Friday, June 9, 2017

Killin it!

We are officially one week into Summer 2017 and I gotta say we are pretty much killin it! 

I'm not making any promises that all the weeks are going to be this good, but I'm happy to count this one as a win! We definitely had fun and created memories together but that's not all we did. We got things checked off the to do list, we got our crap done, we did some summer reading and school work, we did extra therapy for Riley, and we got to see lots of people we love! Boom! See? Killin it! 

On Monday we worked hard on a summer purge! It was amazing and made me SO happy to get rid of stuff! We cleaned out closets, drawers and the entire playroom! I got the hoarder of the house whose name may start with a Kea and end with a gan to get rid of so much stuff! We thru 2 garbage bags away and took 10 whole garbage bags to Goodwill! So refreshing! 

On Tuesday we did our summer kick off traditions of making a summer list and updating our school years binders with our end of 2nd grade questionnaires and report cards. Then mommy had a dreaded doctors appointment so the girls were ecstatic to get to hang with Coach for a little bit! ( Gamas is already in Wyoming for the summer.) He took them to tutti-frutti and shopping for fidget spinners! Then they played outside with bubbles, the sprinklers, etc. At least 2 out of the 3 of us had an awesome afternoon! So thankful Coach love my babies! And cracking up now realizing there is evidence in these pictures that Keagan wore the same outfit a lot this week! I guess Riley is rubbing off on her! Hey it's summer! And PS I washed it twice when I had to wash Riley's shirt she wore for the talent show because she has worn that all week too! My kids crack me up! I guess I'm finally learning to pick my battles! 

On Wednesday Keags started her weekly book Club at her friends Nikki and Catherine's house. I'm really hoping this will encourage her to love reading again despite her dyslexia diagnosis! It should be fun! Afterwards we stopped by the Ostermann's very official lemonade stand. We were just there to support our friends real quick and it turned into the best play date ever! The girls were in heaven playing with Audrey, Will, Francesca, Alessandro, Lane, Hollis, and other Scottie friends! It just happened to be perfect timing! And finally we made it to the pool for the first time this year! We had a blast swimming for hours and seeing lots of our school friends! Both girls do so much better in the water now after swim lessons at FINS all year! It's awesome to see Keagan be such a strong swimmer and see Riley so independent in the water per her wish in her life jacket and floaty that we have concocted for her! 


On Thursday we had a chill morning and then had to go to Mahaffey for paperwork stuff for mommy. The girls were sad to see their beloved school so quiet! After a fun lunch at their pick, Panera, Riley was off to therapy as lucky Keagan was off to swim with Lauren at the Kelleys! I loved the chance to catch up with Chantel when I dropped her off! I mean it had almost been a whole week since I saw my work bestie. Chantel then took the girls to the Unicorn Girls outing for me at the bowling alley. Sounds like it was pretty chaotic with tons of kids but Keags had a blast and was super excited to have money in her purse to use herself to pay for bowling! She's too old! Meanwhile I got Riley all gussied up and took her to her dress rehersal. Let me just tell you it is not easy to make up on that girl! But she sure looked gorgeous!! 

Even after all that fun the girls were really looking forward til today! Today was cousin day with Csmpbell! They got to go work out and run and then pool hop at two different fun pools with the Texas Ginn's! SO sweet of Kari to take them and of course they had a fantastic time! Meanwhile mommy ran errands without having to drag little people with her, deep cleaned out the car, and then devoured popcorn at Pirates of the Caribbean with Sa and Todd! 

See? Killin it right?! We have a lot to live up to next week in the killer summer department! The expectations have been set pretty darn high! But I think if anyone can do it, it's the Kikuchi girls! Bring it! 


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