Sunday, June 11, 2017

Riley's Remarkable Recital

Yesterday was a parent pay day! Occasionally we get big pay offs for all the blood, sweet and tears that goes into this mommin business. And yesterday was a jackpot! 

It was Riley's ballet recital day! The girl was ecstatic and I shared her enthusiasm! She had dress rehersal Thursday night and it went great. That is when I got it, aka the Sweet Treat Ballet, on video because there was no video allowed at the actual recital. She did great at dress rehersal but even better at the recital! She looked gorgeous in her costume, her smile lit up the whole stage, she stayed on her spot, she did a lot of the choreography and of course she waved! She even kept waving after the lights dropped low and they huddled off stage. That was after she clapped for herself of course! 

It was 100 degrees of darling and we both loved every minute! It has been a semi interesting year of dance with studio location changes but it was a sweet group of 3-4 year old girls including our good friend Phoebe Flores. And of course we have adored Miss Taylor! We were thankful for her and so thankful for Riley's awesome cheering section at the recital! It was me, the supportive twin sister who should have been in the recital herself but she refused to dance this year, Sa, Todd, Nana, Coach and even our neighbor Roxanne who used to be a dance mom herself and didn't want to miss a recital. 

But most of all I was thankful my baby could shine on stage and feel so happy and confident to do so! She deserves nothing less for her hard work and her beautiful heart! I will always count it a cherished memory and privledge that I got to witness her do so! 


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