Monday, June 5, 2017

Partied Out!

Apparently all of our end of the year partying has caught up with us! Miss Riley has strep for the 73rd time this year and Miss Keagan and I are also feeling rather lazy. Today is going to be a do nothing Day to recover and then tomorrow we hit summer hard!


All our parties started on Wednesday with a wild and crazy end of 2nd grade pool party at sweet Trey's house! SO fun with so many 2nd grade friends!

And then Thursday was one big last day of school party! I can not believe my babies are done with 2nd grade! I could not be more proud and more amazed at all their growth and all that they have accomplished this year! 

I am amazed at the comparison of the first and last day!

It's hard to say goodbye to seriously the most incredible teachers EVER! Angels on earth!! 

Keagans beloved Mrs Yancey and Mrs Noble!


And the dream team! There truly is no better special ed team on earth! Mrs Merillat, Mrs Brown, Mrs Akers and Mrs Acosta. 

And that dream team hosted all the parents and specials teachers for a beautiful last day lunch celebration that was amazing! Just look at the theme! 

It was lunch and the most inspiring slide show of all that the class was able to participate in and learn this past year! There was not a dry eye in the room and I cried like a baby! At the end of the slide show I just had to stand and thank everyone for being such an incredible village to these special kids! Each student also got an award and Riley was given the sunshine award! 


For Keagans last day party, she took all the confetti eggs that we forgot to use at Easter! 

Then after school it was moms turn! Miss Taryn watched the girls and did our traditional silly string fight while I went to our fun end of year staff party at Lisa Kelley's house. I have loved the friendships I have built at school this year and although I'm SUPER grateful to have a job with summers off, I'm going to miss my peeps! Now I know how my girls feel! 

Friday night we had a small girls night in party since Nikki and Betty were in town! Taryn, Nikki and I could have chatted all night  and my girls absolutely loved playing with Betty! 

And Saturday was our final party! It was a big one cause it was Kellie's high school graduation!! We joined the Fosters, Nana and the Texas Ginn's for a nice dinner and then we braved through the LONG ceremony at the NRG! We are SO proud of Kellie! She looked gorgeous and happy and I may have only teared up twice! 

So give us one more day and we will be back in action tomorrow! There is only so many parties these Kikuchi girls can take. And now we gear up for summer 2017! I know it's going to be a good one! 


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