Monday, August 7, 2017


It was a great Sunday at church my friends! Maybe it was because Riley slept all the way through Sacrament meeting on the bench next to me so I really got to pay attention. Maybe it was phenomenal teachers and testimonies. Maybe it was because I actually listened to the messages the Lord was trying to get to me. I'm thinking it was that last one. 

Things have been a little rough lately. Riley's tantrums have been brutal, I have really not been feeling well after a super rough procedure this week, potty training isn't going so well, I'm not doing enough academically with the girls for the summer, those I love most are struggling, I'm poor and fat which is a terrible combination, and the Texas heat is frying my brain. I mean we are still great and have literally millions of blessings to count, but things have just been heavy lately. You know how it is, we've all been there. 

But at church today I truly felt the love of my Heavenly Father, my Savior Jesus Christ and of the Holy Ghost. It filled my heart which has been a little heavy lately and I rejoiced, quietly of course, cause you know, I was at church. My testimony was renewed in every way that they are constantly trying to bless me, to help me, even in my day to day of this crazy life! I just have to listen, to follow, to receive, to act. All with their help of course. And although it seems quite silly, I was thankful today for the whispering of the spirit that twice helped me find what one kid was desperately searching for. I was thankful for an answer to a prayer for Keagan to solve Riley's tantrum when I couldn't (she is amazing!) I was thankful when someone unknowingly answered a question I've had with her comment at church. And mostly I was thankful for the unconditional love that I have felt so many times before and particularly today. No matter what I do, no matter where I go, that love remains constant. It is what I so desperately hope I can teach my girls how to feel and what that means. For I have no doubt that they are loved unconditionally too, by so much more then just me! I mean just look at these faces! 

More from this past week...

A little Sunday spa time with my girlies. Keagan begged to paint my toes and then did her sisters as well. She did pretty stinkin good for an 8 year old and now we are all matching! 

And obviously this is a trend because the girls had a full on spa going on the other day when Avery was over to play. They are so cute together! 

Keagan getting Riley to stop tantruming by letting her do her makeup. This was the seeetest thing! 

Riley had a big doctors appointment this week which I totally let her wear a pink pirate costume to! She just has had SO many appointments lately and I felt bad for her. That girl can sure rock a costume even when it is to meet the head of orthopedic surgery at TCH! 

In the last year or so she has lost some range of motion in her ankles. With her cerebral palsy she is a toe walker, which is common. Plus from her femur being broken at birth her left leg is longer then her right leg. Because of that she stands with her left leg bent and on her right toes and hyper extends her right knee sometimes. All these things combined have made her ankles really tight. There is a surgery they can do to loosen the tendons from the calf muscle to the ankle to allow the heel to drop more and to let her knee relax and her ankles open up. The worry is over time she will have long term issues on her ankles and right knee, possibly leading to a knee replacement when she is older. Also, my main concern is always if any of these issues are causing pain or discomfort. She can be in pain and totally not be able to identify where it is coming from let alone tell me about it. So I have to be vigilant about that. So they did some range of motion testing and we met with some PTs and then the head of orthopedic surgery who said he doesn't think she needed that surgery. Her cerebral palsy doctor had referred us to him as she thought Riley may need it. Instead we are going to do the Botox injections in both calfs and ankles that we have been doing in her right arm/hand and her salivary glands. I think that will be good for her and is much less invasive even though she still has to undergo full anesthesia which I hate. That is schedule for the end of the month. 

We shopped for new school shoes this week which cracked me up. Riley found the perfect shoes at the very first store we went to and they were the only shoes she tried on. Keagan tried on 83 pairs of shoes (small exaggeration) at 4 different stores and finally found ones that  she liked how they felt. I love her! 

We also all got back to school haircuts! Keagan cut off 6 inches and it looks great! Now we are officially back to school ready! 

She looks SO old! I can barely stand it!

This week we also swam with friends and the girls played at the Blacks house with Gracie, Maddox and Layla and at Campbells house one afternoon. Aunt Kari and Campbell even took the girls to dinner one night when they totally answered my prayers the night of my procedure. See? The Lord is truly ALWAYS blessing us with His unconditional love! 

How truly thankful I am! 


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