Saturday, June 17, 2017

You Win Some

Besides doing VBS this past week, we also had lots of other stuff going on of course. We did what you do in summer and made memories as planned but there was also lots, and lots, and lots of crying. Sweet Riley girl has been having kind of a hard time lately. She is very passionate about what she wants and doesn't easily give in. Sometimes that does us a whole lot of good but other times it is seriously rough!! Rough! 

After one particularly painful tantrum my mom looked at me and said "you win some, you lose some." My response was "I feel like I win one and then lose 25!" That summed up the week. Unfortunately we can't wear our ballet costume to VBS or eat 10 Reese's peanut butter cups for lunch! And that insights 40 mins of tears, yelling and screaming. Yes our smiley Riley who oozes joy can also flip to the other extreme on the turn of a dime! I know full well that she is just trying to be more independent and that is totally typical behavior. But it  is SO hard for her momma! And might I add for her sister! It's a good thing she is SO stinkin cute!!! 

Examples of when I lost the battle...

Wearing our ballet costume as soon as we get home from VBS and then refusing to get out of Sa's blanket basket to eat dinner! 

Wearing her talent show costume underneath her dress to church on Sunday including the colorful tutu! I just wanted to go to church in peace! 


Uggg! But when we got her calm and happy we also had a ton of fun this week! 

Keagan was so excited to turn all her piggy bank money in to get $15! She worked hard for that!

We have been going on walks because we gotta get it together for Disneyworld in January!

On Tuesday we met Audrey, Avery, and Lauren and their fun moms and siblings at the pool for classic summer fun!

And spent all afternoon and night on Thursday swimming with the Monson's and the Frenchs. The kids played and swam hard for hours and us moms made unforgettable memories too! 

I spoke at a mother daughter Activity Days meeting for Parkway Ward about turning lemons into lemonade. I based it on the quote "when life gets sour, sweetin it with gratitude!" Keagan said I did great but that it was much too long! 


After mismatch day at VBS on Wednesday Riley had an appointment at TCH in the Woodlands. She rocked that mismatch outfit for her yearly kidney ultrasound! It did her good because she cooperated so much better then she ever has before! 

And we made a summer reading nook underneath the dining room table! One of my summer goals is to help Keagan like reading again so I'm hoping that helps! 

And after all that plus VBS we have stayed in our jammies and had a long, lazy Saturday! I think it was much needed and definitely earned! 


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