Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sacred Saturday

I was so happy to see Campbell follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by immersion today by my brother! Better yet was witnessing her receive the incredible gift of the Holy Ghost. I'm glad my girls got to see their cousin make sacred covenants with her Heavenly Father by participating in these sacred ordinances.

But the best part of today was that without any doubt I absolutely felt my dad there! It makes sense that he would never miss a special day of one of his grand children. At one point my mom came and sat next to me, and it hit me SO strongly that he was with her. It was overwhelming. Then as the priesthood holders made a circle around Campbell to lay their hands on her head and give her the gift of the Holy Ghost, I realized they had left a gap in the circle. At that moment I KNEW my dad was standing there!

As the tears rolled down my face, I was so thankful to be there with him! What an incredible gift I was given by being there today. I miss him more then I could ever explain but I understand he is closer then we think and with us more then we know.

I'm so grateful!

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I need to whine a little bit. I don't do it really often, so just humor me for a minute.

Boo to torrential rains that have flooded a lot of the greatest state and city in the world. Luckily we are safe, but many aren't so lucky.

Boo to an incredible woman who passed away this week. Keagan and Riley's great grandmother Vivian Lee is no longer suffering, so I'm happy for her. She is a wonderful, loving, giving woman who loves The Lord. She will be greatly missed by many!

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Boo to someone being 6 going on 16! She is getting WAY too old!

Boo to spending the evening in the ER last night with unbearable abdominal pain. Apparently I either have an early appendicitis or a pulled muscle. The whole thing is so dumb. Oh and so expensive.

Boo to two six year olds who seriously can not get along on a Saturday morning!

Later today we get to go to Campbell's baptism, so the day is definitely lookin up! For now I'll lay on the couch and listen to the fighting continue.


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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Recital Pictures

Tonight was recital picture night for Keagan. With that make up on, my baby didn't look like a baby! She is just gorgeous!

She was thrilled to put real makeup on, but not as thrilled to put on her "itchy" costumes. I totally bribed her with water balloons if she does not whine even once about the costumes tonight, at dress rehersal or the recital day. I'm not too sure that's a good parenting technique, but it sure worked! Hey I was raised on bribery and I turned out somewhat decent.

Of course I also got Riley fully dressed in her costume and tried putting make up on her as well! She is just as gorgeous! Oh these girls.

One of them is currently sleeping in her full outfit and ballet shoes. Can you guess which one?

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

After a long weekend, all three of us were looking for a low key Memorial day today.

I was a super lazy mom and the girls made a fort and laughed and giggled together most of the morning. It was a gigantic mess but totally worth it! Then we had our first swim of the season with the Frenchs! They swam for hours and then I had to force them to leave for dinner. After a quick dinner and baths, both girls were in bed and out cold by 6:30! That's a good sign of a good weekend!

Could this picture of Riley's tiny flip flopped toes be any cuter?!

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sleepy Sunday

After two late nights in a row of partying at the Frenchs (Keags was rockin the karaoke) till past 9pm (gasp), we were exhausted! So this morning was as good a time as any to be woken up with a tornado warning at 6:15am and being told to take shelter! That was fun!

So we didn't start out the day well but we ended it really well! After church we went over to wish Gamas a very happy birthday and tell her how much we love her! Then on to Sa's house for the classic Memorial Day weekend food of grilled hamburgers with the Fosters and the Frenchs. And then finally to my friend Kathryn's house to wish her son Seamus well on his mission in Bulgaria!

So we were out past 9pm for three nights in a row! This is unheard of people. We are livin on the edge! I'm just REALLY hopin tomorrow we get to do a whole lot of this! Isn't she precious?

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

What Saturdays Are Made Of

Chores inside lead to cleaning out the garage which leads to "washing" the cars. Baking and then creatively decorating cupcakes leads to a giant mess that I had to pull the plug on. Seeing beautiful Sami in her prom dress leads to me being sentimental. And a pizza party at the Frenchs house leads to a late, fun night.

All these things lead to what a Saturday is made of!

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Best Show Ever!

When I woke Keagan up this morning she exclaimed "it's a special day!" Today was finally the day of the Kindergarten play! I can not over emphasize how unbelievably adorable it was! It may possibly qualify as one of the cutest things I've ever seen! I loved it that much.

Keagan was the cutest mommy spider I have ever seen! And Riley was the most precious purple flower! They all sang the cutest songs and the costumes were all amazing! Riley was darling, danced some and was so happy to be on stage. Apparently she was originally right next to Keagan but that didn't go to well, so moving her on the end was better. She was just precious!

Keagan was belting out every song and not only did all the moves but did them with sass like no one up there! She was cracking us up and amazing us at the same time! She did great with her line as well. Her four baby spiders said "mother why do we spin?" And she said "Because spinning makes a web!"

The girls had quite a cheering section with me, Sa, Nana and Gama Linda there! The four of us sat up front and just gushed over the darling songs about alligators, hot dogs, chewy gum and growing flowers!

At the end, my two stars were so cute when all the kids freely danced to "Happy!" It was very fitting as I don't think it was possible for that show not to make everyone happy! Best show ever!

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YouTube Video

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Owning It

I was SO grumpy today! This is me totally owning that, and all it's ugly consequences.

There is nothing in particular that's got me down today, no big reason except for some legit PMS, some horrific cramps and a dreary day. The struggle is real friends! Sorry for the TMI.

Oh and there's the fact that I had to buy a CPAP machine today with money I don't have to finally try and get some sleep! Maybe I'm grumpy because apparently when I sleep I stop breathing every 7.3 minutes. Good times! I'm REALLY hoping this expensive little bad boy rocks my world in a good way!

I did get some cheering up from my friend Nicole who made this darling bouquet for me! Everyone that came to my little party celebration wrote something they love about me on the back of each flower! So special! It definitely cheered me up tonight!

It's super rare for me to feel this way and I really don't like it! Which makes me even more grumpy. I'm mulling over some more pathetic then normal parenting tonight and looking at a wasted day. It's time for a seriously hot bath, a good nights rest and a fantastic day tomorrow!

Good thing I picked yesterday to go have lunch with this adorable Kindergartener! Who doesn't love a classic banana phone joke? Love her, just don't love this day!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Team Riley at Brill

There is a small army of people at Brill Elementary that make up Team Riley there. I am so thankful for all these wonderful women!

Today was Riley's annual ARD meeting. There is a whole group of women who not only do massive amounts of paperwork for my daughter, but actually implement it day to day as well! I may have put Miss Gilmer through the ringer this week to get next years goals just right. But I'm really happy with what we ended up with! And even more excited that Riley will have a individual iPad next year at school with the Proloquo2go communication app! First grade is going to be awesome!!

Big thanks to this great teacher! And of course to our favorite principal, Mrs Hernandez!

There are also so many other great women who also make Riley giddy to come to school everyday! Miss Benita works so hard and helps Riley and her cute classmates all day. And Miss Davis comes in and out on some days. They both clearly love Riley, and the feeling is mutual! What amazing women to have on our team!

And then there is Miss Granny, otherwise known as Charlotte Holmes.

This is one incredible woman whom we love and are so thankful for! She has been helping with Riley for three years now and the two have quite a cute little friendship! She completely VOLUNTEERS her time several days a week and comes to feed Riley at school! Not an easy task, and she volunteers to do it! Then she also helps in the classroom.

Miss Granny is building up serious points in heaven for her selfless service! I'm not sure I could ever say thank you enough to her!! Hopefully she likes being paid in prayers on her behalf from an eternally thankful momma and big drooly smiles because she sure gets a lot of those!

When I first decided to send Riley to school, I was so apprehensive. If I would have just known that Riley would be loved by all these wonderful women then I would have been thrilled! To each of them, the Kikuchi girls will be forever indebted to you for loving our Riley! Even though I know the loving part is sure easy to do, the work always isn't. So thank you Team Riley!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

That Face!

I had a little precious one on one time with Miss Keagan yesterday while Riley was at therapy. She had earned a little froyo and all my undivided attention.

It's really quite something to look into your own off springs eyes and realize that at 6 years old she's a whole lot smarter then you are! And she knows it.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

One Year Older

I am so incredibly blessed! The Lord has just given me so many wonderful people in my life that make this journey beautiful! That was very evident over this birthday weekend of mine!

Yesterday my sweet friends Nikki and Nicole hosted a party for lots of friends in my Ward (congregation) to help me celebrate! Seriously so sweet of them and of everyone who came AND showered me with gifts none the less! I felt so spoiled and loved! It was amazing!

Then Miss Addie slept over last night so that I could sleep in this morning (heaven) and Sa and all the Fosters took Keags and Rys for the whole day! I just got a break when the girls dad was here, but one more day was amazing! What a phenomenal gift from a phenomenal sister! Plus the gorgeous flowers Sa brought to my party yesterday.

I have to say she did look a little tired around the edges when I picked up the girls tonight. A piece of hair was actually out of place, which is unheard of! It was probably the having to feed Riley and listen to Keags sing all day that did her in! But she's a champ!

Meanwhile Taryn and I were out and about with no kids! We had the most incredible lunch at Peli Peli. We stuffed ourselves with delicious steaks and fun South African food! And I do mean stuffed! Then we did some shopping. So thankful for this friend of mine to celebrate the ups and downs and in betweens with because she understands much more then I wish she did!

Nana treated us all to yummy fajitas for dinner and some phone calls, drop offs, texts and messages from more people I love made this day amazing! Miss Keagan made me a very special "cake" and I got lots of cuddles and kisses before bed tonight!

So I am one year older and hopefully wiser too! And definitely thankful for another year to get to make more memories with all these great people!

Year 36 is looking not too shabby!

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