shmired!

I'm exhausted. It's my normal state of being really, but the last couple of days kicked it up a notch. Poor Riley got the bug her classmates had and she had the barfies on Thursday and Friday. My sweet girl threw up a whopping 17 times!! It was brutal! We tried to recover and get rid of the cabin fever by getting out a little yesterday and went to the park with friends. We topped off the weekend by choosing to stay home from church and not spread the barfies. That meant a very lazy Sunday at home where Riley went through all the dress ups a million times, Keags built a very impressive Lego set and I meal prepped for my weight watchers! Hopefully we are now healthy and ready for a new week! 
Sunday, January 17, 2016

Working Girls

It's been a tougher then normal week. The reality probably lies somewhere between me being stressed so my patience is very low and extra whiny kids who like to fight and need to be asked 17.4 times to do something before they listen. That comes during the same week as two rough doctors appointments for Miss Riley and more to come so we can figure some things out. So in the heat of it all, during an extra tantrum filled Saturday, the Lord inspired my friends today to be His hands! Nicole took my kids for the afternoon to play with her girls and then Nikki took me to dinner while Addie babysat. 

It was good for my soul and I feel recharged and ready to go! And that sure is a good thing because I start my new job on Tuesday! I will be working at the girls school as a reading assistant to the kinder and first grade teachers and I am excited! This job was more then obviously a blessing straight from the Lord that the girls and I are all thankful for! I will be there during the girls school hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. That means I will have Monday's and Thursday's off for Riley's therapy and doctor appointments and the same holidays and summers as they do. Great, right? I'm a little nervous and not thrilled about having to forgo my yoga pants and tshirts, but I really feel so blessed! 

And I'm obviously not the only Kikuchi girl who works at Brill Elementary! Both girls came home this week with fantastic report cards and certificates that they made the all A honor roll!! It was all A's for grades and all E's for conduct for BOTH my girls! I am over the moon proud! 
Keagan also had to run the mile in PE this past week and accomplished a 11:31 minute mile. I thought for a seven year old with little legs that was pretty darn good! So great things are happening at that great school for all three Kikuchi girls! Go Brill Broncos go! 
Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mom the Bomb

Being a mom is HARD!

Being a single mom is HARD!!

Being a single mom of one strong willed and one special needs and medically complex is REALLY HARD!! 

There is a reason this job was meant for two people! Good thing I've got the Lord cause I sure as heck couldn't do this alone!! I need Him even more then usual tonight! Uggggg. 
Tuesday, January 5, 2016

And She's Off

Tonight I have such profound mixed emotions. I couldn't be more proud of my niece Sami. Today she left to begin her LDS mission to Santa Rosa, CA where she will speak Spanish. For 18 months she will give everything she has to The Lord. She will teach people about their Savior Jesus Christ, and serve others everyday. I couldn't be more proud and more excited for her! But I'm sad for those of us who VERY tearfully said goodbye to her at the airport tonight. 

I really tried hard to stay strong for her and my sister, but it was just too much. We were quite the scene at the airport with lots of tears and hugs. Watching those I love have such a hard time is crushing for me. The good thing is it will all be worth it. For all of us! I have no doubt about that! I also know from now on Mondays are our favorite day because that will be when we get her emails. Is it Monday yet?!

Sunday night...
Saying "Riley I love you SO much but Sami has to go ba-byes for a little while."